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Pep Band Tshirts Are IN!

Pep band shirts are in. Give me until tomorrow to organize them and then you can pay me your $10 either during school or at the game. If you prepaid, I should have yours ready by the end of the day today (Thurs.) You may pay cash or check payable to Fairbanks Band.

What's The Deal With The Weather?

Image's looking like it's going to be pretti nasti, so here's the deal:

If school is on tomorrow, in all likelihood, the game will be on as well. If the athletic department cancels before the end of school, you'll be notified.

If school is canceled tomorrow, but the weather as such that the game is still on, we WILL have a band no matter what. If for any reason you or your parents feel that the roads are not safe to travel, then please do not hesitate to stay home. I'll do a band with whomever can and wants to make it - 40 people, 15 people - doesn't matter. What counts is that you're not on the roads if you don't feel it's safe, but we still have a band for this big game. I have all-wheel drive so I can make it in if it's iffy.

How do you know if the game is on or off? Check the blog or call my school phone at 937-349-3721 ext. 1306 and listen to the message. You may also get an "instant alert" from the school about the game bei…

Libary Is Open!

The music library is open to HS band and choir members. See me today for a registration form. You must agree to follow all library rules before you check out materials. Please read the terms and conditions on the wall outside my office and also familiarize yourself with the Digital Millenium Copywrite Act of 1998 in the bulletin board.

Pep Band: Senior Stuff

Senior night for pep band members is at our last game on Saturday, February 9. Please notify me and/or Mrs. Reed if you or your parents are unable to attend this game. Please get your write-ups to Mrs. Reed ASAP and no later than Monday, February 4. You can email them to her at This method is preferred since she doesn't have to re-type your submission.

Here is my list of pep band seniors. Please let me know if I have missed anyone:
Jacob, Katie, Lynsey, January, Luke, Cody, Marilyn, Ryan, and Allison.

Two Hour Delay; Conducting Cancelled

Two hour delay this morning due to the crazy cold wind chill. Conducting clinic is cancelled for this morning. See you 10ish!

Sean Is My Sub Wednesday AM

I have a middle school faculty meeting Wednesday before school, but the conducting clinic is STILL ON thanks to Sean, who will be helping y'all out. He's a good conductor and will be as helpful as possible. If my meeting is over early, I'll sneak in and help out as well. Thanks, Sean!

Calendar Of Events Now In Blog

The calendar of events has a new feature. I have synced my iCal version of the Official Calendar Of Events with my Google calendar, which now allows me to display a miniature version of the C.O.E on the blog. Check the right hand column under the YouTube links (scroll down) for a listing of all upcoming events. You can even click on each event for more details. Now there are even fewer excuses to not know what's going on in the Fairbanks Music Department!

Conducting Clinics Wednesdays 7:30 AM

Just a reminder that "How To Conduct" clinics are being held on Wednesday mornings in the band room at 7:30 AM for any FMB veteran who may be interested in auditioning for field commander either this year, or in subsequent years. We'll cover the basics of pattern, ictus, plane, rebound, hand independence, cues, dynamics, and many more. The earlier you learn the basics, the more you will be able to do later. No registration is necessary...just show up at 7:30 on Wednesday morning. Again, this clinic is only open for FMB veterans at this time. bonus point to the band member who can name the famous conductor pictured in a comment. (MUST be a comment, not email or in person) A reward for faithful blog readers.


Challenges are today on video. Best of luck to everyone. Results will
be posted on Tuesday.

Pep Band Tshirts WILL Be In By Friday!

The reason that pep band tshirts are late is purely my fault, but I guarantee that they will be in this upcomg week before our final two games. You can either prepay or pay me when they come in. $10 cash or check payable to Fairbanks Band. I'll post the design by Monday. In the meantime, have a great and relaxing weekend!

Challenge Material for Monday

JHCB- Sparks
Flutes/Alto Sax/Trumpet - Beginning to m. 37
Percussion (snare) - m 21-37; m. 54-76

FHSCB- ...Not Afraid To Dream
Flutes - m. 76-86; m. 100-119
Clarinets - m. 64-88; m. 108-119
French Horn - m. 116-127; m. 150-163
Trombone - m. 92-119
Trumpet - m. 76-124

I'm Not In. Challenges Monday (UPDATED)

I'm not in today due to illness. UPDATE: Challenges ARE on Monday. Must have been the fever talking this morning when I typed this the first time. Repeat: Challenges ARE on MONDAY. (my apologies for all the confusion)

So, Victor...

I take it back. You looked like this guy. :-)

Talking In Rehearsal

I always learned to praise in public and criticize in private, but I must break that guideline for the greater good on this Tuesday morning. The level of distracting and non-related discussion during both FHSCB and JHCB rehearsals has been quite disconcerting in the past week. Please keep talking during rehearsal to a minimum unless: 1. You are discussing the music with your stand partner, (in which case you should be whispering.) OR 2. There is an emergency. In any other case, you should be LISTENING in rehearsal and NOT TALKING. I will be issuing conduct warnings and then written reprimands with grade deductions if this non-productive rehearsal atmosphere continues. This is the only general warning I will give, so please consider yourselves aware of the situation.

