Bravo: ONU Honor Band, FFA Honor Band!

Congratulations to the nine FHSCB members who were accepted into the Ohio Northern honor band this year. Their performance yesterday was a great success! The band members played in the band with over 100 of the finest players from around the state, and under the direction of Dr. Charles Bates and Mr. Steven Reineke (a Miami classmate of mine). Participating band members were Samantha McKean, Marilyn Wright, Jastyn Hamilton, Josh Rausch, Vincent Pontius, Michelle Watkins, Jacob Williams and Jeff Lucas.

Three members of the FHSCB also participated in the state FFA honor band at this weekend's convention. Congratulations to Allison Conklin, January Long, and Cody Rausch for their acceptance into the group and their fine performance in Columbus!


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