Bonus Points: Concert Set Up/Tear Down

I don't give a lot of bonus points for my band and choir members, so you'll want to take advantage of this while you have the chance.

I need a set-up and tear-down crew for the concert on the 17th. Since there is basketball practice in the gym after school, it will be necessary to have a sizeable set-up crew at 5:30 to put everything in place for the concert. Tearing everything down takes just about as many students and parents. Set-up only will earn you 2 bonus points. Tear-down only will earn you 2 points as well. If you do both, you will earn 5 points (which is enough to make up for an unexcused rehearsal!). Please sign up on my office window to be eligible for bonus points.

If you don't need bonus points and just want to help, you will have earned my eternal gratitude. Please sign up on the list as well so I know who is coming. The more the merrier!


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