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MS Band Field Trip Update (FINAL UPDATE)

The following band students still need to return their permission slips and $5 to Mr. Keller ASAP to go on the November 30 field trip to OSU for the annual Music Celebration Youth Concert. If you need a new permission slip, they are available on the information rack in the band room, or availalable for download HERE.

5th Band

Other Important Information:

*Students should bring money for lunch (Taco Bell, Wendy's, or McDonald's) and wear nice school clothes.

*Band members are responsible for missed work in their Friday classes in periods 1-7, as we will not return until 1:30.

*Students will be excused from class at 8:20 and we will depart at 8:30. We will return at 1:30.

I have the following parents chaperoning the trip:
Kelly Mueller, Julie Ziegler, Cherly Speiser, Lisa Voit, Neva Coleman, Sarah Koenig, Cheryl Rowland, Marla Cotter, Jeanne Oesch, Mr. & Mrs. Reisinger, David Bean, Brande Vollrath, Tracie Robinson, Margaret Vanatta, Mrs. White, Angela Phillips, Kathy Stapp,…

District XV HS Solo & Ensemble Contest

The district 15 high school solo and ensemble contest is Saturday, January 26. If you are currently taking private instruction and wish for me to enter you, please get me the title and composer of your piece before December 14. You must provide your own accompanist if one is required for your piece. I will pay your entry fee, but if you cancel after I have registered, you must refund that entry fee to me. Solos are $10 and ensembles are $15. If you are not sure your piece is on the required list, please see me ASAP. Wind players and pianists are also required to play scales from memory. Please see me for a list of required scales.

FMB: Did You Order An OSU Contest Tshirt?

From Scott Killian (the "in charge" of tshirts guy):

My name is Scott Killian and I am a member of the finance committee of the Kappa Kappa Psi chapter at Ohio State. I have good news for everyone, the t-shirts ordered from the Buckeye Invitational competition are finally in. I greatly apologize for how late they are. Our supplier I am sad to say recently lost his mother, and that caused a serious delay with all of his work, including our t-shirt order.
The T-shirts will be shipped by the end of the week to your schools so they can be sent home with the students. The reason that we decided to send the shirts to the schools, is that it helped us lower the cost of the shirts by cutting down the price of shipping.
Once again, I apologize on behalf of the Ohio State Marching Band, and the Eta chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi for the lateness of the order. The shirts will be in as soon as we can get them repackaged and shipped.
If you have any questions regarding the order, or any…

CHICAGO UPDATE: Candy Bars; Next Payment

The candy bar sale, the profits from which will be applied to your January 7 payment, will begin on Friday, November 30. The sale will run until December 20, and all money will be due on or before that date. Students may check out one box at a time unless pre-payment has been arranged. Boxes will have 52 candy bars which sell for $1 each. Students will earn 50%profit ($26) from each box sold. Money must be put in the mailbox in the form of a check or money order. No cash is accepted. No candy is taken in return, so once you check out a box, you must return the money to the mailbox. May you make buku dolores :-)

By January 7, students going on the trip must have a minimum balance of $350 in their account, either through payments, profits from candy bars, or both. Please make sure you make your payment in a timely manner by depositing them in the mailbox. Again, please make checks or money orders to "Fairbanks Music Boosters."

You can always find the up-to-date informa…

How Do You Say "Speedbump" in Dutch?

Warning: This is NOT real. It is, however REAL FUNNY. I hope that this guy isn't saying any bad words in Dutch. Please let me if there are any. BTW, laughter is not a bad word.

Milford Parade Pics Are Up

FMB Milford Holiday Parade 11/25/07
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from Sunday's holiday parade in Milford Center are finally on the official picture page. Sorry it took me so long, but I just couldn't get the computer, the camera, and the cord together in the same place at the same time. Funny took the pre-parade pictures and I took the during the parade pics. BTW...look at Ryan's chin in this picture. Pretty cool!

FMB: Marysville Parade Sunday

Just one last reminder that our final Holiday parade is this Sunday in Marysville. The school is open at Noon (I'll be loading the trailer) if you forgot anything. Line up is at 1PM at Marysville Middle School back parking lot.(38 North, just across from the fairgrounds) The parade begins at 2PM and ends at the Methodist Church at 6th and Court Streets. It is essentially the fair parade BACKWARDS. Dress warmly and please have your holiday parade music memorized. See you there!

