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Tshirt Design is DONE!

I've had a bit of a creative block on the shirt, but it's done and it goes to the printer tomorrow. Shirts should be in by next week. The cost is $12. You can pre-pay by putting a check payable to Fairbanks Music Boosters in the mailbox. You can also pay when they come in.



FMB - "Summer" uniform?

It's going to be cool tomorrow in the low 60's after dark. I'd put us in full dress uniform, but they are not ready yet. So...summer uniform it is. Please bring a sweatshirt or a jacket, or even sweatpants to stay warm while we're in the stands. There's no need to be uncomfortable while we're not on the field, so come prepared!

UPDATE!!!: Now it's looking like there's a good chance for rain as well. Come prepared with umbrellas, raincoats, ponchos, whatever to stay dry. If it's just raining, we'll be outside. If it's POURING, we'll head in to the band room. If it's raining at 5:30, rehearsal will be in the gym. Please check back here as well as listen to announcements tomorrow for any schedule changes/updates.

VMA's Tonight @ 8

The 2006 Video Music Awards are tonight at 8 on MTV. This event usually has some fantastic live performances, but has been best known in past years for celbrities making fools of themselves on live TV. It might not be worth blocking out two hours of your life for, but definitely worth setting the TiVo and skipping to the afforementioned live performances and acts of stupidity.

DCI Finals on ESPN2 - September 5

If you are like me and weren't able to make it to a DCI show this summer, or even if you're just nuts about drum corps, you'll like this news. ESPN2 will broadcast highlights from August's DCI finals on Tuesday, September 5 from 8-10 PM. It will feature performances from all the top corps, including the Cadets, The Cavaliers, Santa Clara, and all of your favorites. Spread the word and tune in ESPN2! More info HERE. Updated!

Image has been updated with FMB info, pictures, podcasts, JH band picture, and handbooks. Visit often!

Not Important...But Entertaining.

This guy set a new world record of 121 shirts on at the same time. Click this link then scroll to the right. It's worth a look.

FMB - Rehearsal TUE/WED Next Week

Just a reminder that due to no school on Labor Day, we rehearse TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY next week, 3:15-5:15. These have been scheduled this way since the first copy of the calendar was distributed in April, so there shouldn't be any conflicts. Please plan on being there, as we will be prepping the closer for its premeire on Friday, September 8!

JH Band Group Pics

JH Band 2006
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures I took today of the JH band for the web page are available on the picture page. What a great looking bunch! The crazy picture is there too. Feel free to download, add to your library, print, or even order prints from flickr if you want!

Itinerary for Friday's Home Game

You can view the itineray for Friday by clicking HERE. We will rehearse at 5:30 before the game. This rehearsal is in casual clothes. You do not need to be in Summer uniform until 6:30. We will also play a brief post-game concert (more details to come)

2 hour delay

Even though it's not been well publicized, there is a 2 hour fog delay today, August 28, 2006!

Our NY Philharmonic Concert Now Available

I'm not sure you remember, but if you went on the band/choir trip to NYC this past Spring, you might have read in the program for the New York Philharmonic that the concert we attended was being recorded for release. The pieces by Berlioz and Mozart, featuring tenor Ian Bostrige and violinist Glenn Dicterow, are available from the iTunes Music Store on the album "DG Concerts: Mozart & Berlioz, Summer Nights and Serenades." This is a chance to own yet another piece of memorabilia from our amazing trip! The link takes you to the iTMS. If you don't have iTunes, you can download it HERE.

Pictures from Triad

Triad 8/25/06
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from the Triad game are on the Picture Page for all to view. Thanks to Funny for taking pictures from her point of view as well. See you all on Monday. PREGAME!!!!!!

Video Podcast No. 3

The podcast from last night's game is posted. I'll give more feedback later. You can dowload it by clicking on the movie above. It's 32MB. The small version (10mb) can be found by clicking HERE.

Meet The Teams Pics; Triad Tomorrow

Meet The Teams 2006
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from Meet The Teams 2006 are on the picture page! You all did very well tonight, especially counting the fact that the yardlines were nonexistent!!! Let's do our best at Triad tomorrow night! Bus loads at 5:45 and we leave at 6:15, summer uniform.


" Those who do not read are no better off than those who cannot."

- Proverb.

Just In Case You Have $17,500 To Spare:

Self-playing violin. For those who have too much money and not enough talent. The full article is on Engadget.

FMB Podcast #2

Here's podcast number 2 of the cow move. Hope you like it. I know it's not very long, but I was running low on battery power! Click the pic for the full iPod ready mp4 version, or click HERE.

Pics From FMB Rehearsal 8/23/06

FMB Rehearsal 8/23/06
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Check out the pics from our rehearsal. I got shots of most of the show from the press box. It was harder than I thought it would be, since we really DON'T stand still hardly at all. Spacing on the move is good for the most part. Check yourself and see where you and your section are having problems. I made a point to snap some shots of spots we had trouble with earlier in the rehearsal. On the whole, I was pleased, as will the audience on Friday. Please keep memorizing/maintaining your music! You can see the whole set by clicking on the pic, or by clicking HERE.

