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FMB - Senior Show Music

Recordings of senior show music that we DON'T have in yet are on the web page so you can listen. Click HERE to go to the member page. You'll need the password. If you don't know it by now, you'll have to email Mr. K. Senior show is in THREE WEEKS!

FMB-Be Prepared for the Weather

Low of 45 degrees tomorrow. Come prepared with coats/blankets/long underwear if you are the type who get cold. Your uniform should keep you somewhat cozy, but if you want to bring supplemental materials to the game, that is perfectly acceptable.

Here's the forecast!

A Message from Brent C. (FHS '05)

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the band's contest show Friday night. It looks so cool! Please let the band know that they did a great job. I was sitting with the students on Friday night and I heard things like "that is so cool" and  "our band is really good." I'm not making this up. So be proud. I know you are. Good luck this weekend and congratulations on the last weekend.

FMB -A Note From Patty G. (From Marysville Band)

Mr. Keller

I am the secretary for the Marysville HS Band and I just wanted to express how thrilled we were to have Fairbanks cheering for us at the Northwestern Bandfest. It took the Marysville crowd a second to think who would be cheering on the other side but it didn't take long to realize it was Fairbanks.

Thanks again
Patty G.


I knew things were a little "backwards" up in Golden Gopher country, but this is a bit ridiculous!

Someone got wise that the picture was a reverse image (complete with backwards numbers) and apparently fixed the goof! Oh while it lasted.

Thanks; Apologies

People I'd like to thank for everything that went right this last week: Mrs. Daniel, Mrs. McKenna, Zane B., Miss Vertucci, Mrs. Garwood, Mrs. L. Barker, January L., Mrs. K. Schrader, Mrs. Gray, Mr. & Mrs. Long, Mr. Finney, Funny, Helena, Buck Ridge Golf Course, the entire pit crew, my family, and each and every band member, parent, and friend who make this show happen!

I'd like to apologize if I was a little tired and grumpy on Saturday evening after our performance. I totalled up that I worked 72.5 hours this week, so please accept my apology if I was a little snappish....or if I slept through a conversation we had. Thanks :-)

Stats/Pictures From Our Big Weekend; Next Weekend

The Friday game was a huge success! Everyone I see that I know (and even some I don't) have told me how great you guys looked on Friday night.

Fairborn we finished fourth in Class AA. At Northwest, we finished third in class C, but beat two B and two A bands in the process and also took best percussion. Bravo, FMB!

Pictures have been posted on the picture page. Check them out!

Rehearsal is Monday and Wednesday 3:15 to 5:15. We start reading Senior Show music on Monday. Next weekend is another busy one. We leave for Ridgemont at 5:30 on Friday and will get back around 11:30. Saturday's contest is a much smaller one. We leave at 10:30, perform at 1PM, awards at 4:30 and we'll be home around 5:30.

A Few Words From Darin:

Hey Mr. Keller! Just wanted to wish you and the band the best
of luck on the game tonight and on both of the contests
tomorrow. Hope to see you sometime soon!


Shirts for Friday, Saturday

FMB - For Friday night's game, we'll wear our black phantom shirts. For Saturday, please wear an all-white t-shirt. It can have markings on it , but just not colored rings around the sleeves and neck. The logos, etc., will just be covered up by your band pants, and we will still have a uniform look as we warm up (you'll be allowed to take your coats off for warm up)

Please stay hydrated and well rested for this big weekend! I can't wait!

A Few Quotes About What You Do and How You Do It...

“I am more than ever disgusted at things that come easily, at first attempt.”
--Claude Monet

“Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.”
--Denis Diderot

“A man or woman who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.”
--E.J. Phelps

“Be good at what you’re good at.”
--Thomas Moore

FMB Parents - A Note From Karla Long


Is there any way that you could send out an email and ask parents to
contact me about bringing snacks this weekend?

My cell number is (Click here to get number). We only have 2 people and we will need
more since we have 2 contest....

FMB Missing Persons

Several of you weren't at rehearsal today after school, so here's the deal: You have two new visuals to learn and have to learn how to get on and off the field for contest. Please see your squad leader before rehearsal on Wednesday to get the gist of things. You need to commit these changes to habit before the weekend. We will be running the show several times Wednesday as well as working with full props. let's get to work!