Here's the parade route: (click map for details at Google maps)
P.S. - Due to the Marysville levy failing, the Marysville Marching Band is not permitted to march in the parade, so we will be the only marching band in the parade this weekend.

Alumni Band Update

Response has been fantastic so far for the fourth annual Fairbanks Alumni Pep Band! Over 20 former band members are signed up to play on Tuesday, December 18. To see details, find out how to register, and to see a list of who is already signed up, visit the alumni band web page.

If You Are Reading This...

Tom Scarritt in today’s Birmingham (AL) News:

"If you are reading this column, chances are you are more successful than the average person, more involved in your community and less likely to be in prison.

That is not because of anything I have written. It is because you have chosen to read.

A new study by the National Endowment for the Arts suggests that reading transforms lives. "Regular reading not only boosts the likelihood of an individual's academic and economic success -- facts that are not especially surprising -- but it also seems to awaken a person's social and civic sense," wrote Dana Gioia, chairman of the NEA." Read more...

Prestige? I Guess That's Cool.

"Prestige" is not the reason I joined the teaching profession, but it is looking like the field is up there with scientists and firefighters in the annual prestige study that has been researched every year since 1977. Read all about it at

Happy Turkey Day

I want to wish each and every family in the Fairbanks Music Department the happiest of Thankgivings. I'm thankful for all of you for your dedication to the program, the performing ensembles, and to what we stand for....teaching our children about the joys of music, and the important lessons of life through music.

Final Chicago List

We received deposits from these folks today. If there are errors, let me know ASAP!

*Barker, Linda
*Clark, Brian
*Taylor, Jodi
*Wenerstrom, Amy
Barker, Leanna
Barker, Sara
Clark, Coleen
Conklin, Allison
Daniel, Drew
Davis, Luke
Dyer, Hannah
Epling, Moriah
Fink, Melissa
Fisher, Victor
Follmer, Kelsey
Goeble, Eric
Greenbaum, Danielle
Hunter, Jenny
Ingram, Katie
Jones, Nicole
Knaub, Colene
Knaub, Sean
Koenig, Leah
Lawrenz, Gretchen
Long, January
McIntyre, Mollie
McKean, Emma
McKean, Samantha
Newland, Briar
Pontius, Oliver
Rausch, Cody
Redmond, Sarah
Rein, Amanda
Ridgeway, Caleb
Rigsby, Aaron
Smith, Kim
Stauch, Jennifer
Stauffer, Larissa
Talyor, Brittany
VanDyke, Sarah
Wenerstrom, Emily
Wenerstrom, Megan
Wilkinson, Angel
Williams, Jacob
Wilson, Caitlin

FMB Parade Sunday. Be There. Or Be Excused.

I'm already hearing "I can't make it to the parade" from some people. A FEW people are excused because they contacted me two weeks in advance as per the attendance policy. If you were not excused prior to November 11 and plan on missing the parade Sunday, plan on being counted as unexcused. This is an important parade for the community of Milford Center and an important performance for us. I'm a little troubled that I hear I might be missing entire SECTIONS of our band this weekend. there, or be excused. School is open at 11AM, line up Noon at FES, parade is at 1PM and done at 1:30.

BTW, these parades have been on the official calendar of events for a long time...since Summer. Please stay up to date by checking the calendar regularly.

6th Band Schedule - Week of Nov. 26

As the Holiday concert is just around the corner, it will be necessary for the sixth grade band members to meet together as a group. Below is the new schedule for fifth and sixth grade band for the week of November 26:

Monday – FULL BAND
Tuesday – FULL BAND
Thursday – FULL BAND
Friday – Field Trip

*6th band is a little complicated because of the A,B,C rotation. This new schedule does NOT follow the rotation. I have designed the schedule so students will miss the least amount of gym classes as possible

FMB - Holiday Parade Reminder UPDATED

The FMB will participate in its two annual holiday parades on Sunday, November 25 and Sunday, December 2.

The November 25 parade is in Milford Center. The band room will be open at 11AM, line up is at 12 noon at Fairbanks Elementary, and the parade is at 1 PM. We'll return to FES by aproximately 1:30 PM.

