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Conductorcise? Exercise Through Music

This is a neat article about a retired conductor that had used his skills to develop an exercise program aimed at senior citizens, but good for anyone. There's a video on from the Today Show thats worth watching. Ever try conducting for a while? It's more strenuous than it looks! :-)

FMB: What Do You Think?

Have a listen and let me know what you think about this:

FMB: So...About That Pink Elephant In The Middle Of The Room

So, FMB. I have this hunch that the Carmen show I chose for marching band is too difficult for us to perform and march effectively and that you might have the same hunch. I'm thinking about looking for another show. What do you think? Honest opinions please. I want to know what you have to say after our interesting sight reading today.

I Am Stunned

I started putting away all the music that my bands played this year. Not including fifth grade band, this is a picture of all the pieces concert bands either performed, rehearsed, or sight-read this school year. This doesn't even include music played by the pep band or marching band. I'm stunned. Only bands with good sight-reading skills can consume this much music in eight months. Wow. You have earned a Summer vacation. And so have I :-)

click the pic to enlarge


Congrats to to FHSCB members Caleb, Drew, and Justin for winning the second annual year-end music trivia challenge. They are the recipients of five bonus points each as well as the super-cool music trivia trophy designed and built by Colene. Isn't it cool?

Fifth Grade Music Program

Click the pic to enlarge.

5/6 Band Assembly May 28 - UPDATED

On the morning of May 28, Mrs. Creamer's 5th grade classes will present their musical program and the 5th and 6th grade bands will also perform their concert selections on this assembly as well. All 5/6 band members need to have their instrument and music on this day for this important performance. Mrs. Lucas has specifically invited us to play for the school and it is a great honor to do so. This is your chance to show off to the whole school the hard work you've put in to making this Spring's performance a quality effort!

Please note, you do not have to get all dressed up for this performance. Nice school clothes are perfectly acceptable :-)

Fifth and Sixth grade band members will be dismissed from class at 8:15 AM to prepare for the concert. Please come to the band room, put your instrument together and take it and your msuic to the middle school gym. Do NOT play while in the hallway please (HS exams are taking place). Fifth graders will place their instrume…

Turn In Your Tux Shirts!

Gentlemen in the FHSCB and Concert Choir are kindly reminded to turn their tuxedo shirts and ties to Mr. Keller before the end of the week. You will not receive your grade card if you head home for Summer without bringing it in to my office and getting yourself checked off the list. Thank you in advance for taking care of this important issue. :-)

Memorial Day, FHSCB@Vets Pics Posted

FHSCB@Vets 5/25/08
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from the fifth annual FHSCB@Vets concert and the FMB's performance at the Unionville Center Memorial Day Parade are on the official picture page. It was a busy but rewarding weekend. Thanks to all the performers and parents for such a great time. See you on Tuesday!

Band room open

The band room is unlocked if you forgot anything.
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Memorial Day Reminders

School is open at 8AM if you forgot anything.

We warm at 9AM at the Darby Township building in Unionville.

Dress is Summer uniform.

Music is Victors, SSB, and America the Beautiful. You'll have a chance to brush up on memorization at 9AM.

We'll be done approximately 11:15 AM.

I'll bring percussion and low brass on the trailer.

See you all there!


If you left your euphonium at school, I have it. It's in my car.

Sunday's Schedule

Last minute reminders:

If you forgot anything at the school that you need for Sunday's concert, the school will be open at 11AM.You need to be in your seats ready to warm at 1:30.Dress is concert black. I'll have bow ties in the lobby starting at 1PM.The concert will last around an hour fifteen.After the show, please stick around if you can and help me load the trailer.
It's going to be a great show. Mr. Zuehlke and I are really looking forward to being on the podium with you on the stage on this beautiful day.

Graduation Pictures Poste

Graduation 2008
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. All the pictures I took at graduation today are now on the Official Picture Page. It was a beautiful day and both the band and choir sounded great. Congratulations, class of 2008!

FMB Polos - Order Now If You Haven't

The boosters have FMB polo (summer uniform) shirts from Colin, Amanda, Connor, John, Seth, Rachel, Brie, Paytie, and Sarah.

If you are a rookie or a veteran who needs a new shirt for next season, please remember to get your order in the booster mailbox by June 1. If need the order form, you can download it here.


I'm was most troubled this morning when the boosters shared with me the state of payments for band camp for the upcoming season. TWENTY-FOUR of you have not paid your $50 deposit that was due the second week of April. All band members must have a total of $100 in their account by the end of school on June 1.

Rather than list delinquents in this post, I'll tell you that the following people are OK until band camp check in:
Jessica B., Rachel, Ryan, Josh, and Brie.