Now, I don't believe in being critical without proposing solutions, so here are some things you could be doing while I am rehearsing other groups within the ensemble:
1. Numbering measures
2. Marking accidentals

It's Broke, But We Can't Fix It...This Year, Anyways.

Here's a fresh look at No Child Left Behind (NCLB) for the new year. Most agree that while the concept is good, it is a flawed law that politicians just can't seem to get around to changing, even though its expectations are unrealistic and the funds just aren't there to make it a reality. I wonder where we could get a few billion more dollars in 2008? Changes Unlikely in NLCB in '08 (Columbus Dispatch)

The Quest For Beethoven's Urtext

Don't know what an "urtext edition" is? It's worth finding out, and also discover something about someone who has spent his whole life trying to re-create it. This a great article on what a musicologist really does. Check it out at the New York Times. "Settling Old Scores by Beethoven"

Quote for the Weekend

"In matters of style, swim with the current. In matters of principle, stand like a rock. "
-Thomas Jefferson

Pep Band Pics - BB Homecoming

BB Homecoming 1/18/08
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pics from tonight's game have been posted. Thanks for cheering the panthers on to a victory and for putting up with my lack of a voice (sorry about the spit, Ciara). You played a great set tonight and really made an impact on the game. Thanks also to Melissa for being my guest photographer tonight. Have a great three day weekend and I will see you all on Tuesday. Finally, thanks to the Fairbanks Music Boosters for providing the delicios feast during the third quarter. It was yummy!

Pep Band Tonight; No Rehearsal

Pep band is playing tonight for the homecoming game! For reasons I'll explain in class, we will not rehearse tonight. Please be ready to warm in the band room at 7PM. Due to the 6:30 start of the JV game PLUS homecoming ceremonies, it will be a later night. We probably won't be done until after 9:30 tonight. Wear your red and white. Pep band tshirts will be in before our next game...I promise.

Holiday Assembly Pictures Posted

JHCB Holiday Assembly 2007
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from the JHCB performance at the middle school holiday assembly on December 20 have been posted on the picture page. Sorry it took me so long to put them up, but they were left on the camera over break and I just kind of forgot about them until I went to charge the camera today. Enjoy :-)

JHCB: Who's Challenging Who?

Here's who declared challenges on Friday. Be prepared on measures 1-80 of Sparks for next Friday. If you are challenging cross-part and need music, see me ASAP so I can get you a copy. Please remember that challenges are a means of friendly competition and that all players, regardless of chair, are important members of this group.

You - Them - Part
Matt - Kayla - Snare
Eddie - Katrina - Snare
Jessica - Paige - Flute
Megan - Ana - Flute
Emily - Katie - Flute
Katie - Samantha - Flute
Charley - Hannah - Alto Sax
Ciara - Nathan - Trumpet
John - Laura - Trombone
Kevin - John - Trombone
Paytie - Christian - French Horn

Chicago Room List Open

The room list for the HS trip to Chicago is up in the band room. You are guaranteed ONE roommate, but rooms of four will not be broken up unless absolutely necessary. Please get your roomfull together in the next week and sign up on my office window.

A Few Words From Dr. Leo Buscaglia (Dr. Hug)

"Too often we under-estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." - - Leo Buscaglia

Love Quiz

Asking yourself questions and answering them honestly is a good path to self-knowledge. In keeping with this idea, I'd like to propose a few end-of-the-day questions for each of us . . .

· Is anyone a little happier because I came along today?

· Did I leave any concrete evidence of my kindness, any sign of my love?

· Did I try to think of someone I know in a more positive light?

· Did I help someone to feel joy, to laugh, or at least, to smile?

· Have I attempted to remove a little of the rust that is corroding my relationships?

· Have I forgiven others for being less than perfect?

· Have I forgiven myself?

· Have I learned something new about life, living or love?

. Have I gone through the day without fretting over whatI don't have & celebrating the …

Did You Break My Mouthpiece?

I hate to start the day with a bummer, but if you are the one responsible for breaking my alto saxophone mouthpiece and not telling me, you need to tell me now before I find out from some other source.

Rent is Dead

After a 12 year run (7th all-time on Broadway) the popular 1990's musical Rent is closing in New York City. That's 6,307,200 minutes by the way (525,600 mintues X 12). If you know the musical, you'll get the reference. More from Reuters here.

FMB 2008: Tentative Football Schedule (Calendar of Events)

Here's the tentative football schedule for this fall. Please make sure all of these Friday nights are reserved. Click on the pic to enlarge. There are NO Saturday football games again this year, which is great news. One issue, however, is that the senior show will be on October 10...WAY earlier than it has ever been. We'll need to get started on music for the second show much earlier than usual.

In addition, the FMB 2008 calendar has been posted on the official music department web calendar. All of the football games are set, as are all of the Summer rehearsals and performances. School-year rehearsals are also on the calendar. Contest dates are tentative, as the OMEA competition schedule is not released until February 7 and I won't know when my Miami University homecoming is until March or so. The September dates are pretty well set, but the October contest may be moved depending on how the schedule works out.

