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Tunes up on the Members Page

FHSCB Members - I have put up mp3's of concert band music on the members' page There's stuff from holiday, mid-year, and spring concert.

Web Page Update

I have updated the web page with info on concert band, FMB holiday parades, and the Holiday concert! Click here to go to

New York Update

After taking an informal poll this afternoon, 46 students and 8 parents have expressed interest in going on the New York trip, which is just about a full bus. Parent chaperones are taken on a first paid, first go basis. After the first five chaperones, parents may be bumped to make room for more students, so the sooner parents get their deposits in, the more certain it is that they have a spot. The first five chaperones paid are guaranteed to go, but after that, it depends on how many students are going. If you have any questions about this process, please email Mr. Keller. $150 Deposits are due by November 30. If you haven't visited the New York Page yet, click HERE.

Panthers Are Not In The Playoffs

Just in case you wondered, the Panther football team finished 11th in region 23 of the OHSAA rankings. That means no playoffs this year. If it's any consolation, the only three losses the panthers suffered were all at the hands of playoff-bound teams, with Mechanicsburg ranked second in the STATE in division VI.

OHSAA final regular season rankings

Pics posted

Pics have been updated on the picture page.

An Idea?

An idea for next year's senior show? (joking);s=18;w=400

Helene's "Ode to Duct Tape"


Oh Duct Tape ot sweet thy smell
  Sticky is the under
  And many colors the whole
  Nothing can't be fixed
  For thine purpose best
  Windows or instruments
  Even to repair a vest
  Decorative also, for all to see
  The beauty made with thee
  Dresses or purses
  Fashions galore
  The uses are endless
  Only more and more


New York City Survey

I will have final NYC info for everyone on Monday. In the meantime, please go to the revised NYC trip page and read what all is included, then complete the survey. This survey will help guide me in my final decision making. You get one vote per computer. The tentative cost is $750, but includes LOTS of stuff. The last time we went to NYC four years ago, it cost $850! All FHSCB/Choir members should read then do the survey. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Picture Page is Back!

After two days of reconstruction, the picture page is back up and running. It's now exactly as it was before, but it looks pretty good to me. Please let me know if you have any problems getting it to work. Thanks!

Ka-BOOM: Update

I've successsfully cleaned house on the picture page. The bad news is all the pictures are gone. The good news is the disk is clean. The worse news is I need to reconstruct all of the pictures pages that got erased. Please bear with me as I put things back together. I'll try to do a few pages a night until I get the full season's pics back up. Wish me luck.

Picture Page wen Ka-BOOM.

The picture page is down. Something happened and I just can't get it up again. I'll try to get it back online tonight. Grrrrr....

Web Page Updated

I have updated the web page with new pictures from FES/Circleville and Senior Night.

There is also info on the last FMB road trip to Riverside on Friday. Load at 5, leave at 5:30, return 11:45. Wear your pants and shoes on the bus and bring LOTS of stuff to keep warm!

FMB Picture in Marsyville JT

A photograph from Thursday's concert at FES has finally been posted in the Marysville Journal-Tribune. It's a really cool shot, and it was BIG and right at the top of the front page. Click below to enlarge:

Picture Page Update

The picture page has been updated with views of FES/Circleville and Senior night!

Weather Might Be Okay Tonight...BUT:

Come prepared for cold and wet anyways. Bring umbrellas, ponchos, blankets...whatever to say cozy. Unless it's pouring, we'll stay in the stands. I'll have to wait until closer to game time to determine if the field is fit for marching. I'll keep you posted. See you all at 5:30. If it's raining at 5:30, we'll rehearse in the gym.

There Is Nothing Better Than Adversity...

There is nothing better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.
-- Og Mandino

Pictures from Fairborn on

I just found pictures of our contest at Fairborn HS on their web page. You can see our photos at

FMB - Pictures From Our Last Rehearsal

FMB members ONLY can view pictures from our last rehearsal...they're on the MEMBER PAGE.

FMB-Last Chance Reminder

Please remember all of your uniform parts and instrument stuff tomorrow for Circleville! See you in the AM :-)

NBC4 at 6

Word is that video that the Garwoods submitted to channel four of us in rehearsal is going to be on the 6PM news today (10/19) Watch it!

