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Just A Picture I Knew Some Of You Would Like:

Darth Stradavarius?

Happy Spring Break!

I won't be posting to this blog over break. I will be updating the Good Music Adventure daily, however. Relax and enjoy. See you Monday!

Visit the Good Music Adventure!

Be sure to visit my "what to listen to" site, titled the Good Music Adventure. The first week has been a success with over 100 hits. I make a song recommendation each weekday, and a commentary each weekend. Check it out, then email the address to anyone you might think like the site. I'm looking for as much exposure as I can get for this music-writing endeavor.

Winter Guard Practice Saturday

WG practice Saturday 3/25 at 10:30 - 12:30 in HS Gym.

I'm Out (Friday)

My son is ill so I am out today. Students: please be on your best behavior for your sub. Please take instruments home over break and practice. Only six weeks of school to the concert!

Enjoy your Spring Break!

The Mural Is Finished :-)

The mural on the outside of the band/choir room is now finished! Thanks to Kirsten, Gretchen, and Caleb for their design and hard work. It looks great! Click on the pics below for larger views.

District XV Contest Results

I received the results from our site at OMEA contest and the picture wasn't pretty for class C bands in general. There were 16 class C bands at our site. Only ONE band recieved a superior rating...Grove City. No surprise with that one. One band recieved an overall rating of IV. Five bands recieved a rating of III. Nine bands received a II rating, us included. Class C sight reading was pretty bleak as well. Lots of III's....and a few IV's.

We definitely ended up in the upper half of class C bands, and were the smallest school district in the entire competition. I'm pleased with where we ended up in comparison the other groups, although I'm dissatisfied with only one class C band receiving a I.

A detailed list of everyone's results is posted on my office window. Check it out.

Tips From My Mom On Getting Through These Cold Gray Days...(March madness?)

By this time in March, everyone on our team has been working long and often stressful hours. They are moving from engagement to engagement, focusing on client service and responding to multiple priorities on a daily basis. Often they are eating dinner at the office and usually seeing way too little of their families.

Occasionally, tempers are short while expectations remain high and the managers and team are "mad" at someone up-the-line or down-the-line. Requests are flying around the office: "I forgot to tell you, we have a meeting with the client in 2 hours and we need the draft statements!" "Big Fred Client is leaving for Florida tomorrow, can we get his return done by noon today?" "Can we pull some of those people out of the field to help with tax??"

We certainly need less of this kind of March Madness! Here are some suggestions to stop the "madness:"

Think Positive
Smile when you walk down the hall. Stop and briefly chat with the tea…

Seussical Orchestra - April Schedule

Here is the Seussical orchestra schedule for the month of April. All orchestra members are needed at all of these rehearsals:

Monday, April 3, 3-5:15 P.M.
Full Orchestra
Act 1 and 2 - Band Room

Wednesday, April 5, 3-5 P.M.
Full Orchestra
Act 1 and 2 - Band Room

Monday, April 10, 3:15-5:15
Full Orchestra and Cast
Act 2 - Stage

Tuesday, April 11, 3:15-5:15
Full Orchestra and Cast
Act 2 - Stage

Wednesday, April 12, 3:15-5:15
Full Orchestra and Cast
Act 1 and 2 - Stage

Thursday, April 13, 3:15-5:15
Full Orchestra and Cast
Act 1 and 2 - Stage


Tuesday, April 18, 3-6PM
Full Orchestra and Cast

Wednesday, April 19
8AM –Noon - Dress Rehearsal - Full Orchestra and Cast
(performance for elementary students)

6-9 P.M. Final Rehearsal

Friday, April 21, 6:00PM call.
Vets Auditorium

Saturday, April 22, 6:00PM call.
Vets Auditorium

The Good Music Adventure Begins

I have gotten off my butt and started updating my new blog daily. It's called the Good Music Adventure, and will have a daily track recommendation and a weekly album recommendation. I won't be a can be the judge of bad music all on your own. I will instead give you ideas for music you may have not heard of before, things you might like, or just random stuff I think is cool. I provide links to the albums/tracks in iTunes so you can listen to samples, then even buy the music if you want. My first track recommendation is "Sleepwalk" by the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Visit the Good Music Adventure daily HERE. Updated

Image has been updated with info our our Excellent rating at contest, Seussical rehearsal schedule, and the repertoire list has been updated with our new pieces for Spring concert. Check it out HERE.

JHCB in the Middle!

The JHCB is featured in last week's "In The Middle", the FMS newsletter. Some good pictures and a short article are featured on two of the three pages. Click HERE to check it out.

Seussical Today (Monday, 3/20)

Seussical today (Monday):
How Lucky You Are
Notice Me Horton
Mayzie at the Circus/Amayzing Horton
Finale Act I.

Congratulations, FHSCB!

Congratulations to the Fairbanks High School Concert Band for recieving a rating of "excellent" at this weekend's OMEA district 15 contest. Good work, everyone!

Good Luck at Contest, FHSCB!

