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Fundraising Update - 10/31/07

1. We nearly met our goal of $6000 profit from our fall fundraising sale/donation drive. We earned $4960 from our sale and garnered nearly $800 in donations, for a final total of $5660. If you still wish to make a tax-deductible donation, please make the check to "Fairbanks Band" and send it in with your student, or mail it directly to me at 11158 OH-38, Milford Center, OH 43045.

2. The sixth grade band ran away with the highest average per person race, with nearly 80% of students participating and an average of 12.5 items per person. They will get to enjoy a pizza and pop party between the Holiday concert and winter break. Congratulations!

3. All of the fundraising items will be in on Thursday, November 1, and will need to be taken home or picked up on this day. Cheese and sausage products are so tasty because they do not contain preservatives, so it is important that they either be delivered or refrigerated when you get them. Prizes (Gummi Bears, MP4 players, pigs) …

Friday's Game Will Be Televised!

I just got a call from the Columbus Sports Network people, asking for information on the FMB because Friday night's FHS vs. West Jefferson game will be televised on Time Warner/Insight channel 78, WOW channel 97, and Columbus over-the-air channel 32, including the full halftime show of each band. It will first air at 1:30 AM Saturday early AM, then will re-air on Saturday at 10 AM on the listed channels. Set your VCR/DVR and enjoy a real halftime on TV instead of all that other stuff that usually gets put on the TV between halves of football.

A Present From Jordan

Jordan professed to me she was bored and needed a project, so she created an FMB montage from her mom's video footage from OSU and the music to our show. It's pretty cool. She gave me permission to share it here, so enjoy! Thanks, Jordan!

Senior Show Video!

Here's video from the Senior Show. It looked and sounded great. Bravo!

FMB - Change of Schedule for Playoffs Friday

We have to do pregame and play the Banner with West Jeff Band, so we need to leave at 6PM, which is 15 minutes earlier than originally stated. Please wear your band pants on the bus. Thank you. That is all.

Senior Show Pictures

Senior Show 2007
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Sorry so late, but I have posted the pictures from Senior night. Check em out!

Chicago Trip Info Is Official!

Trip info comes home today with band and choir members. You can see all the info, as well as a "virtual tour" of what we'll be seeing and doing at the Chicago Trip Page. This page will be updated monthly as our trip draws nearer. Click here to see the info. Click here to take the tour.

FHSCB Seatings Posted

FHSCB seatings have been posted on the window outside my office. Challenges will be in three weeks.

Playoffs - Friday Night

Friday night vs. West Jefferson at West Jefferson. Bus leaves at 6:15. Full uniform. No marching band rehearsal this week. This is a required performance. More later....

FMB Seniors...

Be at the visitor's 50 yard line at 6:55 with your parents for senior night presentation. Be sure your instrument and hat are already up there because you have to directly to preset for pre-game after the ceremony is over.

Cell Phones...Please Follow School Policy!

I have had to confiscate several phones today from my students so I'll send a friendly warning your way: Phones are not to be used during school hours. I don't deny you the luxury of keeping them on your person. I won't even argue if they are on in your pocket. But if they are visible or being used, or I hear it ring or vibrate, I will confiscate it. Students need to remind themselves that school policy does not allow you to use your phone, either for calls, texting, or internet during the school day. Please make this a non-issue by keeping them in your purse or pocket. Thanks for your cooperation. If you need tocontact your parents in an emergency, please just ask my permission to use your phone and will most likely grant you permission so long as the phone is off and away at the time :-)

Middle School Band - Field Trip November 30

Middle school band members will be treated to a trip to OSU for their music department's Musical Celebration Youth Concert on Friday, November 30. Click the pic to see all the info and even print the permission slip (in case your child did not bring theirs home to you). Please return your permission slip and $5 for your ticket to Mr. Keller by November 5.

FMB - Weather for Friday

It's looking like it's not going to be perfect, but do-able on Friday. Scattered showers, less than .10 inch of rain. I can deal with that. The field shouldn't be soupy, anyways, so we can plan on marching. However, please come prepared for inclement weather still. Better to have rain gear and not need it than need it and not have it.

