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Last Minute Thoughts

Band camp check-in starts at 3. Be sure to remember your summer uniform, your emergency medical form, and any $$$ that you still owe. Checks need to be made to "Fairbanks Music Boosters."

I still need parent chaperones for each evening at camp. Please sign up at camp check-in.

I will be offline from Sunday 8 A.M. until Monday at 9 A.M., so check the web page for any last-minute information.

It's going to be a great camp! See you there :-)

John's Pre-camp Pics

John gave me a CD of pics he took at pre-camp. I put the best of them on the picture page. Check it out!

FMB Camp Room Lists

Room lists can be viewed by clicking below. Boys are on ground floor, girls are on first floor.

Boys' Room List
Girls' Room List

You'll need a password to view. You know what it is.

See you Sunday at 3!

It was brought to my attention that I just plain LEFT OUT a whole room of boys. The room list has been fixed and a new copy is now available at the original link above. Thanks, Sticky!

Parent Chaperones for Camp

Dear FMB Parents:

I need at least one parent to stay at camp each night from about 9 P.M. to 1 A.M. Duties include keeping the peace, doing room checks, and enforcing lights out. If you would like to stay over, you may, but will need to bring your own bed linens. Breakfast will be provided for you in the morning if you stay over! Please email Mr. Keller ASAP to reserve your spot, or if you have any questions. I have two slots available each night, but need at least one per evening.

Thanks for your help!

P.S. - You don't even have to tell your kids you are coming. Most of your work will be while they are in their rooms, anyways!

Hooray! A Cooldown!

Band camp weather forecast couldn't be better right now. You guys deserve it!


"Saturday through Monday. Partly cloudy. Highs in the lower 80s. Lows in the lower 60s.

Monday night. Partly cloudy with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the lower 60s. Chance of rain 20 percent.

Tuesday. Partly cloudy. A chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning. Then a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 80s. Chance of rain 30 percent.

Tuesday night. Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 60s.

Wednesday. Partly cloudy in the morning. Then clearing. Highs in the lower 80s. "


I'm ready to go to print tomorrow. I'll be running off LOTS of copies. The show is 39 charts long. We should be able to cover all of it at camp. There are some really nice moments, and some TOUGH drill during Masquerade. I think you're going to love it!

I bought clipboards today as well. Please remember that if you told me you were going to re-use your old clipboard that I NEED you to do that because I only bought 60 clipboards.

Also, I am out of the "Fairbanks Marching Band" lanyards that I've sold at check-in in recent years. Please bring a lanyard with you if you want to keep your key and meal pass on it. You can get them for a couple bucks at Wal-Mart or Monarch Sports.

Drill is about done!

I've been working on the drill for the Phantom show almost non-stop since Sunday. I'm finished with the Opener, Wishing, and Masquerade and I want to get the closer done before I go to sleep tonight! Maybe a cup of coffee will do the trick? *yawn*

Cody and Brent on the Front Page!

Here are the aforementioned pictures:

The Parade Was Cancelled; Cody; Brent

Come to find out that the parade was cancelled due to the heat and storms. I just did the courtesy of letting you all know the night before so you could make other plans :-)

Nice picture of Cody on the front page of the Marysville JT dousing the fro with a hose. Nice free advertising for the Fairbanks Pep Band! Lower on the page, there's a shot of our studly Union County Fair King...Brent Chandler! Congratulations!


After conferring with Mr. Thissen at Marysville, we agreed that marching the parade in 98 degree weather (with a heat index of 110) is just too dangerous. In your best interest, we will NOT be marching the parade tomorrow. Marysville will most likely still be doing the concert, but I felt it somewhat pointless to move us all up to the fairgrounds to play three songs. Again - we will NOT be doing the parade.

If you need anything out of the band room for camp, it will be open on Sunday, July 31 at 10 AM.

Band camp check in is on Sunday at 3! Please see the Band Camp Page for more information if you have not already.

Please spread the word to any other bandos you see as I have not been able to reach everyone by phone. Thanks for your help and understanding in this matter. Your health and safety is my first concern, which is what prompted this decision. Stay cool and hydrated...and memorize that show!

I have not been able to reach the following band members to inform them of …

STAND BY...Possible Changes To The Fair Parade:

Mr. Thissen and I are currently discussing with the Fair Board about the weather for tomorrow's parade. As soon as I have more information, I will post it here. There is a possibility that we may not do the parade. As of right now, (3:30 PM Sunday) it is still ON. Check back tonight!

It's Going to be Hot!/Music Memorization

Okay...not going to lie to you. It's going to be HOT on Monday. Please be sure to drink plenty of water BEFORE you come to the parade line up. I will have water available at the parade beginning and end, but once you're dehydrated, it's really hard to catch back up.

The good news is it's supposed to cool down starting on Wednesday of next week, so camp looks like it will be much more comfortable than we have been the past few weeks.

You should be working daily now to memorize your music. Victors is first, then SSB. You should have your opener memorized by the first day of camp.

See you on Monday at 5!