Picture Page Down 10PM-2AM

I just got notice from Apple that all .Mac services will be down tonight 10PM-2AM for service and upgrades. You may or may not be able to access the picture page or the member page at this time. Just thought you'd like to know :-)

A Quote For The Week Ahead...

“People seem to concentrate best when the demands on them are a bit greater than usual, and they are able to give more than usual.”
--Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Pictures Posted....I'm beat!; Cody's Wallet

Pictures have been posted and I'm going to bed. A tiring but very REWARDING night! Bravo.

Please keep your eyes open for Cody's wallet which was misplaced in the band room after the game. If you find it, please return it to him or me. Thanks!

Congratulations to Christina for being this weeks honor marcher!


I know I told u all this earlier in the week, so this is just a reminder. Wear your black phantom shirt under your uniform Friday night.

FMB - Keep it up; Buzz About The Show; Food on Friday

Great rehearsal tonight, FMB. Keep up the good work. Lets thrill (and maybe even scare a little) the crowd! Make sure your pregame music is memorized.

I'm HONESTLY not kidding when I talk about the buzz that this show is stirring. Most of the public (outside of your parents who have been traveling with us) have not seen the show, or only seen it from the back sideline. I can't wait to show them what we've been up to!

Finally, the boosters will be doing the $3 Pizza/Pop/Candy bar meal deal on Friday third quarter.(like we did during pep band) You'll buy your ticket before or after rehearsal, then food will be served out of the trailer after halftime. Exact change is appreciated :-)

FMB - Pictures Wednesday

This is just a reminder to FMB members that group and individual pictures will be taken tomorrow, Wednesday, September 14. School is dismissed at 1 PM and pictures will be taken between 1 and 3:15 when we have our regularly scheduled rehearsal. Please be sure to have your shoes, socks, gloves, and gauntlets here at school for the event. Please get order forms to Mr. Keller or Mrs. Garwood as soon as possible!

FMB - No Sunday Night Update

I've got a killer cold and really don't feel like doing the web page tonight, so I'll get all the stuff for Friday updated in the morning. Please remember that pictures are Wednesday 1-3 PM and that Friday's game is home. We'll rehearse at 5:45 at Harmony Field.

Pictures From Mechanicsburg

Pictures have been posted from Mechanicsburg on the picture page. I didn't have time for captions because I have to get up early tomorrow and....get a band. Tomorrow is Miami University homecoming and I direct the alumni band. Wish me luck.

Have a great weekend!

FMB - Good Rehearsal Tonight

I really feel like we got a lot done tonight. Mechanicsburg is our last road warm up for our home stand and our first contest. Let's show the new Mechanicsburg Stadium a show like they have never seen before!

Tomorrow: America the Beautiful, William Tell, and some other stuff we need to work on.

WOW - The New iPod Nano

They introduced a new iPod today called "nano". It's 80% smaller than the full sized iPod and holds up to 100 songs. It's amazing. See more HERE


Apparently some band members either didn't hear my announcement last week, so I repeat: NO REHARSAL TUESDAY as was originally scheduled on the web calendar. Our only after school rehearsal is on WEDNESDAY (9/7) this week. Sorry if I caused any confusion. Hope you had a great weekend.

Check the web page tonight for info on our trip to Mechanicsburg on Friday.

Pictures Posted; Thanks Band Staff, Chaperones, Members

I have posted pictures from the game at Southeastern on the picture page. Enjoy! You guys looked great in full uniform. So cool...

Thanks to every staff member, chaperone, trailer puller, and band member for making tonight a successful road trip. We had a few small problems with uniforms, etc., but all in all it was a good night. Thanks again for all you do to make this the successful group that it is.

Have a great holiday weekend! Go Redhawks!!!!

Get Your T-Shirt by Tomorrow!

Just a reminder to FMB members that you need to get your t-shirt by tomorrow. Please wear it under your uniform on Friday night. If you can't afford the $10 right now, please let me know so we can make other arrangements.

ALSO: Be sure to have all of your uniform parts when we leave tomorrow night, including gloves, black socks, and approved marching shoes. "Do what needs to be done" and "take care of you."