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Camp Sunday Update

Camp Sunday
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures are posted on the picture page, everyone is tucked in, and we're all turning in for a good night's sleep. We're going to do as much as we can in the morning before it gets hot, including marching before breakfast. We're being very careful in the heat and recommending LOTS of water.

Reminder to Moms and Dads that I'll deliver emails at free time if you want to send one to your child. Just send and email to and put the title "EMAIL FOR (STUDENT NAME HERE)" and I'll play postman each day.

More pictures will be posted tomorrow night of our first full day of camp. Wish us luck!

Colonial Music; Supplies

Just a reminder that all reed players except tenor sax/bass clarinets have to supply their own reeds. All brass players need a bottle of valve oil.

Bob, our ever-faithful Colonial Music representative will be at camp during check in to sell reeds, vavle oil, and other supplies. Please bring cash or a check payable to Colonial Music for all supplies that you need. Be prepared for the long week ahead! Updated!

I spent some time tonight and updated the main web page with information on band camp, August rehearsals, attendance policy, meet the teams, and the first day of school. Most changes were on the marching band page and the announcements page. Please make sure you read all of the information so you are well-informed!

BTW - the calendar of events is CONFIRMED. Please make sure all dates are reserved for FMB events.

Just another reminder that band camp check in is Sunday at 3 PM. See you there, FMB!!!!

Room LIst is Posted

Copies of the room list are on the members' page. Please let me know if there are any errors. Thanks!

Another Emergency Medical Reminder

Click here to read about the emergency medical form you have to turn in before you can stay at camp.

Drill Charts are DONE and ONLINE!

Hey...eager beavers. The drill charts are on line and you can look at them before Sunday if you want!!!! Go to the Member page at and log in. Each page is full resolution and suitable for printing. If you dont' remember the username/password, email me at

Old Pics from 2005

FMB 2005
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Hey all. I was cleaning out my iPhoto library at home and came across a bunch of pictures from 2005 that I thought I would post, including many pics of last year's show on the field. You can see the whole set HERE. Hope you enjoy. See you at camp check in on Sunday!

Camp Itinerary Confirmed!

The camp itinerary has been confirmed and is available HERE!

Attendance at Performances (warning: RANT)

I've already started hearing "I can't make it to this performance" talk and I just wanted to stress a point or two. Look at the picture I have included. If you're missing, part of our performance is missing. Second, band is a co-curricular class. Your grade depends on your participation. Missing a performance is a serious matter and is only excused if you are in a wedding, going to a funeral, personally ill, or involved in military duty. Please make sure you can make our three Saturday events. Many bands who compete do so EVERY weekend. As I am a firm believer that band is an important part of your education, I realize it is not the ONLY thing going on in your life. That is why I only schedule three Saturdays out of the entire allow you to do sporting events, family affairs, and other recreations on the other seven weekends of the marching season. Please be there, or be excused.

Thanks for hearing me out. I just hope this pro-active message …

Fair Parade Pictures

Fair Parade 2006
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from the Union County Fair parade have been posted on the picture page. Enjoy!

Show is DONE!

The show is finished! 40 moves. I'm double checking everything and writing detailed instructions tonight. I have to be's the most challenging drill I've ever written, but it will SCORE THE POINTS! I know you all can do it! I'll post some more pictures tomorrow.

FMB - Emergency Medical Reminder

As I neglected to remind you at the parade, I wanted to remind you now that you MUST turn in an emergency medical form before you can stay at camp. If you turned it in already...great! If not, please be sure to bring it with you to camp check-in. If you lost yours, you can download one HERE. It must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Please take care of is essential that we know who to contact in case of an emergency. Thanks!

"Maria" is Finished!

Ready to go on to Cool this evening. Here's the closing set of Maria. I kinda have this circle thing going in the middle of the show!

FMB - Opener is DONE!

