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Looking Good For The Weekend

First, the weather looks good for the weekend. It'll be great to wear uniforms. Please make sure you get your black socks and bring your shoes. Be sure to buy your tshirt by Friday, too. They are $10.

Secondly, YOU are looking good for the weekend. The closer is coming together, and Masqureade is old hat by now. Let's have a great time and put on a good show Friday. Load at 5, depart 5:15, return 11:30.

We'll be marching last period tomorrow...running straight thru the show. Be sure to have proper footwear.

FMB - Wednesday Looks Good Now.

It looks like all the rain is coming today, and that Wednesday's after school rehearsal should have dry air. We might not have a dry FIELD, but we'll have to wait and see about that. of now, Wednesday rehearsal is on for the regular 3:15-5:15 time.

BTW...2 hr delay today (Tuesday) because of da FOG.

FMB - Great Rehearsal!

Thanks, FMB, for a great reherasal tonight. I know it's tough to focus sometimes after you've suvived a full day of classes, but we got good work done tonight. The full show is now on the field! I hope you learned where we need work from watching the video, but more importantly I hope you learned how AWESOME this show is, especially from the press box.

I know it's hard sometimes to see how effective the drill is from your spot on the field, but I'm glad you got a glimpse of what I see every day. The performance you gave Friday was very effective, and I'm looking forward to another chance to show our stuff at Southeastern in full uniform.

It's probably going to rain on Wednsday, so keep checking here to see what rehearsal holds. We might have some sectional rehearsals, or full music rehearsal, or a combination of the two if we get rained out of field rehearsals. I'll keep you posted!

Rehearsal Monday; Friday's Schedule

Just a reminder that FMB rehearses Monday after school. Please come prepared with proper footwear, as we will be marching the entire time.

Friday's schedule has changed slightly from what was originally posted on the official calendar. We will load at 5 and leave at 5:30. We'll be back at about 11:30.

The Marching Band Page has been updated with new info for this week!

Pics Posted; Movie; Monday

Pictures from Friday night's game at NU have been posted on the picture page. I've also posted an 8MB movie of the death move. If you haven't seen it, it's worth the time to download!

Monday we put the closer to music and drill so be ready by having the closer memorized. We will also watch the video of our entire performance from Friday!

Have a great have earned it!

FMB - Come Prepared for the Weather!

Just a reminder....we go to the game rain or shine, so you might want to consider bringing and umbrella. I'm always optimistic on the weather outlook, but "sometimes you win...sometimes you lose...sometimes.......IT RAINS." Come prepared for the weather.

Meet The Teams Pictures

I have posted pics from "Meet The Teams" on the picture page. There's shots from the press box of many of our sets. Spacing on the move needs some work, but for our first time without dots, I think it was a pretty good show. Tomorrow we march and play all three tunes! See you Friday! If you don't know the details about tomorrows' game at NU, see the Marching Band page to get all the info.

A Note From Stauffer

It's amazing... I have prep while the high school choir is in my room, and I
just got caught singing "wishing I could digest band camp food." oops!

Miss you guys!

FMB Tshirts are ORDERED!

Tshirts have been ordered and should be in by next week's game vs. Southeastern. Click the images to see bigger pictures of the front and back of the tshirt.

A Few Words from Darin!

Hey Mr. Keller, how's everything going? Just wanted to let you
know that I made the Marching Band as well as pregame, which is
really good because not everyone gets to do pregame,
unfortunatelly we high step pregame. So how is the band
doing? I can't wait to see them perform! Anyway I better go
to class now. Please tell the band that I said hello and that
I miss them all very much, and that no matter what anyone says,
be proud because you are in the best band ever!


The Band That Plays Together...

I have some GREAT news for FMB members! I requested back in the Spring that 8th grade band marching band members be scheduled in last period study hall so that they could rehearse with the HS band during that period. I just found out today that my request was GRANTED! 8th grade FMB members should come down to the high school for rehearsal during that time unless you ABSOLOUTELY have something that needs done that period. We will be outside most days, bring your shoes with you. If you want to bring all your stuff for after school, that would be cool too so you don't have to go back to the middle school at 3:00, especially on days we have rehearsal immediately after school. I have cleared this with Mrs. Ballard, so you do not need to go see her before coming down to the band room! I'll see all you 8th grade FMBandos tomorrow afternoon!

Picnic Pics

Thanks to John, I have some pictures of the FMB picnic for you! Thanks again for a great time!

Robert Moog Passes Away

Who is Robert Moog, you ask? He is the inventor of the synthesizer. Read about his important contriubutions to music as you know it HERE.

Pictures from the Picnic?

I'd like to put a few pictures of the picnic on the booster page. Does anyone have a few good ones they would like to share? If you do, then email them to me

Christopher Columbus Sez

“Everything is easy after someone shows you how.”
--Christopher Columbus

My Email is Down....AGAIN.

Reach me here for now:


FMB-Meet the Teams, NU Game, Directions

I have some important updates to the web page:

Details on Thursday's Meet the Teams is on the Marching Band Page. In short, we warm at 6 in summer uniform.

Details on the first football game at North Union are posted, as well as a detailed itinerary in .pdf format. We load at 5:15, depart at 5:45, and return at 11 P.M. Dress is summer uniform.

Directions to all away events can be found by going to the marching band page, or by visiting the Fairbanks athletic site at

See you all on Monday!

