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Sunday Pictures are Up

Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from the band/choir trip to NY are on the picture page! We'll be home tomorrow!

Saturday Pics Posted

Group at Lincoln Center
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from Saturday of our NY trip are on the Picture Page. Our tour of Manhattan, the Park, Pier 17, the Empire State, Hard Rock Cafe, and New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center are included!

Friday Pictures are Up!

Group in Times Square
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from Friday of the band/choir trip are up on the picture page!

NYC Opening

I have an opening on the NY trip. If you are a Band/Choir student or a parent of a band/choir student or an FHS faculty member and can get ready to leave by 9 PM tonight and have $705, email me NOW!

NYC - $45 Refund

New York folks...I just got word from Mrs. Long. You'll be getting $45 back tomorrow nigh before the trip. Yipee!

NY Daily Pics

I'll be posting daily pictures from the road in New York City. Check nightly for views of what the FHS bandos/choir-o's are doing in the Big Apple. Pictures will be posted on the FHSBando Flickr page.

Seussical - Books

Orchestra members: If you have not turned in your official "bound" Seussical books, please do so ASAP. We have to send them back to the rental company. Please make sure all pencil marks are erased. Thanks!

NYC - Shakira and Wyclef!

Just found out today that we'll get to see Shakira and Wyclef Jean on Friday's Today Show. That will be a nice wake up! Updated

Image has been updated with info on:
Fall GuardDrumlineMarching BandSpring ConcertFHSCB @ VetsField Commander AuditionsPictures
Check it out!

Seussical Pictures Updated

Originally uploaded by fhsbando. There are new pics from Saturday's performance on the Seussical 2006 page on the Fairbanks Band picture page. Great job, everyone!

Weather for New York City

Here's a good place to keep tabs on what the weather is going to be like in NY this next weekend. As of right now, it's not going to be too cool...but not to hot either. Highs around 61 lows around 52. Let's hope things warm up a bit in future forecasts.

Bravo! Brava! Pictures!

Congratulations to cast, crew, and orchestra on an OUSTANDING debut this evening. I'm proud of you all! Pictures are available on the picture pageSee you Saturday at 6. :-)

P.S. - If you want me to post some of your pictures from the musical here, email them to me at

Seussical: Orchestra Reminders

* The call is at 6PM. We need to warm up and rehearse just a bit before the audience comes in.

* Wear the same black outfit (or similar) you wore all looked nice.

* Be sure to take your instrument home after school. I will NOT be at the school before the show to let you in. Make sure you have reeds/valve oil/music as well.

* Do your best, have fun, and break a leg! See you tonight :-)

Orchestra from Mrs. Noland:

Need tickets or money from:


Reminders for 4/20

* Band camp deposits are now due. $50 check or money order to Fairbanks Music Boosters. Candy bar sale starts Friday.

* Seussical is Friday and Saturday at Vets in Marysville. More info at

*FMB squad leaders must get Dr. Tim slip and $20 (payable to Attitude Concepts) by Friday. Extra permission slips are available on the info rack.

* NYC folks make sure you read your entire packet and contact me with any last-minute questions. You need to be here around 9PM on the 27. We'll check luggage, then load the bus and leave at 10PM at the latest. Also be sure to take the virtual NY tour before the real thing. You'll have a much better idea of what is coming and know some history and background on the attractions we're going to visit.

A Dream...

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."
-John Lennon

New Picture Page In The Works

I'm working on putting together a new picture site on Flickr. It allows me to upload pretty much an unlimited amount of pictures. You'll be able to search band pics by tags, titles, and dates. There are "sets" instead of event pages, and you can even comment on the pictures I post! Slideshows are way cooler too. Please give it a try and let me know how your experience is. I know that some people had trouble loading the .Mac site I have used prior. Feedback is welcome. The new address is

You don't have to register with Flickr to view pictures. Just click on the link and enjoy! If this test goes well, I'll have a lot more pictures both old and new up soon.

