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Colonial Music Merger Information

I wanted to inform you all that Colonial Music, the locally owned and operated music store that has served Fairbanks for over seven years, is merging with the Maryland-based Music Arts Centers. This is going to mean a few changes for how you and I do business...most of them positive! Music Arts Centers does business in over 20 states and is committed to music education and serving band directors, parents, and students alike.

Services that will improve due to this merger include better stock of instruments and supplies, lower prices on quality instruments, faster repair turnaround, and electronic ordering and faster delivery to schools. You'll notice very soon that prices will be going down and that the former Colonial stores will be filled with greater inventory of quality instruments and supplies! Bob Lust, our faithful representative will continue to serve Fairbanks MS/HS, and will be moving into the high-tech world of email and online ordering and inventory.

Students and pare… Updated

Image has been updated with info on the holiday concert, pep band, FHSCB handbooks, and pictures. Check it out!

FHSCB Handbook Online

As I explained in class today, my paper-saving handbook is now available for online viewing and downloading. You can download a .pdf of the band handbook, and even print out the handbook agreement and bring it in. Hard copies of the form will be available at school on Tuesday, and paper copies of the handbook will be available for those without internet at home. Please read the handbook, have mom or dad do the same, then return the handbook form by November 3. Thanks for helping the environment and saving almost 1000 sheets of paper!

FHSCB Seatings are Public

They are posted on my office door. Please remember that:
Everyone must sit somewhere, and that everyone is important!
Auditions do not judge you as a musician or a person...only how you played on a certain piece, at a certain time, under a certain set of circumstancesChallenges will be in three weeks if you are not satisfied with your chair placement.

JH Challenges

The following JH band members won their challenge: Dahlia, Sami, Aaron R., Matt, Emma, Curtis. Congratulations!

Senior Night Pictures Posted

FMB Senior Night 10/27/06
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures are up on the picture page. I'll tag and title them later. Have a warm dry weekend. Thanks for four/five great seasons, seniors!

JH Challenge Results Monday

I was not able to get all of the JH challenges judged today, so all results will be available on Monday. My apologies. I hope you all have a warm, dry weekend :-)

FMB - Come Prepared

Rehearsal at 5:45. Cold and wet tonight. Please be prepared. Thanks! (full forecast here)

23,000 Reasons You Should Consider That College Degree

(CNN) How much is a bachelor's degree worth? About $23,000 a year, the government said in a report released Thursday.

That is the average gap in earnings between adults with bachelor's degrees and those with high school diplomas, according to data from the Census Bureau.

College graduates made an average of $51,554 in 2004, the most recent figures available, compared with $28,645 for adults with a high school diploma. High school dropouts earned an average of $19,169 and those with advanced college degrees made an average of $78,093.

Read more here.

The GMA Updated!

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated the Good Music Adventure. My workload has lightened up a bit, so I just wrote an article about Danny Elfman's This is Halloween. I hope you enjoy. I'll be writing about more creepy music between now and All Hallow's Eve. If you haven't visited the Good Music Adventure before, check it out, rookie!

REMINDER: Holiday Concert December 13

The date and time of the music department's annual Holiday Concert has been set. The 6th grade band, JH band, HS Choir, and FHSCB will perform on Wednesday, December 13, at 7PM in the high school gym. Mark your calendars!

FHSCB Starts Monday!

Just a reminder to all FHSCB members that class begins on Monday. Please have your instrument and a pencil with you for this rehearsal. We have just over six weeks to prepare for this performance and it will take every moment of rehearsal to prep the fantastic repertoire that we are playing.

FMB - I Just Got This Email from Darin:

Hey Mr. Keller! I just wanted to say WOW!! I was very impressed last Friday night. The FMB did a fantastic job. It made me very proud to see them all marching this show. Good Luck this Friday on senior show! Also, an early congratulations to the Seniors for all of their hard work. Keep it up guys, and have a great rest of the year. Can't wait till I see you all again, and I definitely can't wait till the next Band Camp! Great Job!!

PS- Low Brass is the best. Sorry everyone else, but the truth hurts ;)

FMB - Weather, etc.

