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Testing My Typing; My New Toy

I am testing if I can actually post an entire article on the blog from my iPod touch. Often it works just fine but other times I seem to have problems. Typing is really not the problem. The problem is getting the blogger interface window to work in the mini Safari window on the little screen. I have to admit that the keyboard gets easier all the time and I now am noticing that it is really starting to learn how I type, offering word suggestions more and more often. I have to admit the fact that I can now type full blog posts with a device that I can carry in my pocket is pretty cool. Please forgive me if there are a few typos in this post...I am quite honestly doing most of this typing to get some practice on using this little gadget. It really goes to show that men and boys both enjoy their toys. :-) Did you get anything cool for Christmas?

You'll Be Singing This For Days

It's catchy...and a little twisted, but definitely entertaining.

I Told You I Would Be Entertaining...I Lied

Well I have been having such a great relaxing time that I have really enjoyed not posting on the blog. I'm not ashamed. I promise to have something entertaining up soon.

Merry Christmas!

What Should Be Done About Standardized Tests?

I read an interesting article that that give the opinions of five different educational experts about NCLB and standardized testing. Their viewpoints are varied and their perspectives quite different. Some excerpts:

"Do you know that almost all of the standardized tests now being employed to judge school quality are unable to distinguish between well taught and badly taught students?"

"Those instruments may not be perfect, or even good at identifying scholastic aptitudes, but boy are they good at telling us who the best test-takers are."

"This testing is valuable. Without it, parents, taxpayers, and policymakers would have a tough time knowing how well schools were performing."

"High quality assessment is an educational necessity. But high-stakes standardized tests harm educational quality and promote inequity."
Read the full article here on the New York Times then tell me what you think by commenting.

Thanks You, Students!

I want to take a moment to sincerely thank all of my students who gave of their hearts in the form of cookies, candy, snowflakes, gift cards, and tortilla chips. I have a special thank you for you if you follow this link. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! If the link doesn't work (it should), please email me and I will send you a reply that will include a link that does.

JHCB/6th band Concert is ON!

JHCB will warm first period into second. 6th concert band will get instruments and come to the gym 2nd period to warm and prep. Concert is at 11AM and will end approximately at Noon. Due to time constraints, 6th Band pizza party is postponed until after break. If you didn't bring lunch money and need some, please see me. I will take care of you by loaning you money for lunch.

Break a leg!

Um...Yeah. Two Hour Delay

It came out of nowhere.  It came without packages, boxes, or bags.  There's a two-hour delay this morning!  I'm assuming that our JHCB/6th band assembly is cancelled.  If I hear otherwise, I'll let you know.  See you 10ish.

Video from Monday's Concert!

Here's the videos I promised you from Monday night's concert. Please share the link to this page with family, friends, and neighbors who were not able to attend the concert, as well as those who did and want to re-live the experience.





Fantastic Performances; Video; Pictures

Thanks to all of the performers in last night's Holiday Concert for outstanding performances. You are a credit to your school and this music department.

Video of the concert should be available by Wednesday evening on the blog, and at a later date on the podcasts page.

Pictures are available now on the official picture page. If you have any pictures you would like to share, please email them to me and I would be happy to post them.

Tips for Brass Playing

This article is wonderfully informative and concise. All brass players from 5th through high school should read and image to enlarge

NEW HIGH BID: OSU Jersey Auction - Auction Ends Tonight!

Thanks to KFC's grand opening, we have a Craig Krenzel autographed Ohio State football jersey from OSU's national championship year. I comes with a certificate of authenticity and a fine frame enclosure. The music boosters are holding a silent auction between now and December 17th, with all the proceeds benefiting the FMB uniform fund. Place your bid by emailing your name, phone number, and bid to Mary Ellen Garwood at Watch this space for bid updates as they come in!

Current high bid: $175 Vic Fisher

Concert is ON, Baby!!!!!!

The weather has cleared and the concert is on tonight! I'll see performers at their prescribed time, and the concert begins at 7 PM and will last approximately 90 minutes. It's also your last chance to bid on the OSU jersey!

All Good News

2-hour delay Monday. We'll have brief rehearsals tomorrow, but the concert is almost certainly on since no more foul weather is anticpated tomorrow. Whew! See you tomorrow morning AND evening. Hooray!

Just In Case

I have secured the FHS gym on Wednesday evening just in case we need to re-schedule Monday's concert. As of now, it is still on. If we do have to cancel, it will be re-scheduled for Wednesday at 7PM. Just FYI.