Preliminary Chicago Info Posted

The page about our trip to Chicago is up for your inspection. The information is not official until Monday, but you can see what we are going to be doing and see links to all the places we'll see. I will give an in-class presentation to FHSCB and Choir on Monday, October 29 and answer any and all questions about the trip. As of now, the trip will cost $600 for students and $550 for chaperones. A non-refundable $150 deposit and a permission slip will be due by November 20. Three fundraising opportunities will be made available for students going on the trip, but this money cannot be put toward the deposit. Please see the Chicago page for information, but remember none of it is official until after Monday. Please let me know if you see any typos or confusing information.

Lose Your Glasses?

Someone in a class of mine left their glasses yesterday. Please see me to claim them :-)

FMB Rehearsal Today

Today's after school rehearsal is ON no matter what. It will be significantly shorter if it's raining, but it will take place nevertheless. Please make sure you have Wayward Son fully memorized.

Happy Birthday, iPod

Yes. The iPod turns 6 today. That means it's almost been six years since I listened to the radio. Or put a CD in my car dashboard. Wow. Read more at iLounge.

Senior Write Ups to Mrs. Reed

Get them in NOW! (Jacob Williams, Marilyn Wright, and Ryan Schrader) If you've already turned it in, please kindly disregard. Thank you. That is all :-)

AT&T Coverage In MC/Marysville Area

So, I'm considering my phone future and pondering an iPhone. Any student or parent have AT&T/Cingular in the Marysville/Milford Center area? What are your experiences with coverage, dropped calls, etc. I'd really like opinions of AT&T customers in the area before I even consider switching. What do you have to say? (please comment)


I'm desperately trying to find a ride for a band member who attends Tolles but does not have a ride back to FHS at 2PM so they can participate in concert band. Is there any student who drives this route, or a parent who may be in the neighborhood at that time of day that would be willing to help transport this student on weekdays? Please email or call me ASAP if you can help. Thanks!

Congratulations 6th Grade Band!

Congratulations to the 6th grade concert band, who averaged over 12 items per student the fall fundraiser! They are the winners of the in-class pizza party!

FHSCB Audition Times

Click on the schedule to enlarge. Some changes have been made, so check your time carefully. If you did not sign up for a time, one has been assigned to you. Please be ready to play at your assigned time.

Band Tshirts

Want to seriously expand your band wardrobe and can't wait until pep band tshirts are available? Check out these cool T's at

My fav is "Viva La Band".

Thanks, FMB @ KFC!

Thanks to everyone who participated today. I had a great time, as I hope you did. Please remember you need to bring your instrument in on Monday as we have rehearsal after school 3:15-5:15.

KFC Saturday - Details

Dress: Band polo, blue jeans
Instrument: B.Y.O.I
Time: Warm at 2:30, done at 3:05
Benefits: Free Food, $ for new unifoms, free publicity.


Pics from Thursday/Friday

FES/Circleville 2007
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pics from FES, Circleville, and our home game vs. Marion Catholic are up on the picture page. Enjoy!

Groovin' in the Stands




Our New Instrument Room

Oh Yes!!! The instrument room is CLEAN, BABY! I worked over four hours this morning cleaning and disinfecting the instrument room. You wouldn't recognize it, nor believe some of the things I found. If you're missing anything important, look in lost and found, otherwise, everything is in its place. Let's keep it that way. Please make sure your name is on your instrument by Monday, please.

Yeah. 6PM

Rehearsal is at 6PM like I have announced all week and last night when we got home. See you there!

Parade: OVER!


The Parade is Underway!


On The Starting Line


Get Ready...Get Set...


Drew is...

...getting ready for the parade.

Pumpkin Man!!!


Record Pumpkin for Ohio - 1524lbs!

BIG pumpkin!

Band Members Working Hard


FMB 4th in Today's Parade - 3:30

We are band number 4 in today's parade. You can watch on the Pumpkin Show's live webcam at

A Picture from the FES Concert:

Sorry I forgot to take pictures on my phone of this morning's concert. I DID take them on my camera....see?
FES concert went great! Now onto the Pumpkin Show...hoping for no rain.

Just "What If": If we have a fog delay.

If, perchance, we do have a 2 hour fog delay on Thursday, we will still travel to Circleville for the parade. Please bring all of your stuff. We will have to re-schedule the elementary concert at a later date. This is "just in case" info. I hope it's crystal clear in the morning!

FMB Reminders for Wednesday

No rehearsal tonight. Circleville is tomorrow - bring all your stuff. Enjoy your 2 hour delay. Memorize your music.

