FMB 2008: Tentative Football Schedule (Calendar of Events)

Here's the tentative football schedule for this fall. Please make sure all of these Friday nights are reserved. Click on the pic to enlarge. There are NO Saturday football games again this year, which is great news. One issue, however, is that the senior show will be on October 10...WAY earlier than it has ever been. We'll need to get started on music for the second show much earlier than usual.

In addition, the FMB 2008 calendar has been posted on the official music department web calendar. All of the football games are set, as are all of the Summer rehearsals and performances. School-year rehearsals are also on the calendar. Contest dates are tentative, as the OMEA competition schedule is not released until February 7 and I won't know when my Miami University homecoming is until March or so. The September dates are pretty well set, but the October contest may be moved depending on how the schedule works out.

Just a reminder that all FMB members are required to attend all rehearsals and performances in unless excused in advance and under the guidlines of the attendance policy. Mark your calendars and start reserving dates!


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