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Web Page Update

The web page has been updated with pictures from the Winter Guard's contest at Miamisburg and the Pep Band's performance at the FHS vs. Waynesfield game.

I hope you enjoy the pictures on the picture page! Thanks to Mary Scott for being my guest photographer!

Please remember FHSCB woodwinds have sectionals Monday 3-4. We also have two pep band games this week on Thursday and Saturday. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

FMB - Horse revenge?

Hey FMB. I've found a non-violent way to vent your frustration with having to march behind horses in parades. Check out this page and roll your mouse over the "parade".

Pep Band Friday - BIG Game!

This Friday's pep band game is a big one. The panthers are battling Waynesfield for the NWCC league title! Please be ready to rehearse (tempo!) at 6:15. Be sure to wear your t-shirt or other panther colors. Let's be the sixth man and cheer our Panthers onto a victory!

2hr Delay Monday

BTW....2 hour delay Monday. Sleep in and enjoy...if you can :-)

NBC4i closings

This Week; Warm Weather Music

I just updated the web page. This Friday's pep band gig will be the same schedule as last: rehearse at 6:15. Pictures from the winter guard's first contest will be up by Monday evening on the picture page. You all did a great job at Friday night's game. I wish the gym could always be that full, the fans that excited, and everyone being a part of the game. Well done!

What I'm listening to now:

Jimmy Buffett - Banana Wind (Amazon) (iTunes)

This is wonderful tropical music that makes the temperature seem a little warmer than the -8 degrees that my thermometer says!

Please note that I have added an "iTunes" link to each listening recommendation. If you have iTunes installed on your computer, click that link. The listening experience is much more enjoyable than on Amazon. If you want iTunes, it's a free download from

What I'm Listening to Now

Confucius Say...

"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop."
-- Confucius

Pep Band and Snow

Pep Band: You did a great job tonight! The game was on the line and everything you did made a differnce. I'm so proud of your playing and cheering. We still have some tempo work to do here and there, but the repertoire is really shaping up. I'd like to add a new song next week. I'll let you know which one on Monday!

I don't have any pictures of the game to post because I sent the camera with the Winter Guard so they can have pics of their first contest. They will be posted on Monday for everyone to see.

I'm just sitting at home, waiting for the snow to start coming should be here any time according to the radar. I'm listening to my favorite "snow" music - December by George Winston.

Enjoy the snow and have a great weekend.

Friday...I'm Out

I will not be in class Friday, so please be cooperative with the sub. JH band will be watching a movie, as will HS choir. HS band will be rehearsing in sectionals. Please follow directions and stay on task!

I will be back in time for the pep band game. We'll rehearse at 6:15.

In case of inclement weather, check my phone at 937-349-3721 ext. 306 for cancellations. I'll be in Bowling Green and will not have access to updating the web page or my blog. Odds are, the administration would make the call by the end of school tomorrow, so be sure to listen to any announcements given over the PA.

What I'm listening to right now: Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever

BGSU, Pep Band, Winter Guard

I'll be at the BGSU band director's clinic during the day on Friday, January 21. I'll be participating in the director's sight reading band, as well as meeting Dr. James Croft, a very important conductor, and Frank Ticheli, one of my favorite composers. I expect that all students will be on their best behavior in my absence. Please do your best to help the substitue in any manner possible.

I'll be back for the pep band game Friday night. We'll rehearse at 6:15. Please continue to work on Bohemian Rhapsody. It just has to be faster this time! Please wear your shirts. If the weather gets bad sooner than expected, you'll be able to find out if the game is cancelled by watching columbus TV stations, or by visiting this page, or by calling 937-349-3721 ext. 306. I will not be able to update the web page from the road, so you'll have to rely on the blog or the phone message.

I have also been notified by the FHS office that if the …


Pics from Ridgemont

I've posted pictures from the Friday night game vs. Ridgemont. I would like to thank Katie Grant for being my "guest photographer" for the evening! Check out the photos on the Fairbanks Band picture page.

Pep Band Friday

Our next pep band gig is Friday. We'll rehearse (and I mean REHEARSE) at 6 and play at 7. We will be doing "Bohemian Rhapsody", so look at the end part. Please wear your t-shirt. Let's beat the Golden Gophers!

BBB Pictures Update

I posted the pictures from last night's first-ever wrestling band. I have also updated the web page in general. I noticed that I completely messed up the dates for FSHCB woodwind sectionals. They are, in fact, the 10 and 24 (NOT the 7 and 14 as I had posted.)

On Monday, JHCB will be sight reading Big Four and FHSCB will be rehearsing Scarbourough. See you then!

Welcome Back!

I want to welcome all Fairbanks bandos back to school. We're off to a great start! Let's have more rehearsals like we've had this week and we will be ready for the mid-year concert on March 3.

The web page has been updated with information on the mid year concert, sectionals, and pep band so check it out!

Please also note that the time for Saturday's pep band gig at the wrestling meet has been changed. Rehearsal is at 5:30 and we perform 5:45-6:30. Wear your pep band tshirts.

Happy 2005!

Happy New Year bandos!

-Mr. Keller