Double OT Pictures Posted

Pep Band 12/14/07
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Wow...the Panthers almost pulled it out, but alas, it was not to be. You all played and cheered sooooo well in this exciting double overtime game. Thanks to Ryan V. for being my guest photographer this week (Last week's guest was January L.) Check out the pics on the official picture page.

Pep Band Tonight

Pep band tonight. Call is 5:45. Rehearsal at 6. Wear Fairbanks garb and bring your spirit. BE THE SIXTH MAN!

Guys: Get Your Tux Shirt Today or Friday

Guys need to see me to get your tux shirt today or Friday. They are clean, but need pressed before your performance on Monday evening. If you have a shirt already at home, please make sure it is clean and pressed for the concert. Ties will be in the basket in the band room Monday night. Please return your ties to the basket after the concert is over. Thanks!

Outstanding Fundraising Money

The following band member still have not turned in their fundraising money from the fall sale. Please get it in NOW!!! Make checks payable to "Fairbanks Band".

Ireland R.
Abbey R.
Cole R.
Morgan M.
Tia C.

Rehearsals in Gym Monday

All bands and choirs will have their final rehearsal in the gym on Monday. Please leave your cases in the band room and take your instrument and music directly to the gym so we can get started ASAP!

Upcoming Concerts That Other People Are Putting On

1. The Fairbanks Elementary holiday program is on Thursday, December 13, at 7PM in the Fairbanks Elementary gym. The event is free and open to the public. My daughter is in the program :-)

2. The Union County Care Train will host the Cardinal Health Orchestra for a benefit concert this Saturday, December 15, at 7:30 P.M. at Veteran's Auditorium in Marysville. The community orchestra will present a program of traditional holiday favorites, including an arrangement of Twas The Night Before Christmas, featuring a special secret guest narrator. Donations will be accepted at the door.

Don't forget the 6th/JH/choir/FHSCB concert Monday night at at 7 PM!

Holiday Concert Program - 2nd Draft

Please check out the program for Monday's concert. If you see any typos or your name is absent or misspelled, please email me.

Essay Contest: Has Marching Band Affected Your Life?

From Halftime Magazine, a chance for you to use your writing skills and creativity, AND win money for you and money/equipment for your band. You may also submit a video essay via DVD or directly to YouTube.  Share your stories by clicking on the link. - BK

Has marching band affected your life?

Halftime Magazine is sponsoring the first annual essay/video contest that allows students to share their stories and get a chance to win cash and prizes. A grand prize package valued at more than $3,000 will be awarded to the winner and his/her nominated band. Finalists will be published in the May/June 2008 issue of Halftime Magazine and featured online.

To enter the contest, submit a 500-word essay and short video by March 1, 2008.

Get More Information and Official Entry Forms

Thanks from the Girls' BB Team

The girls' basketball team was very kind and sent a very nice thank you note to the pep band for performing at Saturday's game. It is posted on the bulletin board in the hall for you all to see and enjoy.

Boosters Wednesday 6PM

The Fairbanks Music Boosters will hold their December meeting this Wednesday, December 12, at 6 PM in the band room. Any interested parents are welcome and invited to attend.

Please Proof The Program!

I have a first draft of the concert program. Please click on the pic of your group and then insure your name is on their and spelled correctly. If there are errors, please email me the changes and I will take care of them. Please notify me of any problems by Friday, December 14. Thanks!

FHSCB, JHCB:6th Band - Choir:

Order Your FMB @ OSU DVD's Now!

The DVD from the Fairbanks Marching Band's performance at the Buckeye Invitational on October 6, 2007, are now available for purchase. Click on the order form on the left and print it, then attach payment and either mail it to the address provided, or drop it in the booster mailbox in the band room. Orders must be received by January 1, 2008. You can choose to purchse just the FMB performance ($10) or the entire contest including all 28 high school bands plus OSU's performance ($30). Order your keepsake of this tremendous day NOW! :-)

I found it!

Paytie... Rachel found your glasses case. See me :-)

Concert Monday - Performer Info

Fairbanks Music Department’s Annual
Holiday Concert 2007
Monday, December 17, 2007, 7:00 P.M.

Order of performance:
6th Grade Band
High School Choir
Junior High Concert Band
High School Concert Band

6th Grade Band
Get here around 6:30. You need to be in the middle school cafeteria ready to warm together at 6:45. Please leave your cases in the band room. After we perform, we will stay in the gym. Take your instrument with you, or put it on the stage. Do NOT go back to the band room until after the concert is over. You may sit in the reserved seats, or with your family for the remainder of the concert.

