Frustration with Lack of Responsibility

I'm a little frustrated. Not that so many people will be missing from Tuesday's rehearsal, but that SO MANY of you will be unexcused because you did not get me a note at least 48 hours in advance, as the Fairbanks Band Handbook's attendance policy requires. I have the following people as excused:

Cross Country Runners
Girls' Soccer Players
Katie G.
Kirsten P. (leaving early)
Jordan S.
Melissa F.

If you are not one of these people, your absence will be considered unexcused. Those who DID give me notes by now, but did not get them to me by the deadline will be given an opportunity to earn the five points back. All others are out of luck.

I know this is an odd week because of labor day, but the Tuesday rehearsal has been on the calendar since July, and I reminded you in person last Monday about it, and also reminded you here on the blog. Please be there, or be excused. Thanks.


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