To Clear Up Confusion

FMB does NOT rehearse Monday. Our next rehearsal is the first day of school - August 23, 3:15 to 5:15. Please be sure to have athletic shoes and socks for this rehearsal. Running laps in flip flops, heels, boots, or clogs is NOT comfortable....but it will be what you will be doing if you don't have proper footwear. Please be prepared! You should be playing through your show at least once per day and memorizing pregame music and the closer.


Kirsten said…
the first day of school...I'm excited! Anywayz, thanks for clearing that up...I was a bit confused because someone told me that we had rehearsal on Monday :-D
Mr. Stauffer said…
I want a picture of someone trying to run in flip-flops or those ugly rubber clogs. If you can't take care of your feet when your MARCHING, then you don't care about your body or being able to walk when you're 30 years old. WEAR SHOES AND SOCKS, or suffer THE LIMP before middle age!

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