HS Choir:
Be in Mrs. Keller’s room at 6:45 to warm up. After warm up, we’ll sing through each piece with the accompaniment. At 7:15, Mr. Keller will be back to get you and take you to the gym. After your performance, you need to sit with your family. Do NOT go back to the band room.

JH Concert Band:
You need to be seated with your family with your instruments ready to watch the 6th gra…

Concert - One Week Away

Just a reminder that the big annual Holiday Concert is just one week away. Students will be receiving their concert details sheet this week, which includes what to wear, where to be, and when to be there. The concert is at 7PM on Monday, December 17. It will last approximately 90 minutes and is free and open to the public. It will also be the last chance to bid on the OSU Craig Krenzel jersey, which will be awarded at the end of the concert! Spread the word to your family, friends, and neighbors. Join the Fairbanks music department and enjoy some holiday cheer!

Awesome Pep Band Pics Posted

A stagefull
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from the first pep band game are on the picture page. Check them out!

Pep Band Tonight - Reminders

A few last reminders about tonight's game:

1. Please enter through the ticket gate and sign in on the sheet.

2. Wear Fairbanks colors and shirts

3. We rehearse at 5:45 sharp.

4. We will disband after halftime of the varsity game, around 8 PM. You may stay for the rest of the game or go home. This is the ONLY game of the year we will do this.

5. We are ON, despite the weather reports. Wintry mix is predicted for after 9 PM, and you should be home and cozy warm by that time.


5th Band Today

Due to yesterday's "mass forgetfulness", 5th grade brasses AND percussion will have class today.

Please remember that if we miss a day of school due to weather, you will have class the following day. For example, we missed school on Monday on a flute day. Flutes would then, theoretically, have class on Tuesday with the clarinets and saxophones. If you are ever in doubt of what group is having class on what day, be sure to check here on my blog. I like keeping people updated :-)

Two Hour Delay Friday

Another two-hour delay today (December 7). I'll keep you posted. No matter what, Pep Band is still on for Saturday.

Handel's Messiah in Marysville - Dec. 20, 21, 22.

You all have a wonderful opportunity to hear a live performance of George Frederic Handel's masterpiece, Messiah, here in Marysville. A community choir, led by the Underwoods and featuring the Bunsold family, will perform the work in its entirety complete with harpsichord on December 20, 21, and 22 at 7:30 P.M. in the historic First Presbyterian Church on the corner of Fifth and Court Streets in Marysville. It is a wonderful opportunity to not only celebrate the reason for the Season, but also to enjoy THE most popular and well-known oratorio ever written. The concerts are open to the public and tickets are not required, but a good will donation will be taken at the performance. For more information, contact the First Presbyterian Church at 642-5651.

JHCB & 6th Band - Assembly Dec. 20

Mrs. Lucas has invited us to perform for all the middle school students on the day before Christmas break and I have gladly accepted. Both the JHCB and 6th grade band will perform at 9 A.M. on Thursday, December 20. We will play our entire programs. Please be sure to have your instrument and music on this day. The assembly is also open to any parents who wish to attend. Please mark your calendars, and be prepared to help spread the holiday spirit!

Bonus Points: Concert Set Up/Tear Down

I don't give a lot of bonus points for my band and choir members, so you'll want to take advantage of this while you have the chance.

I need a set-up and tear-down crew for the concert on the 17th. Since there is basketball practice in the gym after school, it will be necessary to have a sizeable set-up crew at 5:30 to put everything in place for the concert. Tearing everything down takes just about as many students and parents. Set-up only will earn you 2 bonus points. Tear-down only will earn you 2 points as well. If you do both, you will earn 5 points (which is enough to make up for an unexcused rehearsal!). Please sign up on my office window to be eligible for bonus points.

If you don't need bonus points and just want to help, you will have earned my eternal gratitude. Please sign up on the list as well so I know who is coming. The more the merrier!

Pep Band Saturday, December 8

Okay, here's the deal: Due to the cancellation of Wednesday's rehearsal due to weather, I have adjusted Saturday's schedule so we can still put on a quality performance at the Girls' basketball game. The call is now 5:30 and rehearsal begins at 5:45 promptly. T-shirts will not be in until next week, so please wear red and white Fairbanks garb for this Saturday's event. Please remember to let me know in advance if you cannot make it to a pep band game. See you on Saturday!

*Yes. That's Hasso with his head in the snow. I thought you all would be amused.

Wind Quintet - See Marilyn!

