Attendance at Performances (warning: RANT)

I've already started hearing "I can't make it to this performance" talk and I just wanted to stress a point or two. Look at the picture I have included. If you're missing, part of our performance is missing. Second, band is a co-curricular class. Your grade depends on your participation. Missing a performance is a serious matter and is only excused if you are in a wedding, going to a funeral, personally ill, or involved in military duty. Please make sure you can make our three Saturday events. Many bands who compete do so EVERY weekend. As I am a firm believer that band is an important part of your education, I realize it is not the ONLY thing going on in your life. That is why I only schedule three Saturdays out of the entire allow you to do sporting events, family affairs, and other recreations on the other seven weekends of the marching season. Please be there, or be excused.

Thanks for hearing me out. I just hope this pro-active message will save any hurt feelings or miscomunications in the future. You are an important part of this organization. We are not at our best if you are not here with us.


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