The good news is that tomorrow is going to be the nicest day in the near future. High will be around 50 and it will be sunny. Plan on being outside most of the rehearsal. The BAD news is that Friday is going to be cold and rainy. Please plan on coming prepared for whatever Mother Nature has to dish out. Oh yeah...and MEMORIZE YOUR MUSIC!

P.S. - Sorry for the gratuitous use of color. It made me happy :-)

FHSCB - Chorale and Shaker Dance

The BIG piece we are playing for the Holiday concert is available for listening online HERE. I also have a copy available for download on the Members Only page (14mb), but it is not nearly as good of quality as the streaming version listed first.

Chorale and Shaker Dance is quite a famous piece. Composed by John Zdechlik in 1972, it runs the Shaker tune "Simple Gifts" through its paces, with variations light in character, some dark and sinister, and concludes with a glorious, powerful finale. It will challenge each and every one of you, but I promise that the hard work will be worth it. It is one of the most satisfying pieces I have ever played or conducted.

What To Get Your Favorite Drummer for Christmas

Finger Drum Mouse Pad - Everything on the drum picture makes the correct sound when you pound it with your finger. You can even record 30 of your own drum "rhythms" for later use. It's only $39.95, which is cheaper than an actual drum set, and makes it all the less painful when your mom throws it away.

Reed Tips

Here's a good article on clarinet/sax reeds and how to take care of them. Worth reading if you are a reed player. Click on the article to enlarge.

FMB - Monday will be COLD!

Please come prepared for rehearsal on Monday. It will be cold and we WILL be outside if it's not rainning. I expect everyone to have long pants, coats, gloves, hats, etc. so you're not whining about it being cold. Consider yourselves warned :-) Senior show is in 5 days!
"There is nothing better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time."
-- Og Mandino

My School Email is Down

I haven't been able to log onto fairbanks mail all weekend. In the meantime, you can email me HERE. Thanks.

FMB - Video from Circleville

You can see our performance in the Circleville Pumpkin Show baby parade at the Pumpkin Show site. Click HERE to go to the multimedia page, then click on "video downloads" then scroll down and click on "baby parade". The parade is in WMV format. The FMB's performance is at the 16:30 mark. You all looked and sounded great!

Pics from Waynesfield 10/20/06

Bass Drums
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. The night of kneeling is over, and pictures have been posted on the picture page! Have a great weekend!

FMB - Waynesfield Tonight

On the road to Waynesfield tonight. Bring warm clothes, blankets, etc. School open at 4:45, load at 5, leave at 5:30, return 11:30ish. Dress is full uniform hoodies tonight. If mom or dad need directions to Waynesfield, they can be found HERE.

FES/Circleville Pics

1324 lbs!
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from our big day at Fairbanks Elementary and the Circleville Pumpkin Show are on the picture page.

Weather Thursday

Looks like it's going to be dry most of the day Thursday. Sounds like the rain will hit just around parade time. Please come prepared for wet weather. Once it does start's going to rain hard. Looks like the plumes will stay in the box in Circleville!

Pumpkin Weigh-In; Pumpkin Show Video

This year's winning pumpkin weighed in at 1324 pounds! I also found that there are video downloads of each parade, as well as five webcams around the show. For those moms and dads who can't make it to the show, you can watch the FMB live at 3:30 Thursday, then download the entire parade tomorrow night! The video feeds and downloads are on the Pumpkin Show Multimedia Page.

Another Amazing Sony Commercial...

You may remember the amazing Sony ad I posted last year with the bouncy balls. This one just might beat it: Exploding paint set to the Overture to La Gazza Ladra! Click HERE to see the ad. Clicking the picture will also take you to it. Just in case you might have thought this was CGI, you'll have to check out this amatuer video of them actually blowing up the building with paint.