Will members of the FHSCB wind quintet please see Marilyn today. She has music from which you need to choose a contest piece. I need to know by next week which one you are doing so I can register you. You all need to find a time to meet with me after school so we can sight read.

School Cancelled Today (5th Brass Now Thursday)

No School today due to deteriorating conditions. No pep band rehearsal today. Saturday's schedule will be updated soon. See you all Thursday! Fifth brasses will have class tomorrow due to the cancellation.

Pep Band Rehearsal Wednesday

Thanks to all the members that made it to Monday's rehearsal  Things went just great!  I really appreciate the leadership of my upperclassmen, and the perseverance of all you rookies (prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!).  19 pep band members were not in attendance at Monday's rehearsal, many of you with less than 1 hour notice.  Please plan on being at our second and final pre-season rehearsal on Wednesday from 3-5:30.  We will review what we covered on Monday, as well as add 7 or 8 new tunes to the repertoire.
Songs we covered Monday: Progression in F, The Victors, Star Spangled Banner, Alma Mater, Eat 'em Up, Let's Go Red, Hey!, William Tell, Tequila, Louie Louie, Land of 1000 Dances, You Give Love A Bad Name, Carry On Wayward Son, Hang On Sloopy, Looney Tunes.  We will review most of these songs on Wednesday.
Songs we'll rehearse on Wednesday:  Bah Do Dah, Peter Gunn, On Broadway, Hey Ya!, Smoke On The Water, Born To Be Wild, Can't Turn You Loose, Barbara Ann…

FREE National Guard Band Concert - Sun., Dec. 9

I received this email today and thought I would share. It's a great opportunity to see an oustanding band for FREE! See the forwarded message below:

The Air National Guard Band of the Great Lakes, 555th Air Force Band and the 122d Army National Guard Band announce the following area concert:

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2007, 2:00 P.M.

The Union County Community Concert Association sponsors this concert which is a free and open to the public event. Free tickets are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please call 937.644.1946 for further information on this performance.

The Air National Guard Band of the Great Lakes, 555th Air Force Band and the 122d Army National Guard Band are part of the Ohio Air National Guard. National Guardsmen meet one weekend per month and tour approximately two weeks per year for annual training. Being part of the Ohio National Guard, the bands are eligible for approximatel…

Conspiracy Theories Abound

Apparently there are some rumors floating about that the FMB did not perform in the parade for reasons other than weather. I can definitively quash these rumors, because the sole reason I decided not to perform on Sunday was for the health and well-being of the FMB performers, and that's all there is to it. If it was just cold, or warm and wet, we would have been out there spreading our holiday cheer. However, cold and wet spells h.y.p.o.t.h.e.r.m.i.a., and that spells trouble*.

*(and that starts with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool!)

Pep Band Rehearsal Monday

Just a reminder that our first pep band rehearsal is this Monday from 3 to 5:30 in the band room. All pep band members should be in attendance unless excused in advance. Please bring your instrument, your folder, and a pencil. Our final rehearsal is Wednesday after school and our first game is this Saturday. You can see the full schedule at the official calendar of events.

Our Parade Performance Cancelled; Uniform Turn-In

With the high only 45 degrees, a wind chill near 30 degrees, the certitude of rain and the likelihood of thunderstorms this afternoon, I have decided we will NOT PERFORM in today's Marysville holiday parade. It's just looking to be a miserable afternoon, so stay warm and dry in your cozy houses. Please spread the word to non-internet band friends.

Uniforms need to be hung on the rack by Friday of this week. I'm sending them to the cleaners on Monday, December 10. Please also make sure your gauntlets are in your bag, as well as you hat in your hat box. Take your gloves, socks, shoes, and other items out of your bag.

REMINDER: Parade Sunday; Weather?

STILL, the weather for Sunday is NOT looking good. The chance of rain is now 100%, with probable thunderstorms. If the weather is indeed as horrible as predicted, we will not be performing in the parade. Here's the procedure you need to follow on Sunday to find out if our performance at the parade is cancelled:

1. I will make the call by 10 AM on Sunday whether we will perform or not.

2. If you are online at home, check the blog and/or the web page before you leave for the school or parade line-up.

3. If you are not internet-enabled at home, call my school phone at 937-349-3721 ext. 1306 and listen to my answering message.

This is an important performance, but if the weather is severely inclement, there will not be a sufficient crowd for which to perform, and getting wet, cold, and sick. Please check back on Sunday by 10 A.M. for an update.

BTW, if you don't remember the details about the parade, they are HERE.