I got stuck on the last chart late last night so I turned in and was refreshed this morning. Sometimes I try to make things tougher than they really are! I wanted to get to the form you see in the picture, I was just having trouble making it happen without people having to take 4 to 5 backwards. It's very manageable now. The opener is 15 charts (14 moves), with no move longer than 16 counts. We hold and do visuals during the verse section of "America". Stauffer is already working on the visuals an choreography (I chatted with him last night)

I'm starting on Maria/Cool this just before lunch and hope to have a few charts done before I have to head to the school to get ready for the parade. If you forgot instrument/etc., they school will be open at 4:15. We warm at 5 and the parade is at 5:30. See you there!

Drill Progress Report

I'm eight charts into the show. On the whole, step sizes are 8 to 5 or bigger, keeping the energy and flow moving. Not too many itty bitty steps. I'm working the music well with the motion, being able to feature the woodwinds and mello/saxes on their features so far. I'm about halfway thru the opener. I'm probably going to go against the grain and put a company front in the opener at measure least that's the plan. The picture is of what is currently chart 7 @ measure 25. I plan on having the opener done by tonight!

Don't Call Me...

The phones are down at Fairbanks until Monday. They are upgrading the phone system. If you try to leave me a message before Monday, I won't get it. Just FYI. See you Monday, FMB!

FMB - Fair Parade Update

Three things:

1. If you forgot your instrument, the school will be open at 4:15.

2. The parade is at 5:30, not 6 as originally listed. You MUST be there ready to warm up at 5PM.

3. Be sure to be in your summer uniform. No visible jewelry is to be worn. (no earrings, rings, necklaces).


Room List - LAST CALL!

There's several of you FMB members who have not signed up for a room on the room list. If I don't hear from you by 5PM I'll just put you in a room.

If you want to know details about our hall and each room, visit OWU's page about Hayes Hall HERE.

West Side Story Update No. 1

I have the counts worked out for the opener. I composed a 32 count introduction which will build to the first hit. There will be 13 to 17 moves in the first 2 mintues of music. There will be some holds and even a little bit of choreography. Two 30 degree horn flashes and several visuals. All in all it's looking good. I'm going to get some dots on the page tonight before I turn in. See you all in the AM.

Tentative Contest Schedule

I have arranged our tentative contest schedule for the Fall marching band season. We just received an invitation to North Union's first-ever band festival on September 30 and we will be attending. Please make sure these dates are reserved, as it is essential that every band member be present at these important performances. The calendar of events has been updated accordingly. Details, including departure and return times will be available closer to performance dates. The times listed are the times the events BEGIN. If there are any questions about attendance expectations, please consult the Fairbanks Band attendance policy.

September 16 - Hilliard Darby Contest 5PM

September 30 - Xenia High School Contest 10 AM, North Union Festival (non-competitive) 7PM

October 14 - Fairbron High School Contest 10 AM, Westland High School Contest7PM

Thursday Pictures

Pre-camp Thursday
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from Thursday's heat-and-humidity-o-rama are on the picture page. I'm glad everyone survived today. We're doing our parade marching first on Friday. Everyone please drink plenty water BEFORE rehearsal tomorrow. Also please be sure to eat something for breakfast.

Flickr is Down :-(

Just FYI...the picture page is down due to some unscheduled problems on the server. Check back later for pics from Wednesday of pre-camp.

Pics from Wednesday Are Up!

Pre-camp Wed.
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from Wednesday's outstanding rehearsal are on the picture page! Thanks to John for being our photgrapher today!

FMB First Rehearsal Pictures

FMB First Rehearsal
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pics from our first full rehearsal on 7/18 have been posted on the Picture Page. Check them out!

FMB: For Tuesday

All FMB members should be at rehersal tomorrow morning. Rehearsal starts at 8 sharp.You should have your instrument, music, water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a pencil.If you want to help chip the field, be there at 7 AM. I will have Krispy Kremes for all who help.3 hours of marching, 1 hour of music on TuesdayDrumline practice for Wednesday is from 1 to 2:30 due to John's work schedule.