Thank You Garwoods; Boosters; Picnic-goers

Just a quick post to say "Thank You" to the Garwoods for hosting the FMB family picnic today. It was a hot day, but it was cool in the tent, and the food and beverage was wonderful. It takes special caring people to open their home to a bunch of crazy people like us! :-) Thanks also to all the boosters whose constant help is so valuable to me and the band program. Finally, thanks to everyone who came, brought food and drink, and enjoyed the day. What a great way to get ready for a fantastic school year!

From Sarah Kelly (posted w/her permission)

Mr. Keller,

I think you will be thrilled to know that Darin Hurst made it as 2nd Trombone @ Bowling Green! So now u can relay the message to the other bandos. And also can u put on the blog to encourage people to go to see the Annie get your gun play. It's fantastic and all three of the Schraders, Melissa Fink and Manuela are all in the play!!

Thank you so much, Sarah Kelly

RSS Feed Now Available!

If you're a hardcore blog reader or read a lot of news, you know what an RSS feed is. If you have an RSS reader or an RSS enabled browser (like Safari 2.0), you can automatically see new posts in lots of sites without having to click through all of them. If this link works for you, then you are RSS enabled. If you have an RSS reader, my RSS feed address is Enjoy!

My Email is Back Up...Kinda

So my email is working again, but I'm not sure I like the new system. I might be coming up with something completely different, but I'll have to try it at school on Monday. In the meantime, my old address is back up.

FMB - You Made the Paper!

Your band camp picture and caption are finally in the Journal-Tribune. Click on the picture for a larger version.

FMB Family Picnic is Saturday

Just a reminder that the FMB family picnic is this Saturday. The event starts at noon at the Garwoods' and a potluck meal will be served. There will be volleyball and the like, so bring the entire family! If you have questions or need directions, you can email Mrs. Garwood.

The Sign is Here!

I don't know if you remember or not, but I had a "Harmony Field" sign competition in the Spring for faithful Blog readers. The winner was Andy Spessard, FHS band alumni and student and Columbus College of Art and Design. He delivered the goods to me last night and I'm going to have it put up before next week. Thanks for all your hard work, Andy!

FMB Seniors - Here's the Pic Deal

I just emailed with Mrs. Picklesimer. We're going to get your pictures taken right after rehearsal on Wednesday, the second day of school (August 24). Bring your red band polo. If you forget yours, I'll have one I can loan you.

FMB - Phil at Miami Band Camp

Miami's band camp started Sunday, and pictures have been posted on their site at Click HERE to see field commander Phil at work with the "gock block".

Check the Web Page

I updated lots of information on the Marching Band Page, as well as on the Announcements Page Check out all the stuff you need to know to get back to school! There is stuff for FMB, as well as all choir and band students. See you ALL on Tuesday!

Uniform Fittings Update

8th graders and any HS band member who have not been fitted need to see Mrs. Schrader after rehearsal on Wednesday, August 17.

Seniors...NO PICTURES at 4PM

I just got an email from Mrs. Picklesimer about the program and she was surprised to know that band seniors got letters to show up Tuesday at 4. You do NOT have to be there for the pictures, as they are for fall athletes only. Sorry if this is late notice, but I, as usual, am one of the last to find out about such stuff. See you Wednesday!


Learn By Doing...

“What we learn to do, we learn by doing.”

Eat and Drink...OR ELSE!

As John kindly reminds you and I, please make sure you eat breakfast before rehearsal on Monday and that you drink plenty of water. Most of our casualties this past week were due to dehydration and empty stomachs!

Uniform Fittings

Just a reminder that if you havne't been fit with a uniform yet, you'll need to do it at the end of rehearsal on Monday, August 15. Mrs. Schrader has been so kind as to donate her time and sewing skills to make sure you all have a uniform that fits!

FMB - You Promised!

Just a reminder that you all promised to play/twirl through the show once a day between now and Monday. I did my five laps, now it's your turn. Masquerade needs to be in great shape so we can go on to the closer at our next rehearsal!

Thank You, Chaperones; Gatorade Family

Now that I'm unpacked and settling down again after our week at OWU, I realize I forgot to thank a VERY important group of people at the Friday Show. Chaperones: Thank you so much for all the help you provided at odd hours of the evening. I'm glad the kids were good for you, but I can't tell you enough how much earlier the camp staff was able to sleep since you checked rooms and made sure everyone was quiet. It also provides some serious "down time" when we can rest our brains for the next day's exercises! So, thanks again to Mr. Barker, Mrs. Stapp, Mrs. McKenna, Mr. Lee, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Barker, and Mr. Hammond. PLEASE forgive me if I forgot anyone...the chaperone list disintegrated sometime during Friday's reheasal in the rain!

I also wanted to thank the Fisher family for their donation of enough Gatorade to quench the thirst of the entire band on two seperate occasions. Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated!

Camp Pictures from Thursday and Friday

I have posted pictures from Thursday and Friday of camp. Enjoy!

See you Monday at 8 :-)

Picture Update

Pictures from Wednesday at FMB camp are on the web page. It's hot, but we're coping. We've got 31 charts on the field and have two songs with music. Hope you'll be at the end of camp show Friday at 5!

Monday Update

We had a great morning work session, then worked music all afternoon. Evening rehearsal was followed by a trip to McD's for snacks. In the morning, we start all over again! You can see pictures from Monday on the picture page.

Great first night!

We've had a very successful first night at camp! Our drill rehearsal yielded some unexpected surprises, especially since we got five charts blocked. Everyone is very positive and working hard, as well as having a good time. Pictures from Sunday have been posted on the picture page.

Remember, you can send an email to your camper by emailing Mr. Keller. Messages are delivered each day at free time. Be sure to put "FOR JOE STUDENT" in the subject of the email.

Check back again Monday night for more pictures!