The December 2 parade is in Marysville. The band room is open at noon, line up is at 1PM at Marysville Middle School, and the parade is at 2PM. This parade ends at the Methodist Church at 6th and Court Streets in Marysville.

Dress is full uniform. The trailer will be open one hour before the report time each day in case you forgot something . Parade music will be the Victors and a Holiday medley, which needs to be memorized, but is quite short and easy. Please show up in your uniform with appropriate layers underneath so you remain cozy.

Chicago Payments Due 3PM Today

Your Chicago deposits are due no later than 3 PM today. Please put your check or money order for $150 in the mailbox. If your deposit is not in by this time, you may not be able to go. If there are problems, please make arrangements with me ASAP!

Blog Upgrades...Whaddya Think?

I found some new goodies on Blogger this week that allow me to stream a slide show from our band flickr page, as well as put links up to all our videos on YouTube that will play directly at the top of the blog window (This is still blocked at school, however) I've been fiddling with the layout too, deciding on some minor changes rather than major ones. Hope you enjoy the new stuff and the new look.

FHSCB - Program Notes for Ave Maria

Like I mentioned earlier today, you can get the full program notes for Ave Maria as well as download a recording of the piece by visiting Manhattan Beach Music.

From The Boosters: Can You Donate Candy?

Just an FYI for the students and parents of FMB. If you could post-it on the blog also.... We are looking for candy to be donated to the band for Sunday's parade. Any left over candy will be used for the Marysville Parade. Please drop candy off or send it in with any student. Greatly appreciated....

Mrs. Garwood

Pep Band Update 11/16/07

*Pep band folders will be handed out next week. I wanted to have them to you before this weekend, but technical difficulties prevented me from getting it done.

*Thank you, everyone, for getting your tshirt sizes on the list as quickly as you did. If you would like to pre-pay for your shirt, get $10 cash or check payable to "Fairbanks Band" to Mr. Keller whenever it is convenient. Shirts will be delivered no later than December 7, which is the day before our first performance.

*The two after-school rehearsals we have are VERY important. Please arrange to be at both rehearsals on December 3rd and 5th from 3:00 to 5:30 P.M. in the band room.

*If you are playing winter sports, please arrange with your coach to be at least one of the two rehearsals. If you are a rookie, I would prefer you make the Monday rehearsal if you have to choose. If you are a veteran, I would prefer you make it to the Wednesday rehearsal.

*Our first game is on Saturday, December 8, when the girls' ba…

Merry TubaChristmas December 8

My favorite Merry TubaChristmas site is in Bellefontaine, Ohio. This year's even is on Saturday, December 8 at the Holland Theater. Registration opens at 12 noon, rehearsal is at 1 PM and the performance is at 2 PM. The concert is free and open to the public. Click the poster to see the details. High school tuba and euphonium players will have no problem preparing the music. JH players will need to get some music in advance and practice some. The music is not that extremely difficult rhythmically, but it's high and in some strange keys. If you just need to know more about Tuba Christmas, just ask me. If you're interested in seeing a listing of all the Merry TubaChristmas events in Ohio or in the USA, visit

Fundraiser Wrap Up

The following band/choir members have not turned in their fund raising money:

Abriel, Drew B., Tia, Matt G., Elizabeth, Kaleigh, Harmony, Morgan, Hannah M., Haley, Kirsten, Abbey, Daniel, Ireland, Kim, Katie V., Skylar Y., Cole, and Jordan Z.

Please get this money in ASAP. If you are waiting on missing items, go ahead and turn in the money that you have, please. Be sure checks are made payable to Fairbanks Band and please reduce change if possible. Thanks!

Cal Plays AND Marches Your Fav Video Games

This is pretty cool, even by my strange standards of entertainment. The University of California marching band did a "Video Game" halftime show this fall that plays music from Tetris, Zelda, and Mario. The drill is amazing with the drumline playing Pong with the cymbal line, Tetris blocks floating across the field, and even Mario jumping on the flag at the castle. It's filmed from the visitors side, so be aware that the drill is upside down, but still pretty cool. I'll look for a better video from the home side when I have some spare time, which will be in....well, June.

Chicago Trip: Pay Your Deposit!