Good Luck at OMEA contest tomorrow, FHSCB! I know you will do a fantastic job. Play with passion and precision. Make music and enjoy yourself.

Details on when, where, and how are on the Announcements Page.

Seussical Rehearsal Schedule Week of 3/21

Here's the schedule for next week's Seussical orchestra:

Monday, March 21, 3-5:15 P.M.
3-3:45 P.M. – How Lucky You Are (15)
3:45-4:15 P.M. – Notice Me Horton (16)
4:15-4:40 – Mayzie at the Circus/Amayzing Horton (21a-21b)
4:45-5:15 – Finale Act 1 (17b)
Band Room

Wednesday, March 23, 3-5 P.M.
3-3:45 P.M. – Havin’ A Hunch (26, 26c m. 36-end)
3:45-4:45 P.M. – Finale Act 2/Green Eggs&Ham (29, 30))
4:45-5:15 P.M. – Entr’acte w/cuts (18)
Band Room

* Only players who play these songs need report at the specified times on Monday and Wednesday. Updated

The web page has been updated with information on the department's Spring concert on May 23, and the new Seussical orchestra rehearsal schedule. There are also pictures of Tuesday's mid-year concert posted. Check it out!

Band Yearbook Info

Mrs. Garwood wanted me to post a note about the band yearbooks that were advertised at the concert the other night. Please be aware that all orders are prepaid and must be received by March 31. She will not be accepting orders after that date. There will be no extras made, so if you don't pre-order one, you won't get one. Please bug your parents now to order one before it's too late! Just put paid orders in the mailbox in the band room. Make checks payable to Fairbanks Music Boosters. Thanks!

P.S. - If you need more info, email Mrs. Garwood.

Pictures from Mid Year Concert

Pictures from the mid year concert have been posted on the Picture Page. Check it out!

Concert Tuesday 7PM

The music department's annual mid-year concert is Tuesday night at 7 PM. The event is free and open to the public. We hope you can come and support our fine Fairbanks musicians!

Seussical Tonight

Orchestra will rehearse Monday Solla Sollew 3:15-3:45, and The Military 3:45-5.

Two Quotes from Virgil...

"Trust one who has gone through it."

"Let us go singing as far as we go: the road will be less tedious."

--Virgil (70 BC - 19 BC) Is UPDATED!

The web page has been updated with info on the FHSCB's contest on March 18, and the Seussical schedule for the week of March 13. Check it out HERE.


I mixed up my messages and set two different nights for rookie parent meeting. One bit of literature says the 8th, one says the 9th, and one even says Wednesday the 9th. I have no brain. The meeting is cancelled for now. I will reschedule on a real date sometime soon. My apologies for the confusion.

FHSCB Contest Time Published

We received our contest time today via email. We will perform at 1PM on Saturday, March 18 at Thomas Worthington High School. We'll depart FHS at 10 A.M. and return at approximately 2:30. Full itineraries are available on the information rack in the band room. Maps will be available next week, after we receive the full information packet via U.S. Mail.

A reminder that everyone rides to the bus to the event. If you plan on coming home with parents, you must submit a note to Mr. Keller before we depart FHS at 10:00 stating whose parents you are leaving with.

Spread the word to family, friends, and neighbors. It would be nice to have a large friendly audience at this big event!

My Blog Gets Around

Apparently friends of friends are reading Mr. Keller's Blog. Here's an article by one of my Mom's colleagues that mentions my blog. Wow. Fame. Fortune. YOU REALLY REALLY LIKE ME?!!! I'd like to thank the academy :-)

Seussical Wednesday

We'll rehearse "Oh The Thinks You Can Think" from 3-4, and "Here on Who" from 4-5. Please be here and prepared to work. We should have both tunes down pretty well after Wednesday. Look ahead to "The Military" and "Solla Sollew" for Monday of next week.

Seussical Orchestra

I apologize for having to cancel rehearsal today. Several people vital to today's rehearsal were not able to attend rehearsal, and we would have had to go back and re-rehearse anyways. I was also concerned with the snow, but that turned out to be nothing.

Thinks You Can Think and Here On Who on Wednesday.

Cool Commercial

If I had lots of time...and money...and lots of super bouncy balls...AND lived in San Francisco...I might make a film like THIS.

I Remember The Old Days...

...when I was the only person I knew that owned an iPod. Apparently even the Papal One now has a Nano. Read more HERE about the Pope's new toy. Wow.

The Four Agreements

A post from my Mom's blog that I thought I would pass on:

The Four Agreements is a book by Don Miguel Ruiz. We use these “agreements” actively in our firm and believe that these four simple statements make a difference in our culture at Brady Ware.


Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.


Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.


Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.


Your best is go…

Seussical Today (Saturday)

1-4 PM in the band room. All orchestra members are needed :-)


I'm Not Well, But I'll be Back Thursday

I'll be back in school on Thursday. Thanks to everyone for their cooperation during my unplanned absence. Thanks also for your kind "get well" wishes. :-)