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What we want to "Empowered Organization"

I found this quote this evening and I think it sums up what we want to be:

"An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success. "
- Stephen R. Covey, Principle-centered Leadership

What do you think?

Lawnmower Raffle/Wendy's Night

Image's a go! The boosters are running a raffle for a $6000 zero-turn radius mower! Tickets are $10 each. Tickets will go on sale at Thursday night's concert, and run through the May 23 Spring concert. If you want to see the mower, check it out at the Dixie Chopper web site or on the Music Boosters page. Band and choir students will be asked to sell tickets this next week beginning March 7. It's a great prize, and all proceeds benefit the Fairbanks Music Boosters, who support all of the musical activities in our district.

Also, the boosters will be doing a fundraiser with the Marysville East Wendy's Restaurant (in the Wal-Mart plaza). On Wednesday, March 16, the boosters get 10% of all sales (dine in-take out-drive thru) from 5-9 P.M. What a great way to get a good meal and support the music boosters. Sounds like a great night to eat out!

David Shaffer to Guest Conduct FHSCB!

I just thought I'd let you all know that I just found out that Mr. Shaffer is able to be our guest conductor for the May 27 FHSCB concert at Veteran's Auditorium! I'm very excited to have Mr. Shaffer to Fairbanks for the very first time. He'll be conducting The Last To Defend, and one other piece TBD. I really think you'll enjoy your experience with him...especially since this is the first oppportunity to work with a composer for most of you!

FHSCB After School Monday, Tuesday

Just a reminder to all FHSCB members that we have after school rehearsals Monday and Tuesday. Monday will go until 4 P.M. and Tuesday we'll be done at 3:30 (but will also be in the gym 8th period). the way...concert Thursday and contest Saturday!

Good work, everyone!

Hey....ALL JH band, HS band, and HS choir foks: You are really doing great. I feel very good about our big week next week after today's rehearsals. Keep up the good work. The concert is going to be fantastic! Be sure to spread the word to family, friends, and neighbors so we can share our music with as many people as possible! All the details about the concert are on the web page. Have a nice relaxing weekend. FHSCB - remember we have rehearsal after school on Monday and Tuesday.

Quote for the Weekend

"All the arts we practice are apprenticeship. The big art is our life."
-M. C. Richards

Web Page Update 2/24

I just updated the web page with info on next week's concert. Check it out!

I also have updated the marching band page with info on DCI, the $50 deposit, candy bars, and shirt and shoes. We currently have 56 winds and percussion and 9 guard confirmed at this time!

2005 Songwriter Hall of Fame Inductees

The Songwriter's Hall of fame has inducted their 2005 class. There's some REALLY good stuff in here, some of which you may be familiar with. Here's the article, and here's the Songwriters' H.O.F. site.

Monday's Quote

"Mistakes are the portals of discovery."
-James Joyce (1882 - 1941)

OMEA Contest now Saturday, March 5

Due to an extraordinary number of schedule requests this year, we were not able to get our requested Friday night performance time. The FHSCB has been scheduled to perform at 5:40 on Saturday, March 5, at Thomas Worthington High School. Please change your schedules accordingly.

If you have a "life-or-death" conflict with th is date and time that cannot be resolved, or a compromise cannot be reached so you can attend this performance, please let Mr. Keller know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We will perform regardless, but our status of rating/comments is dependent on who we have and who we don't.

I apologize for the change in schedule. This is the first time in 12 years that we have not had our Friday time request honored. I ask your patience and flexibility in making our annual contest performance happen.

FMB RSVP's - Update

Well, things are going great so far. We're up to 47 winds and percussion confirmed, with many 8th-graders-to-be still to let me know. I might be having to shop for some more instruments and uniforms! If you have not confirmed, please try to get back to me next week (week of Feb. 22). Looks like we're going to be bigger AND better!


All veterans and invitees need to RSVP to Mr. Keller whether they plan on being a member of the 2005 FMB. Please see Mr. Keller or email him by February 22. You can find more more info on next year's marching band HERE.

Mid-Year Concert Reminder

Just a reminder that the mid-year concert is coming up fast! It will be on Thursday, March 3, at 7 P.M. in the high school gym. Performing groups will include the JH band, HS band, and HS choir. Attendance is required for performers in these groups. The concert is free and open to the public. Please mark your calendars and tell family, friends, and neighbors. If you want, click the little "envelope" below this post to email this concert announcement to anyone you want!

