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Pep Band FRIDAY!!!!

Hooray! Friday is our first pep band gig!

Band members need to be ready to rehearse at 6PM. Please wear your shirt and bring your PANTHER SPIRIT! Please remember to enter the front door and utter the magic words - "It's okay, I'm with the band."

We will play most everything we rehearsed this week. See you there!

BTW, It is preferred you go home and come back. If you do stay after school, there will be no supervision provided, and you do so at your own risk. I will be there at 5:30 to open the band room.

I'm Out Today (Thursday)

My son is ill so I am out today. Please be on your best behavior for your substitute. Rehearsals as usual on Friday. Pep band rehearses at 6PM before the game.

Columbus Symphony Holiday Pops This Weekend

Click on the image to see info on the CSO's annual Holiday Pops concerts :-)

FMB - Marysville Parade Sunday

The Marysville Holiday Parade is this Sunday, December 3. The schedule is:
Noon - School is Open if you need stuff
1:15 - Meet at Marysville Middle School (front lot)
2:00 - Parade begins
2:30 - Parade ends at Methodist Churg (6th court)Music is the same. Dress is the same. Gloves under gloves are fine. Hats under hats are fine. I'll have raincoats available at the line-up. We have a raincoat for everyone, thanks to the boosters!

TVLand's 100 Greatest TV Catchprases

I recognize every one of them. Do you? (Dyn-o-mite!)

Beatles on iTunes?

Looks like a deal might actually be near between Apple Corps and Apple Computer. Several sources are saying that The Beatles entire catalog of music may be coming to the iTunes music store sooner than later. I think this is great for everyone...especially the digital music generation that may not have actually bought a CD in years.

I bought The Beatles Love, a recent release of Beatles-authorized remixes by George Martin and his son for the Cirque Du Soleil production of the same name. I must say it is remarkable. It mixes and re-mixes Beatles classics and the digital remastering is clear and vibrant. Even my friend Bruce Wayne, the greatest connoisseur of all things Beatles of our generation, has given it two thumbs up.

Pep Band Tshirts are IN!

Pep band members need to buy their tshirt by Friday's performance. They are available in my office. The cost is $10. Give me the cash (or check payable to Fairbanks Band) and I will give you your shirt!

Pep Band Pictures are Posted

The pictures I took after pep band rehearsal last night have been posted on the picture page for your downloading and viewing enjoyment. Both the formal and crazy poses look very good!

TubaChristmas in Akron - December 17

I just got a postcard for Akron's 27th annual TubaChristmas event. See the postcard for details. I have attended this event in years is very well run, the conductor is a great guy, and there are usually over 500 tubas/euphoniums! Please let me know if you need a horn for this weekend ASAP.

Pep Band Rehearsal Monday

Just a reminder that our first pep band rehearsal is on Monday from 3-5:30 in the band room. We'll be rehearsing as many tunes as possible, beginning with Victors, SSB, Alma Mater, then cheers, and tunes 8-15 in the folder. We'll be taking the official pep band picture at 5:15. See you there!

Milford Parade Pics!

FMB Milford Parade 11/26/06
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from our performance at the Milford Center holiday parade are on the picture page. You looked and sounded good, although some of you have some work to do on your holiday music for next week's parade!

Parade Sunday!

FMB - Our first holiday parade is Sunday, November 26. If you need instrument or uniforms, the school is open at 11AM. We will meet at FES at noon to rehearse and warm. Dress is full uniform. Please see Rob if you need gloves. Please make sure you have your music memorized, and if you do not, please be sure to bring yorus with you to warm up/rehearsal. The parade starts at 1PM and we'll be done about 1:30. You should just take your uniform home as you'll need to wear it next Sunday as well. The weather is going to be SWEET...mid 60's. Enjoy...and see you there!

Party Lite Candles?

Are there any band/choir parents who are PartyLite candle representatives? I need to stock up for the holiday and and not sure who is still selling these items. Please contact me if you are...I'll buy from the first rep to email me :-)

FMB 2006 Show

I have put the 2006 FMB show on YouTube so that you (or anyone) can access it anytime you want, anywhere you want (except at school). Consider it an historic document from our most successful season ever!

FHSCB/Choir - Graduation is Now May 26

On Monday night, the Fairbanks Board of Education officially changed Fairbanks High School's annual commencement exercises to Saturday, May 26 at 11 AM. This means very little except that high school concert band and choir members need to adjust their calendars accordingly, as graduation is a required performance for members of these groups. I always promise I will let you know as far in advance as possible to performance dates and times, and I'm just keeping up my end of the bargain since I just found out this info this morning :-) Updated

The web page has been updated with info on pep band, marching band holiday parades, and the December 13 Holiday Concert. Check it out and stay up to date!

