I Think This Might Be A Bad Idea

Hey, I'm all for superheroes. I'm a big fan. I'm also an admirer of the broadway musical scene as well. However, apparently U2's Bono and the Edge have been approached about writing music for a "Spiderman" broadway musical. I must be honest that I'm skeptical, and that's being conservative. If they pull it off, I'll eat my words, but I have a hunch they might have a flop on their hands.

Anyways, I ran into Spiderman on Broadway last Spring...and trust me...it was quite disappointing.


Kate Mae said…
but you can make more money with a flop then with a hit
Bookmarked Cat said…
is that like, "phantom of the opra" exceptwith a spider man mask??? it does look kinda' ..um...strange O_o
Bookmarked Cat said…
yah...it does look kinda' weird. O_o

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