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I'm Out Again (Wednesday)

I have strep throat. Dr. said to stay home Wednesday so I am.

Please cooperate with your sub again. I appreciate your help in this matter.


Yeah...I'm SICK; stuff

I'm not well. I would much rather be healthy and at school. Miserable. Please be cooperative with the sub. I hope to be back tomorrow, but I'm not promising anything.

Seussical folks listen and starting marking your parts...key signatures especially.

Late fees will be forgiven on all discs due today, since none of you can get into the library today.


A SAD Christmas Story

Darren McGavin, the father from A Christmas Story and utterer of the famous words "NOTTAFINGAH" and "You used up all the glue on PURPOSE!" has passed away. He was 83. More HERE.

The Good Music Adventure

I have started another major chapter in my blogging life! I have begun a new blog dedicated to exploring your listening horizons. It's titled the Good Music Adventure, but it's really a place where you can find recommendations on what's good to listen to. If you're like me, you HATE people who say "You just HAVE to listen to So-and-So". So, please consider my recommendations more like "nudges" that I am giving you toward something you may like, but have never heard before...or even know where to look for.

What you won't hear is criticism. Many writers make a living telling you what's bad and what you shouldn't listen to. I refuse to do this because there is someone who likes every kind of music. Different strokes for different folks, I always say.

Please visit, bookmark, and email the page to your friends. I'd like to build a large readership base if possible.

The address is:

Now THIS is Punk!


One Of My Favorites...

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.

--Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

Every Man (and Woman)...

"Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.. American Baptist Minister and Civil-Rights Leader

Seussical Schedule Posted

The rehearsal schedule for the Seussical orchestra has been updated on the Official Music Department calendar of events. We start March 4 from 1-5 P.M., then rehearse Mondays and Wednesdays 3-5 until the middle of April. Click HERE for the detailed calendar.

NYC Funds Past Due

I hate to have to make an announcement like this, so here it goes:

Some students going on the NYC trip have not made their last payment...or last TWO payments. The boosters do not have enough money to make the next payment to the travel company. EVERYONE should have $550 in their account at this point.

You agreed to make timely payments and some of you are not holding up your end of the agreement. GET THE PAYMENTS IN ASAP. Make checks or money orders payable to Fairbanks Music Boosters and put it in the mailbox NOW.

I'm sorry the tone of this note had to be forceful. DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

Thank you.

Have a great weekend!

Enjoy your 4-day break. I know I will. See everyone on Tuesday.

Seussical Update

Here's the latest Seussical Orchestra Update:

1. Flute and Aux. Percussion auditions are after school on Wednesday, Feb. 15. Results will be posted on Thursday. After that time, the personnel will be finalized.

2. A four hour rehearsal has been scheduled for Saturday, March 4, 1-5 PM, to read through the entire score. This will probably be the only time EVERYONE will need to be at the same rehearsal until April. We'll read through all of the songs, and then make a decision on which songs we'll do and which we won't do. If you cannot make this rehearsal time, please let Mr. Keller know ASAP.

3. The regular rehearsal schedule will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:15 to 5:00 starting on March 6. A detailed list of what songs we will be rehearsing and what personnel are needed (and at what time) will be posted on the bulletin board at least one day in advance.

4. I will be getting music this coming Monday the 21st, and will have folders to you as soon as I can after t…

The Keller Library Open Tomorrow!

The library will open for charter members Tuesday AM at 7:45. Thanks for all the support and kind words you all have for this project.

The Mailbox is UP!!!!!

Finally. I had to do it myself, but it's up. Please put all payments to the boosters for tshirts, trips, candy money, etc., in the Booster payment mailbox. Please remember to make sure payment is in the form of check or money order. Envelopes and slips are available beside the mailbox! HOORAY!!!!!!!

Good People...

"Good people are good because they've come to wisdom through failure."

--William Saroyan Pulitzer Prize winning American author (1908 - 1981) Updated!

The web page has been updated with pictures from senior night, info on the FMB rookie parents' meeting, and the Mid-year concert. Click HERE to visit.

No Winter Drumline Wednesday

This is going to be a CRAZY week for me with conferences, Seussical auditions, and opening the library. Winter drumline (which was re-scheduled for this Wednesday) is now cancelled. The next session will be next week on Wednesday, February 22. Sorry for the trouble, but I think this will work out better for everyone.

Intelligence Is...

" Intelligence is not to make no mistakes, but quickly to see how to make them good."
- Bertolt Brecht. German poet and playwright, 1898-1956

Library Open 2/15/06

The Mr. Keller Library will be open for check out beginning on Wednesday, February 15 for those students who have turned in card applications. You should receive your cards by Tuesday, February 14 (Happy Valentine's Day!). I'm very excited about this project, as you can tell. But more importantly, I'm excited that you'll get to listen to some of the greatest music ever written whenevery you want to. I'm glad this gateway for learning is going to be open to you soon.

Pictures from Senior Night

Pictures from Tuesday's night are now on the Picture Page!

Pep Band Tonight 7PM

It's senior night. Food by the boosters. See you there!

Give Me Some Feedback

So...I'm thinking about opening my own library. YES. MY OWN LIBRARY. I have hundreds of CD's that I never use anymore since I'm all digital and lots of books about music that I've read, but don't plan on re-reading.

Here's the plan: I'll run it out of my office. Registered band and choir members, as well as faculty members, will fill out a registration agreement that outlines due dates, late fines, replacement costs, and the like. You'll be able to check out CDs for one week and books for two weeks. Band aides will help me maintain and operate the library. I'm thinking about putting up my entire classical library of CD's up first, and if it goes well and library patrons are resposible about caring for and returning my items, I may put up my entire pop and jazz collections as well.

If this is all successful, I would be willing to take donations of CD's that library members don't want anymore, or have ripped to digital and no longe…

Pep Band Seniors: WRITE UPS!

Mrs. Reed has TWO senior write ups: Sarah and Tiffany. If you want to be included in the senior night recognition, you MUST get your write up to Mrs. Reed by Monday morning. You can give her a hard copy, or email it to me an I will send it on to her.

NYC Folks: Cookie Dough Tuesday

Cookie dough will be delivered on Tuesday, February 7. Those NYC folks who sold, please make arrangments to take it home that day, as it is a refrigerated item. Over $600 was raised for your trips!

It's Official...

Six more weeks of winter :-(