FMB - Parade Sunday

FMB members are reminded of the holiday parade in Milford Center this weekend. The school will be open at 11 if you need instrument/uniform. Dress is full uniform and we will have raincoats AT THE PARADE. We will warm at 12 noon at the elementary school, and the parade is at 1 PM. We'll be done around 1:40. Please memorize your parade music. Please also layer appropriately under your uniform to stay warm. See you there!

HS Challenge Results

HS Challenge results have been posted on my office window. I was again very pleased with the quality of everyone's performance. The next set of challenges will be in January.

6th Grade Band Schedule Change

As the Holiday concert is drawing nearer (December 13), it will be necessary for 6th grade band members to rehearse as a full group.

For the weeks of November 27 and December 4, all band members will come to class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There will be no class on Tuesday and Thursday - students will either be in gym or study center.

The week of December 12 (the week of the concert), they will meet on Monday and Tuesday. After the 13th, they will revert to their original ABC schedule. Please help your child remember their instrument and music on these days.

If you have any questions about this upcoming schedule change, do not hesitate to contact me.

Free Concert at St. John's - Saturday, November 18

I just received a call from St. John's Lutheran School, and they wanted us to know that there will be a FREE concert by a visiting concert band tomorrow (Saturday) at 7PM at St. John's church. The performing band is the Northwest Concert Band from Rockford, Michigan. The concert is free and open to the public.

Quote for Today

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." -- Albert Pike

Don't Forget the Good Music Adventure

Don't forget to check into my Good Music Adventure from time to time. I continue to post information, reviews, and links about my favorite music. Please feel free to comment on both recent and older articles. You can also search my blog for specific pieces, composers, and artists, as well as sort by genre. There's something for everyone! Please also forward the link (click on the little "envelope" below) to anyone you think might like recommendations for good music listening experiences.

JHCB - I Found A Recording of Dances From Terpsichore

Click HERE to listen to Dances in RealAudio format. The quality of the recording is not great, but the quality of the performance is! You need the RealAudio player, which can be downloaded at

Music Arts Center Information

Here's a copy of all the current Music Arts Centers (formerly Colonial Music), as well as their locations and phone numbers. You might want to download and keep this so you always know where to get your stuff!

Parent-Teacher Conferences Thursday

Parent-teacher conferences for Fairbanks Middle and High School are on Thursday, November 16 from 3:30 to 7:00. I will be available in my office for any walk-in conferences. Parents, please feel free to drop in and get an update on your student's progress in band or general music if you are in the building.

Pep Band Tshirt Sizes...ASAP!

I need pep band members to put their t-shirt size on the list on my office ASAP so I can get them ordered. Please put your size on by tomorrow 3 PM. Thanks! Shirts will be $10. You can pay when they come in or prepay. Cash or check payable to "Fairbanks Band" are accepted. Just a reminder that everyone needs to purchase a shirt since it is our official uniform for games. If you have financial problems with your shirt, please contact Mr. Keller to make arrangements.

The shirts will be red with white printing. You can see the design below:



Marching Band Plays Radiohead

Here's a show that definitely breaks the mold in marching band themes. The Pride of Arizona did a Radiohead show this year and it's pretty fantastic. Click the vid or this link to view it at YouTube..

Fog Delay Today

Yay! 2 Hour Fog delay today, Tuesday, November 14, 2006! Confirmation HERE.

iPod Rookie? Check iLounge's 2007 iPod Guide

iLounge publishes an extensive iPod and iPod accessories buying guide every holiday season, and it is an invaluable resource whether you are an iPod rookie, or a seasoned veteran. Not only do they tell you about all the different iPods and which ones will fit your needs, but the guide also rates just about every accessory known to man including headphones, cases, chargers, docks, stereo connections, amplifiers, and auto kits. Click here to go to the download page of iLounge. If you aren't already an iPod person, I hope that there's one in your stocking or under your tree :-) Mine changed my life.

From Sticky: Will Ferrel as the Phantom

January thought you all might like Will Ferrel's version of Music Of The Night, which he performed on Letterman the other night. I laughed out loud :-) It's on YouTube, so it won't load at school, but it's family-friendly. Enjoy!

