Drill Charts in Color

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Here's a sampling of how cool our drill will look with the different colored shirts I'm considering. It looks cooler than I ever could have imagined! Check out the first 26 charts on the picture page. Be sure to click on "slide show" and see how they flow. I'm very excited. Looks like the hoodies may be a "go"!!!!!!


Kirsten said…
I emailed you, but I'm not sure you've been getting my emails. Anywayz, I was talking to my friend on Gaia. She asked how marching band is going and what we're doing and I brought up that we were doing WSS this year. I also told her that we didnt really have any "props" yet and she sent this to me :

I wish my daughter's band was doing WSS this year. (Her senior year)
Anyway-for props, it would look "cool" if you would have 4x8 sheets of plywood decorated like the walls with grafitti on them. You could put them along the back of the formations your band makes. If you have any kind of majorettes/dancers, they could come out from behind them. (Use them to change into different costumes, if they do that sort of thing.)

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