Talking In Rehearsal

I always learned to praise in public and criticize in private, but I must break that guideline for the greater good on this Tuesday morning. The level of distracting and non-related discussion during both FHSCB and JHCB rehearsals has been quite disconcerting in the past week. Please keep talking during rehearsal to a minimum unless: 1. You are discussing the music with your stand partner, (in which case you should be whispering.) OR 2. There is an emergency. In any other case, you should be LISTENING in rehearsal and NOT TALKING. I will be issuing conduct warnings and then written reprimands with grade deductions if this non-productive rehearsal atmosphere continues. This is the only general warning I will give, so please consider yourselves aware of the situation.

Now, I don't believe in being critical without proposing solutions, so here are some things you could be doing while I am rehearsing other groups within the ensemble:
1. Numbering measures
2. Marking accidentals
3. Circling problem areas
4. Working fingerings on difficult passages
5. Quietly working your tongue on single, double, or triple tonguing.
6. Working on any of the above things in other pieces, and not just the one we are rehearsing currently.
7. Listening to me as I rehearse other sections and learning something from what we are doing. Just because I am working with a section other than your own, it does not mean you cannot glean some information from what's being covered. Styles, themes, motivies, and dynamic schemes can be similar part to part and piece to piece.
8. Not talking

Please realize it has to be something BIG for me post something this critical in a public forum, so please do you part to HELP the group and not HARM what we are trying to accomplish. If you have any questions or want to give feedback, please feel free to talk to me in person, comment on this post, or send me a message. I want you to succeed as a group and as individuals, but disrupting rehearsal only leads to shallow individual limitations. Sometimes you have to be unselfish enough to allow the rehearsal process to work like it is supposed to and needs to so we can accoplish our goals together.


Stauffer said…
Whoever said a full moon doesn't affect students never had them.

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