Reminder: Air National Guard Band in Concert - November 11

The Air National Guard Band of the Great Lakes
555th Air Force Band
announces the following concert:




TIME: 1:30 PM

Thank You "Mini" FMB!

I would like to thank the members of my "mini" marching band this morning that performed at the middle school Veterans Day assembly. You all sounded great. I have gotten several positive comments about your performance, and I was also pleased with your musicality and tone quality. FMMB* members included Jastyn, Oliver, Vincent, Aaron, Marilyn, Aaron, Jacob, Katie, Allison, Jesssica, Samantha, Emma, and Lindsey.

* - Fairbanks Mini Marching Band

Fundraiser Money Due Friday 11/10 (TODAY!)

Middle school band members are reminded that all fundraising money is due by Friday, November 11. Please make all checks payable to "Fairbanks Band."

Winter Guard - Preliminary Info

Seeing as how there are quite a few students interested in winter guard, we'll be moving ahead with preparations! The rehearsal schedule has not been set yet, as it must coordinate with the 10 basketball teams that also use the gym. A preliminary meeting has been scheduled for Monday, November 27, at 7 PM in the band room. All interested students need to attend this meeting. Parents are also welcome, but attendance is not required for parents. As soon as the schedule is set, I'll post it here on the blog! If you signed up for WG, but are now no longer interested, please let Mr. Keller or Mrs. Barker know ASAP.

Holiday Concert Announcement Coming Home

Today and tomorrow I'll be handing out official written notices of the music department's annual holiday concert, which will take place on Wednesday, December 13, at 7 PM. If your student does not bring one home, you can download one by clicking on the "mini-poster" on the left. Attendance for all performers in the 6th band, JH band, choir, and FHSCB. More info is available at

Merry TubaChristmas December 16

I just received my annual mailer from the Bellefontaine Merry Tubachristmas! This year's event will be on Saturday, December 16 at the Holland Theater in Bellefontaine, Ohio. I have attended this event several years running now and found it to be friendly, rewarding, and fun! All tuba and euphonium players are invited to participate.

Registration is at 12:30 PM and the cost is $5. Rehearsal is at 1:00 and the performance is at 2PM. If you do not have a book of "Carols for a Merry TubaChristmas", you'll need to buy one there. If you want your music in advance, you can download an order form here and mail it in ASAP. Please do not use photocopies at the performance, as all proceeds benefit the Harvey Phillips Foundation. You should wear holiday colors, and can decorate your instrument if you want (optional). Be sure to tell everyone you know so we tubist/euphoniumists can spread the holiday spirit to as many people as possible!

If you would like to know more abo…

Want To Be In A College Marching Band?

The Ohio Dominican University is celebrating its second year of their marching band program. To expose more high school students to their program and the joys of being in a college marching band, they have invited any high school band member in Ohio to join them for a day on November 11.
"We're inviting all high school marching band students Ohio. We want to see how many musicians we can fit on the field."
If you are interested in performing with the group, you can register at Click the article to enlarge and get more info.

Alumni Pep Band 2006!

It's time to start talking about the third annual Fairbanks Alumni Pep Band! This year's event will be on Saturday, December 16. We'll rehearse at 6PM and perform at 7 PM. All the details are available on the Alumni Band Web Page! Please spread the word to all Fairbanks band doesn't matter if your an '03, an '83, or a '63! Come join the fun!

To see pictures of last year's alumni band, go to the Picture Page. If you need more info, email me, or email Shannon (Funny) Runyon, who is organizing this year's band.

FHSCB - Great Start!

I just wanted to take a moment to tell FHSCB members: You are off to a great start! I'm very impressed with your sight reading skills, your tone quality, and your cohesiveness as a group so far. Please keep up the good work!

I'm looking forward to sight reading Chorale and Shaker Dance tomorrow! If you haven't listened yet, click HERE to stream or download a recording.

Music Libary Opens Monday

High school band and choir students have a unique opportunity in the music department: Mr. Keller's Music Library! I have catalogued all of my CD's (which I no longer use since I'm an iPod guy) and have made them available for check out. CD's can be checked out for one week without penalty. Late fees are $.25 per school day. All proceeds of the music libary go toward upkeep and purchasing of new CD's for the library.

Although you cannot check out CD's online, you can view the entire library catalog HERE.

Students and Faculty must sign an agreement that states they are financially responsible for any lost/damaged CD's that are in their possession, and that late fees will be paid in a timely manner. Students also agree that they have read the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, and conduct themselves accordingly. This law is posted in the band room for your perusal, and is also available for viewing online in .pdf format.

I look forward to sharing m…