Testing My Typing; My New Toy

I am testing if I can actually post an entire article on the blog from my iPod touch. Often it works just fine but other times I seem to have problems. Typing is really not the problem. The problem is getting the blogger interface window to work in the mini Safari window on the little screen. I have to admit that the keyboard gets easier all the time and I now am noticing that it is really starting to learn how I type, offering word suggestions more and more often. I have to admit the fact that I can now type full blog posts with a device that I can carry in my pocket is pretty cool. Please forgive me if there are a few typos in this post...I am quite honestly doing most of this typing to get some practice on using this little gadget. It really goes to show that men and boys both enjoy their toys. :-) Did you get anything cool for Christmas?


Stauffer said…
I didn't get a frickin' iPhone, but I got Stephen Colbert's book I AM AMERICA (AND SO CAN YOU!). Hilarious, unless you are easily offended.

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