If you don't pay your deposit by November 20, you may not be able to go. We have to send in our ticket deposit ON November 20 to keep our Wicked and Chicago Symphony seats, so be sure your check or money order for $150 made out to "Fairbanks Music Boosters" is in the booster mailbox by 3 PM on Nov. 20 before you leave for Thanksgiving break. I'm sorry this has to be so cut and dry, but Wicked tickets are in high demand and getting any seats, let alone good seats, requires a timely payment to the travel company. Get it in ASAP!

Great Article. Thanks, Victor!

Victor found this article and sent it to me. Perhaps it's Kismet?

Music lessons pay off in higher earnings: poll
TORONTO (Reuters Life!) - Those hours practicing piano scales or singing with a choral group weren't for nothing because people with a background in music tend to have a higher education and earn more, according to a new survey.

The poll by Harris Interactive, an independent research company, showed that 88 percent of people with a post-graduate education were involved in music while in school, and 83 percent of people earning $150,000 or more had a music education. Read more...

Chicago Deposits Due Tuesday

High school band/choir students and parents who plan on going on the trip to Chicago in May need to get in their deposits no later than Tuesday, November 20. Make checks or money orders payable to "Fairbanks Music Boosters" and put it in the booster mailbox in the band room. Thanks!

FMB on YouTube

I successfully uploaded our OSU performance, as well as our N.U. Band Festival performance to my YouTube page. This way you can share full-screen video with family and friends around the world. The OSU video is great for seeing drill since it was shot from the press box, but the sound is a little quiet since the camera is SO FAR away from band. The North Union show (movement I, movement II, and movement III) is shot from a much lower perspective, but the sound is so much better quality. I also posted the gladiator warm up from the NU show so you have that to enjoy as well. I know YouTube is blocked at school, so you'll have to access the original vids from my blog, but when you're at home (or work, Mom and Dad!), you can access the videos any time and send the links to anyone you might think enjoy seeing our band at their best.

UPDATE: I just put up our pre-game performance as well. Enjoy!

Choir - Lo How A Rose

The recording to Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming can be found at this link. Click "flash" to stream online, or if you want to pony up the 99 cents, you can own your mp3 version. Listen. Learn. Enjoy :-)

Fairbanks Alumni Pep Band - December 18

The fourth annual Fairbanks Alumni Pep Band will perform on Tuesday, December 18 this year. I sincerely hope that any and all band alumni can join us for this annual fun event. Last year we had over 20 alumni perform with the seniors, and we'd like to have 30 or more this year! Please check out all the details on the alumni band page and email your registration to Jessica Shannon Runyon ASAP so we can make sure everyone has music and an instrument! Whether you are an '07, a '97, or even a '67, we would love to have you! Thanks to Funny for being the event organizer this year :-)

P.S. - The pic is from last year's group. We hope you'll be in this year's picture!

OSU Video. Finally *yay*

Here's our show from OSU. I just got the DVD today. More info to come on how to buy the performance on high-quality DVD.

HQ version: 54 MB

Low-bandwidth version: 24MB

JHCB/FHSCB Challenges Next Week

Chair challenges for the JHCB and FHSCB will be next week. Declare your challenge on Monday, November 12 and the challenge will be on Friday, November 16. Challenges will be over the following music:

FHSCB - Folk Song Suite Mvt. I
JHCB - Christmas Montage

Specific passages will be announced on Thursday. Best of luck to all involved. If you need details on the challenge procedure, check your handbook or download a copy on this page.

Chicago Deposit Deadline

This is just a reminder that we MUST have your permission slip and $150 deposit by November 20. This money needs to be paid to the travel company immediately to secure our Wicked and CSO tickets. Please update me if you have a change in status. We now tentatively have 47 people going on the trip. Please realize that we are on a strict deadline on our payments to New Horizons, so if your form/money are not in on time, there may not be a spot for you on the trip.

MP4 Raffle Winner!

Congratulations to Matt Graber (6th grade band) for winning the MP4 raffle. He sold over 40 items and turned a huge profit for the sale. Congratulations to Matt and all prize winners in this fall's sale. The envelope money draw will be held tomorrow during classes.