BUMP: Elementary Concert/Pumpkin Show Thursday

The FMB's annual performance at Fairbanks Elementary and at the Circleville Pumpkin Show is on Thursday, October 18. A few notes:
The full itinerary is available HERE.
Band members need to remember all uniform parts including socks, shoes, gauntlets, and gloves. Please come prepared!Please arrange your make up work, in advance if possible.Parents interested in chaperoning need to contact Mrs. Garwood to see if there is room. Due to the bus space and the popularity of this event, please make sure you are approved before you ride the bus.Brick House will need to be memorized. We will also play from memory: Fight Song, Alma Mater, Star Spangled Banner, Eat Em Up, Let's Go Red, Bah Do Dah, William Tell, Hey, and the entire contest show.Please bring spending money for Circleville. You will need to buy lunch and dinner, and entertain yourself before and after the parade. I would allow at least $15 for food. Ride bracelets are $5 if I am correct. You can find all about the pumpk…

Free Tickets To Central Ohio Symphony Concert

The Central Ohio Symphony Orchestra is a regional orchestra based in Delaware, Ohio. They present four concerts each season, and their programs are always entertaining. Their home is Gray Chapel on the campus of Ohio Wesleyan University (where we have band camp). I have two vouchers for two tickets each for their Holiday concerts on Sunday, December 10, at 2 and 4:30 PM. These vouchers are worth over $30 in tickets. I'll give the vouchers to the first two students who post a comment or email me.

I would encourage all students to consider attending at least one COSO concert this year. The full schedule of concerts and additional information is available at their website at

OSUMB @ Circleville

I found the following info on the OSU marching band performance at Circleville on the Pumpkin Show official page. Reminder: If you are staying, you MUST submit a note from your parents (signed) to me or Robbie stating whom you are riding home with. This person MUST be a parent.


"Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there."
-- John Wooden

Score Recaps from 10/14 Posted

Here's the score recaps for Fairborn and Hamilton. We did very well at Fairborn, placing 4th out of 9, with some very stiff competition. The judging at Hamilton was very harsh, with only two bands receiving superior ratings. Note that we outmarched MANY bands, but did not outplay them. All in all, a successful weekend!

Hamilton Recaps: (click pic to enlarge)

Fairborn Recaps: (click pic to enlarge) Updated

Image has been updated with info on Waynesfield, Circleville/FES, and pictures from Hamilton/Fairborn. Check it out!

Rehearsal for Today (Mon.) is Cancelled

Everyone is tired, sick, or both (including myself). Take the night off. Spend some time memorizing Brick House and Sing, Sing, Sing, on your own please. Rest, relax, recover, and be ready for rehearsal on Wednesday. We WILL be marching drill to senior show!

Itinerary for Friday @ Waynesfield

Here's Friday's itinerary for our last road trip of the year! Click the pic to enlarge.

Itinerary for Circleville and FES 10/19

Here's all the news that's fit to print on FES/Circleville on October 19. FMB members are reminded to arrange for make up work in advance. Click the pic to enlarge.

Pictures from Fairborn/Hamilton Posted

Fairborn/Hamilton 10/14/06
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. All 180 pictures are on the picture page. I had a fun time taking pics on Saturday. Thanks everyone for your great work this weekend!

Live Blog Photos on Picture Page

On the Road to Hamilton
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. I've taken down all of the "live blog" posts and archived them on the picture page It was fun keeping everyone posted all day long!

iPod Good for the Soul?

"Music is so deep within all of us, but it’s easy to go for a day or a week or a month or a year without really listening to music. And the iPod has changed that for tens of millions of people, and that makes me really happy, because I think music is good for the soul."
-Steve Jobs

FMB Homecoming 2006

FMB Homecoming 2006
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pics from Homecoming are on the Picture Page. You should all be home by now. Sleep tight and I'll see you in the morning!

Homecoming Tonight!

Rehearsal is at 5:45 so we can be ready to march up the hill at 6:45 tonight. Dress is full uniform with hoodies at halftime. Marion Catholic does not have a band, so halftime is ours...we're doing the entire contest show. Come prepared for the wind and the cold, as it will be in the low 40's by halftime. Good luck Kate and Vincent!

Pictures from the "Non-Fire"

Allison, Sherry, Sarah
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. It was toasty warm in the gym, but not really peppy. We rocked the house, of course. Why wouldn't we? See the full set on the picture page.

BUMP: Homecoming Bonfire Tonight!

The word on Thursday's bonfire is that if there is inclement weather, it will be in the gym. So the event is on rain or shine or cold or....whatever. We warm at 7:15, play at 7:30 and are done at 7:45. Dress is casual Fairbanks clothing (band shirts, panther attire, red and white...etc.). See you there!

