What's The Deal With The Weather?

So...it's looking like it's going to be pretti nasti, so here's the deal:

If school is on tomorrow, in all likelihood, the game will be on as well. If the athletic department cancels before the end of school, you'll be notified.

If school is canceled tomorrow, but the weather as such that the game is still on, we WILL have a band no matter what. If for any reason you or your parents feel that the roads are not safe to travel, then please do not hesitate to stay home. I'll do a band with whomever can and wants to make it - 40 people, 15 people - doesn't matter. What counts is that you're not on the roads if you don't feel it's safe, but we still have a band for this big game. I have all-wheel drive so I can make it in if it's iffy.

How do you know if the game is on or off? Check the blog or call my school phone at 937-349-3721 ext. 1306 and listen to the message. You may also get an "instant alert" from the school about the game being canceled as well, especially if school is not in session tomorrow.


victor said…
Ah, the majestik moose.
fhsbando said…
A moose once bit my sister.

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