School is Open at 4 on Monday

If you were a bonehead and forgot your instrument or other stuff, you can get into the school while I'm loading the trailer at 4 P.M. on Monday. If you need more info on the parade, go to the Marching Band Page to see it.

Absences for the Parade

Anyone else who can't make it to the parade had best let me know ASAP because it's WAY past the deadline and I'm getting a little edgy as I keep losing more and more people. Those of you who are already missing the parade will have some extra duties at camp to make up for your missed time. I'll give you more info on this at the camp meeting July 31 at 5 P.M. As of right now I have Jastyn, Caleb, Sean, and Marilyn. Is there anyone else? If so, email me NOW!

A couple Thank You's

Kate - Thanks for the cookies. Happy Birthday!

Seniors - Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the Reese's and the card :-)

Sherry Update

I just thought I'd take a moment to share with you what's going on with Sherry. She's currently at OSU hospital and is probably going to have surgery on her broken leg on Thursday. She won't be home from the hospital until Monday or so. She broke both bones in her lower leg. Her collarbone is also broken, and she has a possible fracture on her right arm just above the elbow. The word from Sherry is she's "happy to be alive."

The best way to send a message to her right now is to click HERE to go to the password protected member page and send her an email. (I did this to keep their address from spammers). Tiffany will have a card for everyone to sign tomorrow at rehearsal as well.

I know we all will miss her while she is convalescing, but we'll get her up and running as soon as we can!

I have attached a picture of her car after they pulled it out of the ditch. See below.

What We've Know All Along...

Apparently, some folks finally figured out that it's cool to be a band geek. Saw this article in the Marysville JT. Here's a link to the same article on the internet: Dork Pride!

"We used to not be able to stand the fact that we were in orchestra," says Weiss, who's been playing the violin since fourth grade and proudly wore the shirt to her high school this year. "Finally, we realized that's where all our friends are and that's where we have the most fun. "So why not just say we're dorks?" There was a time when teens who tried something like that would have been asking for some serious goofing. But today being smart and sensitive, even a little socially awkward, is often considered cool -- and the signs are everywhere."

Quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Every soul has to learn the whole lesson for itself. It must go over the whole ground. What it does not see, what it does not live, it will not know.”
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Congrats, Rookies! Bravo Drummers! etc.

I just wanted to write a quick note to let all you FMB rookies know that you did a fantastic job today! I'm so pleased with the progress you made in the brief time we had today. Your squad leaders are mostly to thank for helping you today. If you appreciate the help they give, be sure to thank them when you get a chance :-)

Drumline: Bravo! You guys sounded HOT this afternoon. You sounded like an "October" July! Keep up the good work. Thanks to John for all his hard work, as well.

I'm looking forward to a GREAT full rehearsal tomorrow. Stretch, fundamentals, marching and playing, then 60 mintues of music/sectional rehearsals on pregame and phantom opener. See you at 8. Don't be late!

All Kinds of Info on the Web Page

I have posted lots of important info on the web page, including:

A tentative camp itinerary
Updated emergency medical form
Band camp tips and rules
Fair parade info
Parent info for band camp

Click HERE to go to the marching band page to see all this stuff. There will be hard copies available this week at the school.

Also, roommate sign-ups will start on Tuesday. You are guaranteed ONE roommate, so sign up in pairs. Requests for FOURS are also honored where possible, so if you have a room of four, sign everyone up. If you don't care with whom you room, just don't sign up and I will put you in a room after sign-ups are complete on Friday. You'll then want to coordinate with your roommates who brings what.

Enjoy your last day. The 2005 FMB season starts MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Fondest Greetings To You All. Just a Few Instructions Just Before Rehearsal Starts:

Please be sure to wear TENNIS/ATHLETIC shoes and SOCKS to rehearsal on Monday/Tuesday. Flip flops, sandals, etc. will NOT work for marching. will be much more comfortable this way.

Secondly, just a reminder that all band members are to be at ALL rehearsals and performances unless excused in advance, as per the band attendance policy.

First year members and squad leaders start on Monday, everyone else starts on Tuesday. You can view all rehearsal and performance dates and times on the official band calendar of events.

Check the Web Page

I may or may not get your emails between now and July 17. Please check the Web Page for any and all important information about our first week of rehearsals. I'll see squad leaders at 7:30 on July 18. Rookies will start at 8 AM the same day. Percussion will rehearse 1PM on the 18th as well. Everyone reports for our first rehearsal on Tuesday, July 19. Please come in cool comfortable clothes. Please also wear TENNIS/ATHLETIC SHOES AND SOCKS. Sandals/flip-flops/etc. will NOT work for marching rehearsals.

See you all then!

Hi! I'm Back! (and I need some help)

I'm still kind of on vacation, but I'm now "online" again. Just a reminder: rehearsals start on July 18. Squad leaders at 7:30 AM, rookies at 8 AM and drumline at 1 PM.

NOW...about the help. I have to line our field this Thursday, July 7. I'll be out on "Harmony Field" at 8 AM. Anyone who can help will be greatly appreciated. I'll bring the donuts. Please email me to let me know if you can make it.

See you then!

P.S. - Here's where we ended last year. It's a great place to start up this year. I'm ready to go!!!!