FMB - Good News/Bad News

The good news for the weekend is that it is going to be dry. The bad news is it's going to be COLD. It will be very windy on Friday night, with gusts up to 35mph, so please come prepared to stay warm in the stands. If it's extremely frigid, we'll come down to the band room for third quarter.

Saturday is going to be quite nice comparatively. High of 53, not nearly as much wind. It should be quite nice if you layer a long sleeved tshirt under your hoodie. Except for our time on the bus, will be outside ALL DAY Saturday, however, so please come prepared with appropriate layers, coats, blankets, etc.

"A Christmas Story" Museum Opens Next Month

The much-anticipated A Christmas Story museum will be open in Cleveland in November. It might just be worth a pilgrimage to see the household where the "leg lamp" once sat and "NOTTAFINGAH!" was first uttered. Click HERE to see the full article.

Congratulations Vincent, Kate

Congratulations to band members Vincent and Kate (both in the Mellophone section) for being selected to this year's fall homecoming court! Best of luck to Vincent on his quest to be KING! (click pic to enlarge)

6th Band Music - Please Listen

6th grade band members can hear their music by visiting the following links:

Knights of the Round Table

Winter Medley

Knights is also available on the member page. If you don't remember the username/password, just email me and I'll send it to you.

BUMP: Schedule for Saturday, October 14

Click pic to enlarge

I have our times for our last big contest weekend. There may be some tweaks later next week, but I'm confident that the departure and arrival time are solid. It's going to be a long day. Please bring a pillow/blanket for the bus. We'll be relaxing in a park in the afternoon...your blanket will work well for relaxation there as well.

The boosters will be feeding you lunch and an afternoon snack, but dinner is your $ from the concession stand. Please also note there is a 12 midnigh curfew on Friday night. You need some rest or you will not make it through a two-contest day. More details and info to come as we draw nearer to the big day. Updated

Image has been updated with pictures, intineraries, and homecoming info.

Fundraising Forms Due Monday

I hope all FMS band students are having a good time selling Century products and are getting the prize they want! This is just a friendly reminder that fundraising forms are due on Monday, October 9. Be sure to put your prize code in the box on your order form. If you have not sold any items or chosen to make a donation in lieu of selling, please get some orders this weekend. If everyone does a little, no one needs to do a lot. If all goes well, we'll make over $6000 from this sale! You can still order online as well. Go to and enter our number 6337 and shop away!

Stauffer + Photoshop = Bad News!

Looks like Stauffer has had WAY too much time on his hands this week...

More at Stauffer's Blog

Pictures from Hartley 10/06/06

Sousas Under The Lights
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Thanks to Funny for taking pictures on Friday! See the whole set on the Picture Page.

Podcast From Hartley 10/06/06

Here's the video from Friday night. Download whichever size fits your system and connection best. Please review any problems you see...we'll fix them on Monday. Let's get ready for our last big weekend!

iPod Ready .m4v (38.4mb)
Medium Streaming .mov (10mb)
Small .mov (6.9mb)

Schedule of Bands for Hamilton

I just got info from Hamilton HS. It's going to be a great contest, with five bands in our class, as well as some of the finest bands in the state, including Grove City High School. Awards are at 10:15, which means we may be home a little before the original ETA of 1AM. Click the pic to enlarge.

Stanford vs. Cal Band-Football Collision

Someone asked about this on Friday.

FMB - Dry Tonight...but COLD.

It's going to be dry tonight, but cold, with the lows in the 40's and winds 10-13 mph. Please come prepared with layers under you uniform, as well as blankets, coats, etc. to put over your uniform while in the stands.

You Can Now Order Your Picture from Xenia

I got the sample picture from the Xenia contest and it is on the bulletin board for your viewing. Order forms are on the info rack in the band room or here on the blog. It's a great pic and the prices are reasonable. This photo made available by BetterImages.

Mr. Thaman is the BEST

Thanks to Mr. Thaman, most all of the functionality for our Picture Page is now restored on the school network. If you happen to bump into him in the hallway or in a classroom, please convey a nice "Thank You" to him for doing this. He's not always in charge of what gets filtered and what doesn't, and he doesn't HAVE to go out of his way to make our site work, but he does becuase he cares about what we do. Thanks again for all you do, Mr. T! (I pity the fool who filters the Fairbanks Band!!!!)