I Need A Student Manager!!!!!

I'm kind of in a lurch because I now have no student equipment manager for this Friday's road trip. If you are not currently a marching band member and are interested in the job, please contact me for an interview. If you know someone who may be interested in being the new "Helene", please let me know ASAP!

My School Email Is Down

Things are all funky here at Fairbanks. I can't access my school email until further notice. I can recieve email at my address, but can't send. So, either way, you won't be hearing from me via email until further notice. I'll let you know when things are back to normal. See you tomorrow!

Handbooks Are Posted

Handbooks have been updated and are now posted on the main page at If you're REALLY "with it", you can read it online, print out the handbook form, and bring it with you to the first day of class. That would be cool.

"I Feel Pretty" - West Side Story Is Unescapable!

I just caught the new Nike commercial featuring Maria Sharapova going to the tennis stadium set to West Side Story's "I Feel Pretty." It seems I can't get away from the musical right now! It is, however, a pretty "cool" commercial. It's on Nike's main page right now. You can see it by clicking HERE.

FMB - Itinerary for THUR/FRI

The itineraries for Thursday's "Meet The Teams" event and Friday's road trip to Triad can be downloaded in .pdf format by clicking HERE. If you are a PC person who does not have Acrobat Reader, click HERE. If you're a Mac person, it will open in Preview.

Please be sure to read all the info contained in the bulletin. See you Thursday at 6!

John Wayne Listens To His Father

"I've always followed my father's advice: he told me, first to always keep my word and, second, to never insult anybody unintentionally. If I insult you, you can be (edited) sure I intended to. And, third, he told me not to go around looking for trouble."

John Wayne (1907 - 1979)

To Clear Up Confusion

FMB does NOT rehearse Monday. Our next rehearsal is the first day of school - August 23, 3:15 to 5:15. Please be sure to have athletic shoes and socks for this rehearsal. Running laps in flip flops, heels, boots, or clogs is NOT comfortable....but it will be what you will be doing if you don't have proper footwear. Please be prepared! You should be playing through your show at least once per day and memorizing pregame music and the closer.

This SO Applies to FMB...Not Just Basketball:

"You have to be able to center yourself, to let all of your emotions go . . . Don't ever forget that you play with your soul as well as your body."

-- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Not My Usual Fare, But I Found This Quote Interesting

"You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger."

- Buddha. Hindu Prince Gautama Siddhartha, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.

John Philip Sousa Award Updated

Sorry for the delay. I FINALLY updated the John Philip Sousa Award page with this year's winner, Josh Rausch and Gaylon Grant. Congratulations, gentlemen! My apologies for not posting the change sooner.

You can check out all of the winners of the Fairbanks High School John Philip Sousa Award by clicking HERE.

Meet The Teams - SLIGHT Change of Schedule (FMB)

I just found out from Mr. Cotner that Meet The Teams on Thursday, August 24 begins at 6:30 insteasd of 7. So your FMB schedule is now:

6PM Warm at Harmony Field
6:30 Perform at Kyre Field
7:00 Done

Dress is still summer uniform. Attendance is still required. This is a great opportunity for us to show the Fairbanks community that we are well prepared and ready to play. May the other teams be as in great of shape as we are right now!

In Case You Care....

FMB - Memorize and Maintain!

Just a reminder to all FMB members that you should be playing/spinning through your show at least once per day to maintain what you have learned. If there is any part of the contest show that you do not currently have memorized, it's time to get it down. Here's a review of memorization deadlines:
Opener, Maria/Cool, and Jet Song should be memorized already.Fight Song, Alma Mater, SSB, and America the Beautiful should be memorized by the first day of school.West Side Story Finale needs to be memorized by August 30 at the LATEST. Sooner if possible.We will spend the first full week of school learning pregame (it's easy!) and re-blocking the closer. We'll put it to music the following week. Keep up the good work, but don't forget what you have learned already. MEMORIZE and MAINTAIN! :-)

Calendar is SO MUCH MORE!

This is just a bit of informationa about the Music Department's online calendar of events.
It's clickable! Click on an event for detailed information including precise times, what to wear, what music needs memorized, etc.It's customizable! You can set it up in week view, day view, or month view. You can hide and show special features.It's subscribable! If you are a Mac person, you can subscribe to the calendar in iCal and changes are automatically downloaded to your computer every time you open iCal!It's ALWAYS UP TO DATE! It really is MY calendar, so when I make changes, you know immediately. Printing out a copy and putting it on the fridge is fine, but if you visit regularly online, you will truly be prepared for what's coming up!

Sax Spot Is Filled

The open spot in the saxophone section has been filled. Thanks to everyone who had ideas, nominations, and event tried to twist and arm or two. I would like to welcome FMB veteran Tia to the horn line. She'll start learning drill tomorrow AM! Congratulations, Tia!

Principal Info - Click to Enlarge


Arrangements for Dale Bymaster

I received this information this morning and have posted it here for your information:

The funeral arrangements for Dale have been made. The calling hours are Wednesday from 5-8 at Mannasmith Funeral Home in Marysville. The funeral is Thursday evening at 7 PM. The contribution request is for the Fairbanks Athletic Boosters.