High School: Chicago Update

We have 45 persons who have given preliminary confirmation that they going on the trip so far, including 39 students and 6 adults. Please remember deposits and permission slips are due by November 20. The issue right now is that our current numbers do not necessitate a second bus. If we do not have more than 55 paid by November 20, the amount of persons going will be capped at 55, as our cost structure would be completely blown if we go into a second bus after that date. Please get your check/money order payable to "Fairbanks Music Boosters" in the mailbox ASAP.

More information on the trip can be found at the Fairbanks Band/Choir Chicago page.

Fundraiser Money Due ASAP

Today is the official due date for fall fundraiser money. If you are still collecting, please just get it in to me ASAP. Please reduce change and/or write one check for the entire amount if want to. Make checks payable to "Fairbanks Band" and get your envelope to me as soon as you can. We will draw for the MP4 player today, and cash envelope drawings will Friday afternoon at 2:45 P.M. Thanks to everyone who helped make this our most successful fall fundraiser in many years.

5th Band - Remember Your Instruments! Practice!

This is just a friendly reminder to fifth grade band members that it is YOUR responsibility (not Mom and/or Dad's) to bring your instrument, book, and a pencil to each and every class session. Mark your calendar. Leave yourself a post-it. Set your case by the door. Whatever it takes. With being properly prepared for class, you cannot learn as well as you would if you had your instrument and music.

Practice records are noticeable improved this week over last. Keep up the good work. Please remember to write down all practices and have them signed before you next class so I can reward you for your efforts. Practice is an essential part of becoming a good musician, and there is no easy substitute for hard work. However, practice always pays off with positive results.

FHSCB: Measure Numbers for FSS. (UPDATED)

Here's a review of guidepost measure numbers for Folk Song Suite. Please have your measures numbered for rehearsal on Wednesday when we'll be digging into movement I.

I. March
Double Bar - m. 5
Double Bar (to coda)- m. 31
Double Bar - m. 33
Double Bar (backwards repeat) m. 65
First ending - m. 96
Second ending - m. 97
Last measure before D.C. - m. 129
Last measure of coda - m. 132

II. Intermezzo
Key change - m. 43
Key change - m. 78
Last measure - m. 97

III. March
Double bar - m. 5
Double bar - m. 29
6/8 time change - m. 69
Trio (key change) - m. 71
Double bar - m. 89
First ending - m. 112
Final measure - m. 113

Please make sure all measures are numbered, including long rests. The music was published in 1924 so there are some atypical ways marking things that you are used to like multi-measure rests, endings, codas, etc. This piece is all about playing with confidence, style, and emotion.

Want to learn more about the form and the folk tunes themselves? Read all about it on Wikipedia.

Conferences Thursday

Dear Parents,

I will be in my office during conferences on Thursday, November 8 from 3-6:30. Please feel free to drop by any time if you would like an update on your child's progress. If you will not be in for conferences, but would like an update, feel free to email me and I will be happy to give you a detailed status report of students' progress in band, choir, or general music.

Pep Band Info - Sign Ups are Open!

Pre-Season Rehearsals (all pep band members):
Monday, December 3, 3:00 – 5:30
Wednesday, December 5, 3:00 - 5:30

Date - Opponent - Rehearsal Begins:
Saturday, December 8 - Alder (Girls BB) - 5:30
Friday, December 14 - Lima Temple Christian - 6:00
Tuesday, December 18 - Elgin (HS & Alumni Only) - 6:00
Saturday, January 5 - Worthington Christian - 5:30
Friday, January 11 - Marion Catholic - 6:00
Friday, January 18 - Waynesfield - 6:00
Friday, February 1 - Lima Perry - 6:00
Saturday, February 9 - Shekinah Christian - 6:00

• All band members in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate in Basketball Pep Band. Attendance is expected at all rehearsals and performances.

• There are only two after-school rehearsals. Every other rehearsal is directly before a game. We will play the 4th quarter of the JV game, in-between games, and during the varsity game. Band members have the third quarter of the varsity game off.

• If you cannot attend a performance, please notify Mr. Keller a…

MP4 Players Are In

For those super-tastic sellers who earned their MP4 player in the fall sale, they are now in. Please come by my office at your leisure and pick yours up. The drawing for the early-bird MP4 will be tomorrow afternoon. Thanks so much for your patience with this, and thanks for your outstanding work!