Don't Forget: Two Hour Delay Wednesday

Just a reminder that Wednesday is a 2hour delay for teacher inservice. Short rehearsals tomorrow. JHCB will read new music, choir will review Night Before Christmas, and FMB will work memorization on Wayward Son et. al. See you 10AM.

FMB: Come Prepared For Weather Thursday/Friday

FMB members: Please come prepared for the weather on Thursday and Friday. You'll be in Circleville for over 5 hours, and you will be miserable if you are either 1. Wet or 2. Stuck inside. The game Friday night also has a chance of rain, so come prepared to both with unbrellas, ponchos, etc. And....don't say I didn't warn you :-) Funny would be proud if you were rain-ready!

I Need My Mouthpiece Brush

I'm hoping the good luck o' the blog that returned my Arban's books to me can work the same magic and return my mouthpiece brush that I loaned out a couple of weeks ago. It's small, triangular, yellow, and very dear to my heart. If you have it, please bring it back ASAP. Thanks!

Circleville Pumpkin Show Web Site

All the news on the 100th Circleville Pumpkin Show is on their official site, including video feeds of parades. Moms, Dads, and friends of the FMB can even watch our Thursday 3:30 performance on their computer! Check it out!

Friday, Oct. 19 - Regular Home Game Schedule

Rehearse at 6PM, Done at 10PM. Please have Wayward Son, Looney Tunes, and Oscar Mayer memorized...we will play them in the stands from memory during the 4th quarter. We will stand and play You Give Love A Bad Name during halftime. Come prepared for the weather should it happen to be inclement.

Itinerary for FES/Circleville - Thurs. Oct. 18

Itinerary for to enlarge.

Rehearsal Monday Is Important; Rehearsal Wednesday is Cancelled.

Monday: We must learn all the drill for senior show and practice parade marching for Thursday. Wednesday is supposed to be rainy, so I'm going to go ahead and cancel that rehearsal. BIG rehearsal Monday...NO rehearsal Wednesday. BTW, memorize your music :-)

FMB @KFC - Saturday, October 20

The Bad News:
I need to schedule another performance on rather short notice. We will play for the KFC grand opening/ribbon cutting on Saturday, October 20 at 2:30 PM. Since they've been so kind to feed us on a couple of Fridays this year, it is a performance we need to do.

The GOOD News:
I at least need a skeleton crew of at least one person per instrument. Please tell me if you can/cannot make it.
We only need to play from 2:45-3:05. We warm at 2:30.
We're getting paid $400 up front.
KFC is donating a Craig Krenzel autographed OSU jersey to use as a fundraiser
And finally, they are feeding you!

Dress is summer uniform. Please take your own instrument (no trailer) and wear jeans and your band polo. Bring your appetite!

BGSU Double Reed Day - Nov. 10

Click pics for more info:

I Need My Arban Books

At some point in time I loaned out both my Arban's Method for Trumpet and Arban's Method for Trombone books. If you have either one, could you please return them? I need them. Thanks!

FMB: Come Prepared For The Weather

It's going to be dry Friday night, but quite cool, with game time temps in the mid-lower 50's. Please come prepared for the cool weather. The official raincoats are okay, but you can't wear them at halftime, so please layer under your uniform. Long underwear, running tights, etc. are great under your band pants (no jeans, please) and a long sleeve tshirt or sweatshirt are great under your coat. Bring a hat and gloves as well, but hoodies. You'll look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame when I make you tuck it inside your jacket for halftime. You're also welcome to bring blankets, etc. to stay warm in the stands. I want you comfortable, yet ready to perform.

Senior Write Ups to Mrs. Reed

Seniors, please get your write up for senior night to Mrs. Reed by October 16. Hard copies or email are acceptable.

FMB: BTW...Panthers Might Go To the Playoffs UPDATED.

Reserve Friday, November 2, AND Saturday, November 3 just in case the Panthers make the playoffs. If they win their last four games, it apparently is a possibility. It will be a required performance if the team does qualify. We don't know if they will play on Friday night or Saturday until after the tournament draws are finalized after the Oct. 26 game.

