Chicago Trivia, Part Two

Points update: Congratulations to Paige (1 point for first), Victor (.5 point for correcting Paige's one little lack of detail), and Emily (.5 point for the sheer amount detail she gives on the piece) for correctly identifying "Cloud Gate" in Millennium Park. (see comments for details)

Question No. 2:

1. Identify this landmark Chicago building.
2. Name the famous architect.
3. What is/was the building's claim to fame?

The same rules apply as in question one. Good luck. Let the games begin!


Emily said…
Emily Andrews (JHCB)

Named- The Monadnock Building
Where- It is at 53 west Jackson Boulevard; Its on The same street as the Chicago Board of Trade.
Famous Architect(s)- The north part of the Monadnock Building was designed by Burnham and Root. The south half was designed by Holabird and Roche.
Why- The Monadnock Building is important because the building is part load-bearing wall construction. And part modern skyscraper with a steel skeleton, It is the tallest masonry building in Chicago, perhaps the world. The base walls are six feet thick and they rise to the full 215 foot height of 16 floors.
How long it took to make- It took from 1889 until 1891 to build the Monadnock. The north part was finished first, then the south half was built later.
Paige said…
Sorry Mr.Keller! I consider this to be impossible. I've looked everywhere and nothing.
Paige said…
Ok i saw that building and it didn't look like the one in your pic.
Huh? i'm confused
fhsbando said…
Perspective is everything, dear Paige. :-)
Emily said…
I googled pictures of chicago famous buildings and went through them all untill i found it.
Emily said…
It kind of seems like Paige and I are at a Race....
Anonymous said…
Abriel Arnold

yo, mr. keller and companny!! :D i origionally got on in hopes of finding some hot spoiderman pics, but my mom told me to do somefink productive, so i came here, and decided to find the answer to this, i qoute, Paige said...
"Sorry Mr.Keller! I consider this to be impossible. I've looked everywhere and nothing" despite my dial-up internet connection. :(
so, my mind still stuck on the wonderful persuit of my origional intention, i began searching famous landmark buildings of new york. after alittle while, i realized that i was supposed to be searching in the chicago vicinity. very smart. and now i think that it is actually the Mannhatan building, built in 1891, under the instruction of architect Le Baron Jenney. And it is Chicago's longest standing steel building. Emily, if this is inncorect (wich it probbably is) no negative feelings directed to you in a snobish matter or noffin. K? oh, and by the way, i did find a letter combo for peter parker-
8) glasses. lol.
Emily said…
im pretty sure i found the right building because i found the same exact picture becide the article of info that i got on this.
marching nut said…
The Monadnock Building
53W. JAckson Boulevard, Chicago
Built by: Burnham & Root

Mr Keller....

I really don't knot if you'd believe me about doing the reserch myself, but heres the link to the site that I went to to find the information that I reserched... it's kinda long, but hey! I did do the serch myself.

Email me and let me know if I am elligable for the bonus points!! (Or you could just let me know @ school 2morrow...duh)


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