Hello and Good Luck From Darin

Hey FMB! Just wanted to say have a great time at Circleville.
I will be thinking about all of you tomorrow. I miss you all
and hope that I will be able to see you soon! Wish me luck
this weekend. I have a game this weekend at 4:00pm and we are
playing the Video Game show, and it is AWESOME! Have a great


FMB-Do Your Homework!

Just a reminder to all FMB members that you need to arrange for your make up work in advance if possible for missing Thursday. Please don't let this day of performing hamper your grades in your other classes, especially since we've got a long bus ride there and's a great time to get the work done.

Sir Paul McCartney Supports Music Education

Paul McCartney has started a program aimed at keeping instrumental music programs in disadvantaged districts alive by selling "Music Lives" bracelets at his concerts and online. You Fairbanks folks are lucky!

It's also a nice article on Paul's music education, both in school and out. Check it out HERE.

Wasted Time?

“Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time.”
--Soren Kirkegaard

I'm not insinuating that wating time is good. I'm suggesting that sometimes you should "stop and smell the roses." :-) - BK

FMB - Pictures from Marion Catholic, etc.

Pictures from the Marion Catholic game are on the picture page now. I'll update the web page with stuff on Circleville and senior night tomorrow AM. Hope you had a great Sunday off. Rehearsal tomorrow 3:15-5:15. Please have "I'll Be There" memorized.

A Few Words From "Papa" Stauffer!

Hoory! Eric and Melanie are parents! Read below:

I am happy to announce that Ryan Warren, Evan
Michael, and Trey Matthew made their way into the
world last night via C-section in Cincinnati. Ryan is
doing very well, but the other two are in the NICU for
breathing treatments. All the babies weighed 4 lbs.,
14 oz. which is exceptional for a triplet birth.

If you would like to send him an email, send it to me with "For Stauffer" in the title and will forward it on to him, Melanie, and the boys!

Thanks from Mrs. Lucas

A kind note from Middle School Principal Mrs. Lucas about our appearance at last week's MS pep rally:

(click to enlarge)

NYC Trip Preliminary Details

HS Band and Choir Members -

I'm still waiting on final numbers from the travel company, but you can see some preliminary details on the trip, including lots of links to start exploring the places we'll visit. Click HERE to begin exploring

Web Page is Updated!

I'm feeling better...thanks for your kind wishes those of you who emailed or posted a comment.

I updated the web page with info on the Marion Catholic game on Saturday and the FES concert/Pumpkin Show day October 20. Pictures have also been posted from the Xenia contest and FHS homecoming game.

Aim At Perfection...

"Aim at perfection in everything, though in most things it is unattainable. However, they who aim at it, and persevere, will come much nearer to it than those whose despondency and laziness make them give it up as unattainable."
-- Philip Dormer Chesterfield

On Doing Your Best...

"Any man's life will be filled with constant and unexpected encouragement if he makes up his mind to do his level best each day. "
-- Booker T. Washington

FMB - Announcements/Itinerary

This week's itinerary is published in the marching band announcements, which all FMB members should have received today (Tue 10/4). If you didn't get a copy, go to the marching band page to check it out.

Homecoming pep rally is Wednesday night. We'll warm at 7, pep rally at 7:30, and be done at 8.

There is no game Friday night. Enjoy your night off!

For the Xenia contest on Saturday the school is open at 7AM, load at 7:30, and depart at 8. We perform at 10:30, awards at 12 noon, and we'll be back around 1PM.

Be back at the HS at 4:30 and be in uniform by 5. (We will not rehearse). Homecoming ceremony is at 5:30 and pregame is at 5:50. Gametime is 6:00. We'll be done 8:30ish.

It's a busy week, but will be a lot of fun!

Nickel Creek Wisdom

Hey, FMB. It's like it was looking for me. I was looking for words to give you to help you improve next week. While readaing Sara Watkins's journal on, she had a recent entry that I think summed up why we did HOW WE DID today. Here it is:

9.17.05 • Los Angeles

So here I am, sitting in the middle of the floor in the LA house, which is now all but empty. It was purchased and the new owner wants to move in soon and since we're leaving on the day after tomorrow to do some promo back east, we had to empty the house before we leave.

The good news is that after a long day, Sean and I packed up every bit of clothing and furniture, every CD and DVD that was in a stack by the giant bean bag, or on the "coffee table" or on the floor next to the 10 inch TV...every plate and spoon, spatula, magnet and candle. ..all the boxes and duffle bags are filled and packed away, with the exception of a couple I'm taking back down to San Diego.

...the bad news is th…