5th Grade Band Schedule To Year's End

The 5th grade band schedule, while usually complicated, gets very much more complicated in the coming month. Here is a detailed list of who has band and when from now until the end of the 2018-2019 school year:

Mon 4/15 - Flutes/Clarinets
Tue 4/16 - Saxophones
Wed 4/17 - Trumpets/Trombones
Thurs 4/18 - Percussion
Friday 4/19 - NO SCHOOL

Mon 4/22 - FULL BAND
Tue 4/23 - No Band (MS/HS Safety Drill)
Wed 4/24 - No band (Working with Mrs. Cooper)
Thurs 4/25 - No band (Working with Mrs. Cooper)
Friday 4/26 - No band (Working with Mrs. Cooper)

Mon 4/29 - No band (Working with Mrs. Cooper)
Tue 4/30 - No band (Working with Mrs. Cooper)
Wed 5/1 - Flutes/Clarinets/Saxes
Thurs 5/2 - Trumpets/Trombones
Friday 5/3 - Percussion

Mon 5/6 - No band (Go to specials)
Tue 5/7 - FULL BAND
Wed 5/8 - FULL BAND
Thurs 5/9 - FULL BAND
Friday 5/10 - FULL BAND

Mon 5/13 - FULL BAND (Concert 7pm)
Tue 5/14 - Flutes/Clarinets/Saxes
Wed 5/15 - Trumpets/Trombones
Thurs 5/16 - Percussion
Friday 5/17 - YEAR END PIZZA PA…

Pep Band @ CBJ March 3 - Ticket Info

*The Fairbanks Pep Band will perform before the CBJ game on March 3, 2019. The game starts at 7pm and the band will play from 6:00 to approximately 6:30pm while Blue Jackets fans stream into Nationwide arena. We will perform in the main atrium at the top of the escalators from the SW entrance by Tim Horton's. Transportation will be provided for all band members and equipment.

*Here is where you purchase tickets:

*All pep band members MUST HAVE A TICKET TO ENTER, and are responsible for acquiring their own ticket to this event. The performer discount code is "PERFORMERUPPER" OR "PERFORMERLOWER." If you have more than one performer in your family, see below to contact Leah Cover, CBJ representative. Once you have confirmed with your parents that your ticket has been purchased, please check off your name on the list on Mr. Keller's office window.


CBJ Trip March 3 - Details for Performers

The pep band will be traveling to Nationwide Arena on Sunday, March 3, to perform before the Blue Jackets game vs. the Winnipeg Jets.  You may have heard that the CBJ is the hottest ticket in town because the Blue Jackets are on fire this year!

Here are the details for performers:

4:00 - Load bus/trailer 4:30 - Depart for Columbus 5:15 - Arrive/unload 5:30 - Set up 6:00 - Doors open, performance begins 6:30 - Performance ends 7:00 - Game begins 9:30* - Game over. Load trailer, bus. 10:30* - Arrive FHS
*-times approximate
*Wear your pep band t-shirt. This is required for this performance.
*If you plan on eating from the concession stand, please bring spending money.
*All band members MUST ride the bus to the game.  If you plan on riding home with parents instead of the bus, you are responsible for transporting your own instrument home, or making sure it is loaded on the trailer and into the school after the game. You must also give a note from a parent to Mr. Keller stating that you a…

Reed Players: WE NEED TO TALK

In recent weeks, I've seen a rash of poorly made cheap reeds in the band room. I have evidence that they are not well made, wear out quickly, and basically sound terrible. Here are some of the offenders I found in on Amazon:

They are inferior reeds and aren't even worth the $1 each you pay for them. Please DO NOT BUY THESE REEDS. You will not find these reeds in any reputable music dealer's store because they are not quality products. If you have unopened boxes of these reeds, I recommend you return them for a refund immediately and purchase reeds that I recommend.

Here are my APPROVED brands by long-established reed makers: Clarinets: Rico Royal, Mitchell Lurie, and Vandoren. For saxes: Rico Royal and Vandoren. They cost more than the above listed junk reeds, but they SOUND GOOD and LAST. They are well made and will perform well for you. Just as anything in life, you get what you pay for. 10 reeds for $8 sounds like a bargain, but I assure you they are junk.

Here's w…

Holiday Concert - December 17 - Performer/Parent Info

Order of performance: 6th Grade Band Junior High Concert Band High School Choir High School Concert Band
6th Grade Band You need to be seated in your performance seats on the gym floor at 6:55pm. We will warm up on #147, 148, 149 in your book and then perform our program.  After we are done, we’ll file out and then you will sit in with your family.   Do NOT go back to the band room.  After the HS concert band has concluded their program, you are free to go.
JH Concert Band: You need to be seated with your family with your instruments and folder ready to watch the 6th Grade Band at 7PM.  Immediately after the 6th grade band’s program, go promptly to your performance seats on the gym floor. We will warm up and then play a chorale and then perform our program.  After we are done, we’ll file out and then you will sit in with your family.  If you share instruments with a HS band member, they will be waiting for you in the corner to take your instrument.  Do NOT go back to the band room.
HS co…

FMB: Milford Center Holiday Parade 11/25

The Milford Center holiday parade is Sunday, Nov. 25.  It is an important performance in Milford Center and our participation is always appreciated by the fire department (who sponsors it) and all the residents as well.

This is a required performance for all FMB members, as per the student handbook. If you have a request for an excused absence, you must submit it to Mr. Keller in writing at least 14 days prior to the event.

Here are the details for FMB members:

11:45-12:15pm - The school is open to get your raincoat, instrument, shoes, helmet, gloves, or whatever you need.
12:15pm - School will be locked.
12:30pm - Warm up/Rehearse at Milford Center Ball Fields, near the playground
1:00 pm - Parade Begins.
1:30 pm - Parade Ends

*Uniform for the day is: Drillmasters, blue jeans, FMB raincoat, white gloves, helmet, plume. Please feel free to layer under your jeans and under your raincoat if the weather is cold.

*Either take your raincoat/hat/gloves/instrument home on Tuesday, or come to …

FMB Football Playoffs at Fort Frye HS

Itinerary - FMB to Fort Frye HS - Football Playoffs Round 1

Thursday, November 1

*with mucho rain in the forecast, this event will be very likely indoors.

6:20 Band room is open
6:30 Warm in band room
6:45 Perform in gym. (Senior show, Victors, Cheers)
7:10 Rally ends, hot chocolate served. Dismissed

*Casual dress...Fairbanks attire is encouraged.

Friday, November 2

9:45 Rehearse at Harmony (3rd period)
12:15 Prep for clap-out
12:30 Clap out happens
12:35 Load trailer, bus
1:00 Depart

3:00 Rest Stop (20 mins)
5:00 Arrive FFHS
5:05 Stretch. Eat (Box lunch provided from Kroger)
6:15 Warm Up
6:44 Pre-game

7:00 Game Starts
9:30* Game ends

10:00* Depart for home
12:00* Rest Stop (10 mins)
1:15am* - Return FHS

*-Times are approximate

Halftime show will be senior show. If the field is not conducive, we will stand and play.

Dress is full uniform, with accommodations for inclement weather. Bring your raincoat on the bus.

Bring $$ for fast food dinner on the way to the game.

I would recommend bri…