Cards can be sent to:
11480 State Route 36 E. Lot 58
Marysville, OH 43040

Help! I Need A Group Pic!

My pictures from the end-of-camp show got erased by mistake before I could download them. Does ANYONE have a group picture that I can submit for the athletic program? I need one by Friday. If anyone's parents took one while we were on the steps, could you please email it to me at Thanks. Any picture is better than no picture.

Houston: We Have A Principal!

Our new FHS principal is at work today getting ready for the upcoming school year. Mr. Tom Montgomery comes to Fairbanks after serving in the position of assistant principal at Franklin Heights High School in Franklin County. On behalf of the Fairbanks Music Department, "Welcome to Fairbanks. Have a great school year!"

Sad News

Just so you know, long-time Fairbanks custodian Dale Bymaster passed away this morning after a heart attack on Saturday. As soon as I get information on arrangements, I will be sure to post them here. Dale was a good man and a great friend to the music department, always helping out in any way he could. He will be missed.

The Return of the Quotes!

"Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed."
- Mwai Kibaki. Updated!

Image has been updated with announcements, marching band info, and new pictures. Back to school info is included for all music department students. Click HERE to visit and get all the important info.

Rest of COLOR show posted

Originally uploaded by fhsbando. The rest of the colorized version of the show is up on the picture page. Be sure to click "slide show" and see how things flow. I hope you'll agree that the color adds SO MUCH to the effect!

Drill Charts in Color

Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Here's a sampling of how cool our drill will look with the different colored shirts I'm considering. It looks cooler than I ever could have imagined! Check out the first 26 charts on the picture page. Be sure to click on "slide show" and see how they flow. I'm very excited. Looks like the hoodies may be a "go"!!!!!!

Got and Idea...

Band shoes and pants....colored hooded sweatshirts instead of tshirts. Wear the hoods up. Whaddya think?

I'm Sorry... I Can't Make It Work :-(

I've just run into too many problems with the visual concept we came up with at camp. Issues include: costs too much, can't find guy/girl pants in the same color, uniformity issues with the t-shirts, and many others. We'll have to get our general effect points some other way. Anyone have any ideas for props/scenery/etcetera that we could make work? Let me know at my fhsbando account. Any ideas at all you have might be useful.

P.S. - If your idea is "candelabras", the answer is NO! *lol*

Darin's Camp Pics Posted

Darin's Camp Pics
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Darin has been kind enough to give me all of his pictures from camp to add to the archives. If you'd like to see his account of band camp (with a LOT more pictures of the MUD), you can see them at the picture page. Thanks again, Darin! Good luck at BGSU's FMB (Falcon Marching Band) camp next week!

The GMA is Back!

After a two-week hiatus, the Good Music Adventure is back in action, baby! Daily posts have resumed, and today's track of the day is Chris Isaak's Wicked Game. Check it out!

Rehearsal Wednesday - Details

FMB Camp Thursday
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Here's what's up for the AM:

1. Opener and Maria/Cool with music/drill.
2. Clean Jet Song drill (winds)/Rehearse music for Jet Song (Percussion)
3. Rehearse Closer with drumline
4. Guard will work entire time on routine. Opener MUST be learned by noon.

Donuts for anyone who helps with field lining at 7AM.

See you there!!!!!

Phone Still Out...Email Out Soon Too

The new phone system at Fairbanks is far from complete. We don't have directions to retrieving our voice mail, so I will not be able to hear messages you leave until further notice.

The school email system will be updgraded this weekend, and I will not be able to recieve email at my school account this weekend. If you need to reach me between Friday and Monday, email my account.

Wednesday/Thursday Pics

Camp Wednesday
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pics from FMB camp Wednesday are on the flickr page. I had them posted last night, I just forgot to blog a pic to let you all know they were there. I also posted pics from the first half of Thursday a little early. Hope you enjoy!

Looks like we're going to get some needed rain. If it's not lightning, we might even march in it...we're going to the pool tonight anyways!

End-of-camp show is Friday at 5. Tell your family, friends, and neighbors!

The First Ever FMB Podcast!

The first-ever FMB video podcast is now ready to download HERE. It is a video from the end of our Wednesday morning rehearsal and features the FMB's rendition of "Maria". It is in MPEG-4 video and is suitable for viewing on your computer and also optimized for your video iPod. There's a special message at the end for FMB moms and dads. It has been a great day! Tonight is another evening rehearsal and then the 14th annual Band Olympics! Pictures will be posted again tonight. See you all Friday at 5.

Tuesday Pictures

I'm uploading over 150 pictures to the flickr page. By the time you read this message, they will be ready to view. It's late and I'm going to bed. Wish us luck on Wednesday!

Camp Monday

Camp Monday
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. It was hot today, but we dealt with it pretty well. We worked on memorizing the opener, blocked 14 charts, and learning to "swing" in Cool. McDonalds was a great snack tonight, and the staff is hoping for everyone getting a good night sleep so we can do it all again tomorrow.

P.S. - Hi Mom and Dad!