FMB - Memorize and Maintain!

Just a reminder to all FMB members that you should be playing/spinning through your show at least once per day to maintain what you have learned. If there is any part of the contest show that you do not currently have memorized, it's time to get it down. Here's a review of memorization deadlines:
  • Opener, Maria/Cool, and Jet Song should be memorized already.
  • Fight Song, Alma Mater, SSB, and America the Beautiful should be memorized by the first day of school.
  • West Side Story Finale needs to be memorized by August 30 at the LATEST. Sooner if possible.
We will spend the first full week of school learning pregame (it's easy!) and re-blocking the closer. We'll put it to music the following week. Keep up the good work, but don't forget what you have learned already. MEMORIZE and MAINTAIN! :-)


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