5th Flutes Today

Just a reminder that 5th grade flutes have class today with the clarinets and saxes since the school was closed yesterday. Please remember your instrument, book, and a pencil. :-)

The Almost Impossible Rock and Roll Quiz

I just took Rolling Stone's "Almost Impossible" Rock and Roll Quiz. I got 23 out of 58 right and it is indeed almost impossible. Take the quiz and post how you did.

I'm In.

I'm in and ready for afternoon rehearsal. Choir will be either finishing the middle section of Twas The Night and FHSCB will sight read Folk Song Suite.

So, Here's What's Up With Monday:

Sometime over the weekend 400 gallons of heating oil leaked from the middle school oil storage tank and ran into the Big Darby Creek. The leak is stopped, cleanup has begun, and the building is safe, but the EPA and the Union County Health Department are involved and cleanup will continue through Monday, so Mr. Craycraft has canceled classes for the MIDDLE SCHOOL ONLY. HS and ES classes will be ON AS NORMAL.

I will be in just after lunch tomorrow, as I will have no middle school students tomorrow. Concert and and choir will rehearse as normal. That's all I know as of now. If I learn any more, I'll be sure to update you right here on the blog. Thanks to Lynsey for the heads up on this :-)

A Quote I Just Had To Post

"The more one studies the harmony of music, and then studies human nature, how people agree and how they disagree, how there is attraction and repulsion, the more one will see that it is all music."
- Hazrat Inayat Khan

Artwork: The Beginning of Human Nature by Ting Shao Kuang

FMB: Playoffs Tonight!

Please be on time and have all your stuff. We need to leave FHS at 6PM sharp. Please make sure you have your shoes...there are a few pairs lying around the band room. Tonight is going to be an exercise in following directions, so be ready! Come prepared for the's going to be in the 40's by halftime.

US Army All-American Marching Band

U.S. ARMY ALL-AMERICAN MARCHING BAND - Applications are now being accepted for the 2009 U.S. Army All-American Marching Band. Students accepted to this ensemble receive an all-expenses-paid trip to San Antonio, TX, in January 2009 to perform at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. The members of the 2008 U.S. Army All-American Marching Band are being introduced on a nationwide media tour this fall leading up to their January 5, 2008 performance. Visit the web site to see the band members who were revealed this week, including Neal Titus, who in addition to playing bass drum and other percussion instruments, is a bagpiper. Visit US Army All-American Bowl for photos of presentation ceremonies.

Directions to West Jefferson

Here's directions to West Jeff from the Fairbanks site:

JEFFERSON: Take SR 38 South to SR 29, turn left. Take to SR 40, turn left. Go to 1st traffic light, Twin St., turn right. It will dead-end into Fellows Ave, turn right. Take to Garfield Ave., turn left. Take to Lilly Chapel Rd., turn right. The school is on the left. 1 Roughrider Drive, West Jefferson

Fundraiser Stuff

*If you didn't pick your stuff up today, it MUST go home tomorrow. Cheese and sausage needs to be refrigerated or delivered ASAP or it will spoil.

*Return your money to Mr. Keller in the envelope provided by November 8 if possible. Please help me out by reducing change or writing a check for the entire amount. Please make all checks payable to "Fairbanks Band".

*Remember that all items have a 100% guarantee. If you customers are not satisfied, simply have them call the 800 number on the package for a replacement or a refund.

*If you earned your MP4 player, they will be in shortly. They were sent via a seperate courier because the could not be shipped on the refrigerated truck with the food items.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks again for a great fall sale!

FMB - Reminders for Playoff Friday

1. We load at 5:30 and leave at 6PM. We will return at approximately 11PM.

2. Dress is full uniform. Bring your raincoats if you wish, but we will not wear them during our halftime performance. Please be sure you have all of your uniform parts, including shoes and socks.

3. Come prepared for the cold weather. The low Friday night is supposed to be around freezing, which means temperatures in the 40's at game time. Bring gloves, hats, blankets, etc. to stay warm.

4. We will play and march the entire contest show during halftime, as well as play the entire senior show in the stands. We will not be able to play as much as usual, as rules do not allow us to play while the ball is in play.