REMINDER: Parade Sunday; Weather?

STILL, the weather for Sunday is NOT looking good. The chance of rain is now 100%, with probable thunderstorms. If the weather is indeed as horrible as predicted, we will not be performing in the parade. Here's the procedure you need to follow on Sunday to find out if our performance at the parade is cancelled:

1. I will make the call by 10 AM on Sunday whether we will perform or not.

2. If you are online at home, check the blog and/or the web page before you leave for the school or parade line-up.

3. If you are not internet-enabled at home, call my school phone at 937-349-3721 ext. 1306 and listen to my answering message.

This is an important performance, but if the weather is severely inclement, there will not be a sufficient crowd for which to perform, and getting wet, cold, and sick. Please check back on Sunday by 10 A.M. for an update.

BTW, if you don't remember the details about the parade, they are HERE.


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