Senior Night Pictures

Pics from senior night have been posted on the picture page. There's also updated info on the main page.

Thanks again, seniors, for a great year. Thanks also, everyone, for the biggest and BEST pep band ever!

Friday's Quote:

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering you own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew."
-Saint Francis de Sales

Pep Band Friday

Pep band tonight. Rehearsal at 6:30. Congratulations seniors!

A fun waste of time!

This is completely idiotic, but is good clean fun. Check out Virtual Stan. Some people have WAY too much free time to come up with stuff like this.

Today's Quote:

"Which is more musical: a truck passing by a factory or a truck passing by a music school?"
- John Cage

Click Here to read more about John Cage

Foggy Days - JHCB

Due to the Fog and my illness, JH band has not rehearsed together in a LONG time. Please keep practicing so when we do meet we will be able to accopmlish our goals of improving our performance for the Mid-Year Concert on March 3. The "Childhood Hymn" is probably a no-go since we have just three weeks until the concert. I would rather do two pieces well than three pieces sloppily. If you think otherwise, please let me know. You are all doing so well, but we really need to polish Agincourt 1415 and Big Four. Keep working!

Yes, It's True...

Yes, it's true...I'm ill. Some of you might have picked up on the fact that I had no voice Saturday night. So, i'm home feverish and coughing. Just in case you hadn't heard: no brass sectional tonight. Please be good for your sub.

Play in tune...or ELSE!

I found this pic of the carnivale celebration in South America. Apparently they have figured a way to keep Euphonium players in line.

Pep Band Pics from Elgin 2/5

The pics are posted, but I won't get to updating the main page until tomorrow. Have a great Sunday!

January's Pictures

For a different view of Thursday's game, see January's pictures on the Member's Page . Thanks, Sticky!

Believe it or not...

I have next year's marching band schedule finalized. The weekend events are tentative, pending publishing of the OMEA and MSBA contest circuits, but everything else is confirmed. Please make Mom and Dad aware NOW so you can plan family vacations, etc., accordingly. Click HERE to visit the offical Fairbanks Music Department Calendar. Rehearsals begin on Monday, July 18. Please remember that attendance at all rehearsals and is required unless excused in advance. Please see the attendance policy for details. Mark your calendars NOW!!!! :-)

Brass Sectional Cancelled

Monday's brass sectional is cancelled. Quite frankly, we don't need it. Keep up the good work during 8th period :-) Spread the word to your brass friends, if you would.

Today's Quote

"Love those who love you."
-- Voltaire

Pep Band Stuff

Good job tonight. Pictures are on the picture page. Thanks to Sam Stapp for being my guest photographer. Our next gig is Saturday. Rehearse at 6:30. We're going to add a few new tunes. We'll play "In The Midnight Hour" for the first time in a long time.

Pep Band Seniors need to get their write up for senior night to Mrs. Reed by Monday. Senior night is our last home game a week from Friday.

Pepsi Caps - I can use 'em!

If you happen to get a winning Pepsi cap for a free iTunes music store song and do not use iTunes yourself, I would be very grateful if you would donate your winning song to the Fairbanks Music Resource Library (on my iMac). Thanks!

Click here for more info on the Apple/Pepsi bottle caps

Happy Groundhog Day

See what Phil has to say!

Next Fall's Fundraiser - Poll

I have been approached with a new idea for our fall music department fundraiser. A local tractor dealer has agreed to provide a $6000 zero-turn radius mower to us for a reduced price. If we sell 1000 tickets at $10 each, we stand to make over $5000 profit, which is almost as much as we made with our Nestle fundraiser last year. Each band/choir family would need to sell ten tickets to family, friends, or co-workers (winner need not be present to win). Do you think this would be better or easier than our traditional Nestle sale?

Click HERE to vote! One vote per family, please.


Bravos to:
JHCB for doing so great on the Big Four March. It's tough, and you're making it look easy.

7/8 Pep Band Members for doing a great job at today's pep rally. I'm very proud of you!

FHSCB for getting notes and rhythms down by February 1. Now we have a month-long journey to "making music"!

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