Just a reminder that all FMB members are required to att…

March History and Information

Both the JHCB and FHSCB will performing traditional American-style marches on the upcoming Mid-Year concert. Ever want to know why marches are the the way they are? Or what the form of a march is? Or the titles of the most well-known American marches? Check out this article on Wikipedia to learn more than you wanted to know about the genre.

Program/Analysis Info On Abracadabra

FHSCB members can read all about Frank Ticheli's Abracadabra at the Manhattan Beach Music site. Follow this link, then be sure to scroll down the page for all the information about this amazing work. You can also download an mp3 of the piece from the same site...totally legally.

Our Director Posted For Listening

I found an mp3 recording of the exact version of Our Director march, which the FHSCB is doing for our next concert. It is on the "members only" page and does require the username and password. If you don't remember them, please email me and I will be happy to send it to you.

Todays Link: My Mom's Blog

I don't get to link to my Mom's blog nearly enough, so since I've got the occasion, I'm going to send you there. She has a nice "It's The Weekend" post that is worth reading, and shares wise words of wisdom on life and happiness.

I'm Still Sick; Pep Band is Off

No pep band tonight. I am still quite ill. Have a great weekend.

I'm Sick; Going Home

I started feeling ill today on the way into school, and am going home second period. Please check back afternoon for the status of tonight's pep band. I feel bad that I'm not able to be here today, but I just feel terrible. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for all your kind words and well-wishes.

I've Found Them!!!! (Blast From The Past)

FMB 2004
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. I found the missing year of pictures! The pics from FMB 2004 "Superstar" show, the entire fall season, as well as 2005 pep band, concert band, and winter guard were all on the old iMac in my office all along. I've posted them to the Flickr page so you can see and share. There's some good stuff in there, so check it out...even if you weren't a part of the group at that time. It was a banner year for the FMB, being one of the biggest bands in Fairbanks history (up to that time), as well as our first attempt at a broadway show for our music book.

I Gotta Get Me One Of These...


FHSCB: Wittenberg Woodwind Workshop

From Wittenberg Department of Music (Springfield):

We will be having a Woodwind Workshop here at Wittenberg University on
Monday, February 18, 2008, 7:00-9:00 pm (for grades 9-12).

Admission is free, but registration is required. Here are complete details:

I hope you will encourage your students to attend!

Thank you.

Dan Kazez
Professor of Music
Wittenberg University
Springfield, Ohio

Did You Lose Something?

Someone left a box of candy bars in my room. If it was you, please see me to claim it. It's got money AND candy in it.

No Booster Meeting Tonight

Due to schedule conflicts, tonight's booster meeting has been cancelled. Next meeting TBA.

FMB DVD's Are In!

If you ordered an FMB @ OSU DVD, I have them in my office. Please pick them up at your convenience.

Pay Your Candy Money NOW.

The following students still owe candy money to the boosters. This money was due on December 20. Get it in the mailbox NOW! (Please :-)

Hannah D.
Emily W.
Amanda R.
Jacob W.
Emma M.
Samantha M.
Larissa S.
Kim S.
Megan W.

Chicago Payment Due Today

The second Chicago payment is due today. Band and choir members going on the trip need to have a total of $350 in their accounts, either through payments or fundraisers. If you have questions about your account, contact Mrs. Long.

Great Job Pep Band!

I just wanted to take a second to tell all you pep band members that you played a great set tonight. We may not have been able to make much of a difference on the game this time, but I was so pleased with not only your level of excitement and enthusiasm, but with the quality of your musical performance. Tempos were great and you had a great sound. Keep up the good work! Enjoy your Sunday an I will see you all on Monday.

Pep Band Tonight!

Be there at 5:45. Rehearsal is at 6PM. We're going to add Wooly Bully and Soak Up The Sun to the repertoire. Be sure to wear Fairbanks colors, as I still don't have Tshirts in.

FHSCB Music Links

Here's the links to the two FJH publications we listened to on Thursday. You'll need RealAudio player, so if you don't have it, follow the link and instructions on the page you are directed to.

...Not Afraid To Dream

Three Scottish Vistas

5th Band Schedule: Kinda Back To Normal

5th grade percussion will meet Friday. The regular schedule kicks in next week, with flutes on Monday, clarinets and saxes on Tuesday, brasses on Wednesday, and percussion on Thursday. Sorry if there was any confusion today. Two day weeks are just weird.

JH Band Links

Here's the links to the music we're rehearsing in the upcoming weeks:


Crosswinds March

Welcome Back; One Last Fun Post

Quote of the Day - "Dare to Fail"

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."
-- Robert F. Kennedy

Chicago Payment Due Monday

The next payment for those going on the Chicago is due this coming Monday, January 7. You need to have a total of $350 on your account. This can be a total of payments or a combination of payments and candy bar profits. Please have your check or money order in the mailbox by Monday!


I just love snow. I know we don't have school on Wednesday but it will
kind of feel like a free snow day.