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FMB Memorial Day Pictures

FMB Memorial Day 2006
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from today's parade in Unionville Center have been posted on the Fairbanks Band Picture Page. Thanks for a great event on this important day. If you were not in attendance and were not excused, please see Mr. Keller ASAP on Tuesday.

Parade Today

Parade today. Call is 9 AM. School is open at 8:30. Summer uniform. C U There!

FHS Graduation

FHS Graduation
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from FHS graduation have been posted on the Picture Page. Congratulations class of 2006!

Is Classical Music Dead?...Maybe Not!

An interesting article from the NY Times about how classical music may actually be on the rebound thanks to technology. It is worth a good read. Read it here.

Graduation Today! No Ties!

Graduation is today. Band and choir both need to be ready to warm at 2:30 at the field.

Please remember to wear sunscreen and bring your sunglasses. I have clothespins for band music.

The dress code still applies, except gentlemen to NOT need to wear a tie.

See you there!


John Philip Sousa Award

Congratulations to seniors Josh Rausch and Gaylon Grant for receiving the 2006 John Philip Sousa Award from the Fairbanks Band! This is a national award sponsored by the Instrumentalist Magazine and is given in most every high school in the United States. At Fairbanks, the award winners are chosen by the membership of the band. Josh and Gaylon have both been outstanding musicians, as well as leaders and role models during their years in the Fairbanks band program. Best of luck to both of them in the future. The John Philip Sousa Award page will be updated soon to reflect the newest winners. The last time there was a tie for this award at FHS was in 1968!

Pictures from Vets!

Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Congratulations to all the members of the 2006 Fairbanks Concert Band for a fantastic performance Friday night at Veteran's Auditorium. I had a blast and so did Mr. Stauffer. Thanks again for a fine performance. Pictures are on the Picture Page!

FHSCB @ Vets Tonight!!!

Band members: Rehearsal 8th period today. Pomp and Circumstance, greensleeves, double tounging. The call for the concert is tonight at 6:15. Be dressed and ready to warm.

Family, friends, and neighbors: see you there? Tickets are available at the door. Tickets are $5/$3.

More info on the concert at

Congrats; Concert Pics Posted

Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Congratulations to all band and choir performers at last night's concert. Bravo! Brava! Pictures from the event have been posted on the picture page. If you have pictures you would like to share, please email to them and I will add them to pool of pics.

Seniors - WRITE UPS!!!!

Seniors - If you have not turned in your write up for Tuesday's concert program, it will officially be too late as of 8 AM Monday morning. You can also email it to me. Either way, if it's not in on time, you're not in the program. I want you in the program, but I can't write your stuff for you.

Nickel Creek - June Dates In Ohio!

If you are interested, my favorite band, Nickel Creek, is going to have two Ohio shows in June. On June 7 they will be at Coney Island in Cincinnati and on June 10 they will do a FREE show in Springfield! More info is available on their site,

A Note From Mr. Stauffer:

I am super-pumped to be conducting next week for your concert in Marysville. Hymnsong is one of my favorite songs, and East of the Sun just kicks booty! So get your parts well practiced, tune up the timpani, and let's get rollin'!! -Mr. Stauffer (SUPERMAN).
P.S. See my movie. I lost 120 lbs for the production!


FHSCB Seniors - Pics and Writeups

Seniors - I need your brief write up and a senior picture ASAP for the program. I have pictures from Helene, Sarah, Tiffany, and Zane.

John Philip Sousa Award Voting Today

FHSCB: We'll be voting for the John Philip Sousa Award for Band today. This is a national award presented in most high schools in the U.S. It is awarded to the outstanding four-year member of the Fairbanks Band program, as voted on by the band membership. If one candidate does not have a simple majority after this round of voting, a run-off between the two candidates with the highest number of votes will take place. The winner will be announced at next Friday's award assembly. If you are absent today, please email your vote to me by 3 PM.

Eligible band members are: Tiffany Atwell, Zane Barker, Gaylon Grant, Sarah Kelly, Colin McKean, and Josh Rausch.

It's a Bando Prom!

Congratulations to Sarah Kelly and Gaylon Grant for being chosen as Fairbanks prom king and queen this Saturday! I'm glad everyone had a fun weekend despite the rain, and that everyone is alive and well.