5/6 Band Schedule Change This Week

Just a reminder to 5/6 band members of the pre-concert schedule that begins this week:

5th Band
Mondays - Flutes/Clarinets
Tuesdays - Saxophones
Wednesdays - EVERYONE
Thursdays - Trumpets/Trombones
Fridays - Percussionists

6th Band
Tuesday & Thursday - EVERYONE

*If 6th band members have band in their rotation on a non-Tuesday/Thursday, they are to come to the band room to practice.

FMB Camp Deposit Due Tuesday 4/18

Just a reminder that your band camp deposit is due no later than Tuesday. Please make sure it's in the form of a check or money order, and it's made payable to Fairbanks Music Boosters. The candy bar sale starts this week!

Don't Forget...

Don't forget to visit the Good Music Adventure daily for ideas of what to listen to. Friday's addition is Leonard Bernstein's Prelude, Fugue, and Riffs. is Updated

Image has been updated with new info for Seussical orchestra, and has a big ad for the show at the top of the main page. Check it out!

Seussical Changes for Next Week

Here are the changes Mrs. Noland explained in today's rehearsal:
Tuesday's rehearsal is after school to 7:00. If you need transportation to Vets, please let me know. You can drive yourself, but if you are RIDING with another student, I need a note on Tuesday before you can ride. Please DO NOT RUSH TO VETS. I would rather you be a little later and safe than drive fast. You'll need to bring a snack or a sack dinner if you need to eat before rehearsal is over at 7. Please keep all food and beverage (except bottled water) out of the auditorium proper.Wednesday's rehearsal is our practice with our light and sound technician. It is now 5:00 to 9:00.We will be going through both acts both nights.Wednesday's performance for the Elementary kids is our dress rehearsal. You need to be at Vets at 8:00 A.M. If you need a ride to the theater, you MUST let Mrs. Noland know ASAP. There will not be a bus back to FHS after the performance...we'll be carpooling in vans t…

Seussical Sounds Great...I Can't Wait!

I couldn't resist rhyming the title of this post :-)

I just wanted to Seussical cast and pit know that I was overjoyed with how well rehearsal went last night. We all know it is far from perfect, but the lack of major issues of tempo, precision, and key are hopefully a positive predictor of what is to come. We have a good week to refine and improve on all of our performances, but we are starting at a very good place for meeting together for the first time.

Bravo! Brava!

P.S. - See you tonight 3:15-5:15

FMB Good News!

I have very good new for the 2006 FMB. We have SIX home games this year! That means we only have to travel on four Friday nights this year. After several years of six away games, this will be a pleasant treat. Along the same lines, we do not have ANY Saturday football games this year. That is a relief! The calendar of events is pretty much set in stone now, so check it and schedule your other events around the band schedule now, so as to avoid conflicts in the future.

FMB Guard 2006 Need You!

Mr. Keller is happy to announce that Mrs. Rene Barker is the new guard coordinator/instructor for the 2006 FMB season. She and Mr. Keller need at least five new members for this season's guard. Any student in grade 8-12 who is interested in becoming a part of the Fairbanks Marching Band fall color guard can sign up on Mr. Keller's door any day before April 21. Guard members will begin rehearsal in May, then perform as a member of the FMB this summer and fall. Information packets are available on the info rack in the band room. We will be having an informational meeting soon, so even if you are just interested in getting more info, sign up on Mr. Keller's door ASAP. Want to know why you should join? Click HERE.

Seussical - About Wednesday's (4/19) Dress Rehearsal:

From Mrs. Noland:

All students are to get a ride to vets in the AM. At 8:00 I will take attendance at vets. After the show ES and MS students will ride the bus back to the school with their classmates that have come to watch the show.HS students that need a ride to the school from vets need to let me know so that we have enough adults to drive them back over to the school.I still need permission slips from the following pit members- Brittany, Josh, Michelle, Samantha, Vincent, Luke, Larissa

FMB Squad Leaders - Dr. Tim on May 2

2006 FMB squad leaders are invited to the annual leadership workshop with Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser at Centerville High School on Tuesday, May 1. We'll leave at 2PM and stop for a quick snack en-route. The workshop starts at 4:30 and ends at 7. You'll stop for a snack on the way home, then be back at 9 P.M. Assistant director Shannon Runyon will be supervising the trip. This is not a required event, so if you have conflict, or feel you are not ready to face the reality of what profound truths about leadership that Dr. Tim will tell you about, you do not have to go. Please get your permission slip and check for $20 (payable to "Attitude Concepts") to Mr. Keller by April 21. Transportation will be provided via yellow bus. Parents are welcome to chaperone. Chaperones are admitted to the workshop free of charge.