From Tom Cook, Judge and OSU Director (via Mrs. Reames)

Mrs. Reames writes:

I just wanted to pass along some great feedback from Saturday's competition. Tom Cook called here. He used to be a band director here at Fairbanks in the early 1970's. Anyway, he was a field judge (timing and penalties. -BK) at the competition. He really was impressed with the band and how well they performed. He was especially impressed with Sean Knaub as field commander and how well he did. He mentioned how poised he was and showed lots of leadership. Tom Cook is also an Assistant with the OSU marching band, and would love to see some of the Fairbanks students try out for their marching band.

Just had to pass along the info. Great showing, Ben!!

Marilyn Reames, Superintendent's Secretary

JH Çhallenge Results

Paige def. Megan
Sarah def. Ana
Ana def. Megan
Dahlia def. Jessica
Nick def. Eddie
Abby def. Jessica

New Flute order: Jessica, Sarah, Paige, Ana, Megan, Cassie
New Clarinet order: Dahlia, Abby, Jessica

OSU Contest Tshirt - ORDER NOW!

If you did not order a Buckeye Invitational t-shirt and still want to, print the attached PDF, fill it out, attach payment, and give to Mrs. Long (via Josh or January) no later than Friday, October 12. She will send them in together. CLICK HERE FOR THE ORDER FORM

BTW: Make checks payable to "Kappa Kappa Psi"
Mr. Keller,

I got this late last night. If you could make copies for the kids that
would be great. If you can also put my email address on your blog with this
information in case anyone has any questions. I am sending this on to
people that I have their email address for, if you could do the same we
might be able to get this done quickly.

Really cool if they didn't see it, Buckeye Invitational on front and stadium
on back with all of the band names in the bleacher area.


Mrs. Long

FMB: Itinerary for Riday @ Ridgemont

Click pic to enlarge.

Winter Guard

If there is enough interest, the music department will field a Winter Guard from November through April. This will be a competition guard using dance and flag. Prior dance experience is preferred but not required. A sign up sheet is in the band room on Mr. Keller's office window. If you need more information before signing up, contact Mrs. Rene Barker, guard coordinator. You can also see what winter guard is by checking out Winter Guard International.

Turn In Fundraising Forms ASAP!

It's looking like an outstanding sale so far, with lots of forms turned in. If you forgot your form or your donation on Monday, please get it to Mr. Keller ASAP! Just a reminder that delivery of items is on November 1.

FMB: Senior Show Listening

Here's the links to senior show music:

You Give Love A Bad Name

Carry On Wayward Son

Click on the link, then click on "listen" under the title and description.

Picture Sources: Xenia and OSU

I received two separate but important bits of information today about pictures from different events:

OSU Pictures:
Dear Band Directors,

Photographs of your band's performance this past weekend at the 2007 Buckeye Invitational Marching Band Festival are now posted online and available for order. The link is Select the Buckeye Invitational 2007 group and find your band's gallery posted within. Please pass this information on to your band members and booster groups.

Congratulations on a great day of music and marching in Ohio Stadium!

Go Bucks!

Ed & Karen Crockett
Photographers - The Ohio State University Marching BandXenia Pictures:
Posted on the bulletin board in hallway is our official portrait from the Xenia contest. If you would like to purchase a copy, order forms are available in the band room, or you can order online at Photos of the aw ads ceremony will be available in a few days. If you have any q…

Fundraising Forms Due Today!

Please turn your fundraiser form in today on the stand in the hall. If you forgot your sheet, please bring it to me first thing tomorrow. Give donation checks directly to Mr. Keller. Thanks to everyone for doing their part!

Pics from OSU

FMB@OSU 10/6/07
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pics from OSU are up on the flickr page. There are three sets of pics taken by Brad, Funny, and me. Please feel free to email me pictures you would like to share and I'll be sure to post them.

What A Great Weekend; Article; Scores

What a tremendous weekend! The FMB took first place in class B, best music, and best general effect. I am so proud of every band member for their oustanding effort, desire, dedication, and determination.

Here's the scores for class B and C:

Here's the promo article that OSU placed in the Marysville JT last week:

FMB: Homecoming Tonight!

Rehearsal at 6:00. Watch Allison at 7. Pregame 7:20. Halftime 8:30ish. Done 10ish. Wear a red shirt under your uniform so we can take off coats after pregame. Drink plenty of water's going to be warm tonight!

BTW, the pic is from 2006 homecoming, featuring the now-esteemed alumnus Vincent Pontius. Didn't he look snazzy?