FMB - Opener is DONE!

I got stuck on the last chart late last night so I turned in and was refreshed this morning. Sometimes I try to make things tougher than they really are! I wanted to get to the form you see in the picture, I was just having trouble making it happen without people having to take 4 to 5 backwards. It's very manageable now. The opener is 15 charts (14 moves), with no move longer than 16 counts. We hold and do visuals during the verse section of "America". Stauffer is already working on the visuals an choreography (I chatted with him last night)

I'm starting on Maria/Cool this just before lunch and hope to have a few charts done before I have to head to the school to get ready for the parade. If you forgot instrument/etc., they school will be open at 4:15. We warm at 5 and the parade is at 5:30. See you there!


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