Congrats, Sean! - FC 2006

Congratulations to sophomore Sean Knaub, who has been selected as the field commander for the 2006 Fairbanks Marching Band season. The field commander of the FMB is the squad leader of squad leaders and is the primary conductor of the group on the field and in concert. This will be Sean's second year in this position. Sean also plays tenor saxophone in pep band and bassoon in concert band.

Field Commander Auditions Monday

Just a reminder to those involved, field commander auditions are Monday, the fifteenth of May right after school. See you there!

New Member Download Site

I have re-vamped the member download site where you can download and listen to mp3's of music we're working on. The new address is and you need a username and password. I'll tell everyone at school tomorrow what it is, but if you need it in the meantime, just email me. Just click on the files to download.

Good Music Adventure

Just a reminder to check out the Good Music Adventure daily. Today: What Is Hip? by Tower of Power.

Spread the word about the Adventure to your friends!

I'm Out Tue AM...Instructions

I'm out until lunch today.

1. Hang onto candy money until you see me this afternoon.

2. 6th woodwinds have class today, full rehearsal tomorrow.

3. FHSCB should be ready to WORK in rehearsal today...since we really didn't yesterday.

4. Drumline and guard today after school. Drumline is in the band room, guard will be outside.

See you this afternoon!

Goethe Sez:

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quotes (German Playwright, Poet, Novelist and Dramatist. 1749-1832)

Candy Money is Due

All candy money for the FMB fundraiser is now due. Please make checks or money orders payable to "Fairbanks Music Boosters" I have three boxes of mixed still available for check-out. Please see me if you need to raise just a little more money. Terms are flexible.

It's Easy!

“It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.”

-Johann Sebastian Bach (German Composer and Musician. 1685-1750)

Schedule/Slips for Vets

FHSCB members received a packet of info for the annual concert at Vet's on May 26. The rehearsal is on Thursday, May from 2-4:30 and members must return their permission slip ASAP indicating whether they are driving or riding the bus to vets. Everyone who rides the bus there must be picked up at Vets at bus back to the school will be available. Those who are driving may not take passengers from FHS to vets as per school policy. This is our ONLY rehearsal in vets, so it is important that everyone attend.

The concert is Friday night. Members need to be in their seats ready to warm at 6:15 and the show is at 7. Members have courtesy tickets to sell in their posession now. The money and unsold tickets need to be returned by May 23. Additional tickets are available on request. Tickets are also on sale in the band office and at Lambert Jewelers in Marysville.

Bravo: ONU Honor Band, FFA Honor Band!

Congratulations to the nine FHSCB members who were accepted into the Ohio Northern honor band this year. Their performance yesterday was a great success! The band members played in the band with over 100 of the finest players from around the state, and under the direction of Dr. Charles Bates and Mr. Steven Reineke (a Miami classmate of mine). Participating band members were Samantha McKean, Marilyn Wright, Jastyn Hamilton, Josh Rausch, Vincent Pontius, Michelle Watkins, Jacob Williams and Jeff Lucas.

Three members of the FHSCB also participated in the state FFA honor band at this weekend's convention. Congratulations to Allison Conklin, January Long, and Cody Rausch for their acceptance into the group and their fine performance in Columbus!

Tom's Link

I told Tom the Tour Guide (Kinda sounds like "Bob The Builder" doesn't it?) that I would post his web site so you could all see what he's up to and some pictures of all the places he's traveled. Visit his web site at Updated

Image has been updated with new FMB info and pictures from NYC. Check it out!

Guard Meeting

Guard members: remember the meeting Thursday night at 6:30 in the band room. Bring a parent. You'll meet Mrs. Barker, get an overview of the program, and hear guidelines and expectations. You need not bring anything. Refreshments will be served :-) See you there!

HS Challenges - Results

NO CHANGES. Thank you all for your effort. Quality of performance was outstanding!

My Fav NYC Pic

By the way, notice anything different about this pic? Clickthe pic to enlarge!

Hoops and Yoyo

Since I posted my pictures from the NY trip, a lot of you have been asking about the little green bunny and pink cat in my pics. They are Hoops and Yoyo, a series of web cards from Hallmark. Click HERE to go to their site and see why they are so funny.

Interims - NO comments

I had to do my interim grades Monday night after getting back from NYC. I didn't put any comments on interims. Mostly, because eveyone is doing great so far this term, secondly because I about fell asleep at the computer after seeing the entire city of New York in four days. If you want any details about your grade or just a comment, I'd be happy to give you one. Please drop me an email at and I will reply with any information you request. My apologies for the lack of details.