Chicago Trivia, Part One

I'll be posting Chicago trivia questions all week. The first student commenter to successfully answer the question will receive one (1) bonus point to apply to either their choir or band grade. Please, no emails. You must post a comment and sign with your first name to get the prize. Band and choir students in grades 5-12 are eligibe. Let the googling begin!


See the picture included in this post ^
1. What is the proper name of the artwork?
2. Where is it located (specifically)?
3. Who is the artist?
4. How much did the work of art cost to make?


Paige Scheiderer said…
name: "Cloud Gate"
Located: downtown Chicago
By: Anish Kapoor
Cost: $23 million

It looks like a huge egg!
Paige Scheiderer
victor said…
Specifically it is located in Millennium Park.
Emily said…
Emily Andrews (JHCB)

Name- Cloud Gate
Located- Millennium Park (Downtown Chicago)
Created by- Anish Kapoor
Cost- It was orginally estimated to be 9 million but it turned out to be 23 million.
Height- 33 feet
Weight- 110 Tons!!!
Width- 42 feet wide
Length- 66 feet long

Proof I didn't copy Paige-(Extra info.)- Its Nickname is the Giant Bean or the big silver thing in Millennium Park.

It is made out of stainless steel plates over a fortified steel frame. It is actually Hollow inside of it.
Paige said…
I feel stupid!
She got well....everything
Emily said…
Funny Paige

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