Real Riches...

"Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."

- Oscar Wilde. Irish Poet, Novelist, Dramatist

Final Winter Guard Pictures

Pictures from the final winter guard contest are on the picture page!

No Orchestra Monday

The cast needs one more day before we can get together. I'm not saying we're perfect (we're not!), but I can't imagine us rehearsing on Monday would get us any better before our combination with the actors/dancers. So, NO ORCHESTRA on Monday, April 10. We'll rehearse Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the gym, 3:15-5:15. Thanks for your flexibility.

Nice Article On Condoleeza Rice

A great article on Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, who studied to become a piano performer before her foray into politics, can be found on the New York Times site. Who knew?

Come On, People!

Some FMB members have still not turned in their uniforms. I need them Monday at the latest. You are: Faith, Allison, Kate, Sherry, Bart, Vincent, Gaylon, Christina, Jeff, and Josh. If you don't have it in by Monday, you must have it professionally dry cleaned yourself before you bring it back to me.

NY Permission Slips

I still need NY permission slips from Tiffany, Hannah, Victor, Brittany, Sherry, Colin, and Samantha. Please get these to me ASAP. Thanks

Info on the NY Philharmonic

Information on the performance we will be hearing by the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center has been posted. The guest conductor is the acclaimed Sir Colin Davis, who is the principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra. You'll be hearing pieces by Berlioz and Mozart. Click HERE to read, hear, and see more about it.

New York Update

All band and choir members who are going to New York should have received their pre-trip packet today. If you did not, please see me Thursday. I have also posted all of the information on the New York Page on Please read over everything and let me know if you have any questions. If you have any questions about your account, please contact Mrs. Long. I'm looking forward to this trip, as we are seeing and experienceing a big part of the big apple in just three more weeks!

P.S.- Thanks for fixing the typo on the handout from New Horizons :-)

If I Learned Anything From My Day Today:

"What's right is not always popular; What's popular is not always right."

New York Update

A few notes about the upcoming trip to New York City for those band and choir students who are going:
All money is now due. If you still have an outstanding balance, please put your check or money order made to Fairbanks Music Boosters in the mailbox immediately. You will not be permitted to go on the trip if your fees are not paid in full.The room list has been posted on my office door. Please sign up for a room TODAY (Tuesday). If you have a room of four, you will not be moved. If you are not in a room of four, I reserve the right to move you to a room so we have four in as many rooms as possible (as your trip fees are based on quad-occupancy).There is a bus seat sign up list on the door as well. As we have a pretty full bus this time, self-assigned seats assists us with attendance and avoids conflicts of who sits where. Please sign up for your bus seat by the end of the week.You will recieve your final info packet TOMORROW (Wednesday) with a final itnineray, guidelines for bus trave…

FMB Update

I will be publishing an FMB update today or Tuesday with updated information on camp money. There are a few changes. The first is that camp has risen in cost just a bit, as our instructional costs have increased. Camp is now $200. Secondly, since I have been swamped with Seussical lately, I haven't enforced the camp deposit deadline. The new deadline is now April 14. Please pay your $50 deposit by this date. Please make sure payment is in the form of check or money order made payable to Fairbanks Music Boosters and put it in the mailbox in the band room.

Most everything else is the same, including the calendar of events. Please reserve all of the dates now so conflicts can be avoided. The candy bar sale will begin on April 17. Candy will be available for check out beginning on this date. You cannot sell candy until you pay your deposit.

Seussical Tonight; Wednesday

Seussical rehearsal tonight and Wednesday 3:15-5:15. We'll be playing through everything that we will be playing for the performance in order. The schedule for next week is BUSY. See it on the Seussical page.

I can't Change...

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."
-James Dean