Sad Mac: My Laptop is Dead

So, if I'm a little out of sorts this week, please forgive me. I started up my MacBook this morning and was greeted with the circle/slash (which is the new-age "sad-mac") and no boot. End result? My hard drive is fried. I'm good with my backups, so I only lost a few days worth of work, so I still have all my files, just not where I want them. I'm iMac-bound for the week until Apple ships Mr. Thaman a new hard drive for my machine, which was thankfully still under warranty. You shouldn't notice any change to my online presence, as I'm just on a different machine, but don't count on any updates until after I get my MacBook back. If you catch me standing, staring, and waxing poetic, you know it's just because I'm missing a part of my cyborg self.


Stauffer said…
I'm terribly sorry for your loss.
victor said…
I just went two weeks without my iPod. I empathize.
Megan said…
I spilled water on my Macbook in December -- still don't have the money to fix it. You're lucky yours was under warranty!

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