Hydration Tips

Some FMB members had some trouble with dehydration today already! Check out these tips on staying hydrated before our next rehearsal, provided from the Nutrition Information Center at The Rockefeller University and the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA).

Ten Tips for Proper Hydration
The Nutrition Information Center at The Rockefeller University offers the following tips for maintaining proper hydration:
Drink at least eight 8-ounce servings of water each day. The more active you are, the more water you need to replenish lost fluids.Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water. By the time you feel thirsty, you have probably already lost two or more cups of your total body water composition.Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Convenience is a must, so carry a bottle of water with you as you commute to work, run errands or enjoy a day at the beach. While at work, keep a bottle of water on your desk, or visit the office water cooler and take a water break rather than a…

Aladdin Was Spectacular!

Congratulations to Fairbanks Band members Ryan Shrader (crew), Melissa Fink (Iago), Jordan Shcrader (Narrarator), and Hannah McMahon (Genie) for their outstanding performances in the Marysville Summer Theater Workshop production of Aladdin, Jr. at Veteran's Auditorium. It was very enjoyable, colorful, and fun! Bravo!

Rookie Camp and Drumline Tomorrow!

Just a reminder...Rookies, switcheroos, and squad leaders tomorrow (Monday) at 8 AM. I know it's going to be hot so please come prepared with cool clothes, sunscreen, water bottle, and athletic shoes and socks. If all goes well, we might even get out a little early before it gets too hot. Be sure you have your instrument and music, too.

Drumline will work on music 1-3:30 tomorrow afternoon with John. Most probably you'll be inside. Still come prepared with proper shoes, water, etc. anyways. If you have your drum/cymbals at home, be sure to bring it to rehearsal.

Finally, big thanks go out to Sean and Coleen Knaub for helping me line the field Friday!

Field Lining Friday...Any More Takers?

I've got two dedicated souls to help line the field Friday at 8AM. Any other takers? Let me know ASAP so I know how many donuts to get :-)


"Most of us are just about as happy as we make up our minds to be."
- William Adams, English Merchant, Adventurer and Explorer, the first Englishman to visit Japan, 1564-1620

Drumline Rehearsals Next Week 1-3:30 PM

Mr. Williams now has his work schedule so I've adjusted the times for next week's afternoon drumline rehearsals. The times are now Mon, Wed, Fri from 1-3:30 P.M. Please arrange your rides accordingly. Thanks!

An Acquired Taste? I Think Not!

"Classical music is not an aquired taste, it is where you end up when your tastes have been refined."

- Dr. John V. Sinclair, Professor of music at Rollins University and the orchestra director for the E.P.C.O.T candlelight serenade.

(Submitted by Jacob W.)

Field Lining Friday - I NEED HELP! :-)

I plan on lining the field on Friday, July 14 at 8 AM. My eternal gratitude (and donuts) will go to any band member who shows up to help. If you plan on coming, please email me. See you there? Thanks for all of your help.

Reharsal Start Next Week

Just a reminder that rehearsals for the 2006 FMB begin the week of July 17. Monday AM is for rookies and squad leaders 8-noon. Everyone is back on Tuesday, July 18 8-noon. Drumline will rehearse Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1-5 PM. Please be sure to wear socks and athletic shoes and bring a water bottle. Everyone should have their instrument, music, and a pencil as well. You'll also want to sunscreen and bring a pair of sunglasses. We will be working on three things:
Fundamentals of marchingPregame/Halftime music rehearsalParade marching (for the fair parade)I know you all know that attendance at every rehearsal is required. Just in case you have forgotten the attendance policy, you can see it HERE. We cannot have an effective rehearsal process if people are missing unexcused. In short, be here or be excused!

I'm BACK Baby!'s been a fantastic vacation. My batteries are recharged and I am READY TO GO with the FMB 2006!

I'll be in and out this week, so if you need anything, call my school phone at 937-349-3721. If I'm not in, leave a message and I'll get back to you.

I ordered shirts today. If you did not order a band shirt and still need one, you must contact ME at the above number. You need to arrange payment with Mrs. Garwood.