EVERYONE ELSE owes money and needs to return candy money and/or payements into the mailbox before June 1. See the spreadsheet attached to see how much you still owe. Your outstanding balance must be $130 or less. Make all checks or money orders to Fairbanks Music Boosters and put in an evnvelope detailing whether it is a payment or candy money, then put the envelope in the booster mailbox in the band room.

This is serious, folks. We've never had this horrible of a ledger at the point in the season in my 15 year…

Friday Is A Busy Day

Senior awards and the John Philip Sousa award will be presented at this morning's high school awards assembly. I'm looking forward to it.

JHCB seventh graders get to help me load the trailer this morning!

FHSCB members are released from classes today at 1:55 PM for this afternoon's rehearsal at Vets. Drivers need to go to the office to sign out. All others need to board the bus outside the band room door ASAP. Please remember your instrument. I'll take care of everyone's folder.

Excuse List for Graduation

The following band/choir members are excused from Graduation on Saturday due to their involvement in the district track meet:

Sophomores: Nick Reed, Alex Johnson, John Smith
Freshmen: Erin Van Gordon, Jessica Palmer, Harmony Litwin

This was pre-arranged long ago with the athletic department, so the two-week notice rule does not apply. Best of luck and best of speed this weekend!

FHSCB: Program Order for Vets

Our Director
E. Bigelow

Ave Maria
Franz Schubert, arr. Frank Ticheli

Three Scottish Vistas
I. This Proud People II. The South of Skye III. Glasgow
William Owens
Mr. Matt Zuehlke, Guest Conductor

Folk Song Suite, II. My Bonny Boy
Ralph Vaughan Williams

Con te Partiro (Time to Say Goodbye)
Francesco Sartori, arr. J. Williams
Jacob Williams, Euphonium - Allison Conklin, Trumpet

...Not Afraid To Dream
Brian Balmages

15 Minutes

Timothy Mahr

Sean Knaub, Guitar

Frank Ticheli
Mr. Matt Zuehlke, Guest Conductor

The Winter’s Passed
Wayne Barlow
Marilyn Wright, Oboe - Cindy Kipker, Piano

Music from “Gladiator”
Hans Zimmer, arr. Mike Story

The Stars and Stripes Forever
John Philip Sousa

BUMP: Our Big Week...

Here's what's up this week:

Monday - Spring Concert - 7 PM. (details here)
Friday - Rehearsal at Vets - 2-4:30 PM (details here)
Saturday - Graduation performance (details here)
Sunday - Concert at Vets - 2 PM (details here)
Monday - Memorial Day Parade - 9 AM (details here)

Please be prepared for each of your events with all your materials and in proper attire. This week will only run smoothly if everyone does their part to prepare and give their best performance possible. Please email me if you have any questions. Break a leg!

Leftover Chicago Pics

Chicago Pre-Departure
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. I found pictures from Friday morning of our Chicago trip on my other camera and have uploaded them to the picture page. Enjoy!

Spring Concert 2008

Spring Concert 2008
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Spring concert pictures are up for your viewing pleasure. Please feel free to download pictures you would like to keep, order prints, or comment on the pictures. Thanks for a great evening, Fairbanks musicians!

Bravos. I'm Out Until 8th.

Congratulations to everyone on a great performance last night!

I am still not feeling well after last night so I'm out today. FHSCB: I will be in for 8th period rehearsal unless I am dead. Everyone else be good for your sub.

Senior Write Ups

Last call!

Choir Mutiny?

Yeah...If you're in choir and not coming to tonight's concert, you had best have a valid excuse. I'm just sayin'.

If you are excused, you will have make up work this week to earn your 30 points credit for missing the concert. If you're not excused, you'll lose all 30 of your performance attendance points, and still have make up work to do this week during class time.

Concert Tonight!


FMB: Memorial Day 08

The 2007-2008 FMB will perform in its final event on Monday, May 26 at the Unionville Center Memorial Day parade. Line up is at 9AM at the Darby Township building on Cross St. The parade will start at 9:45 and march to the Methodist Church, then proceed to both cemeteries for ceremonies honoring those who gave their lives in defense of our country. We will be done at approximately 11AM. Dress is summer uniform. Music will be from memory: Victors, SSB, and America the Beautiful. Attendance is required for FMB members.

Graduation This Saturday

The FHSCB and FHS Concert Choir will perform at FHS's annual commencement exercises on Saturday, May 24. Performers need to be ready to warm up at 10:30 AM. The ceremony begins at 11AM and will be over at 11:45. Attendance is required for all HS band and choir members. Ladies are to wear nice dress clothes. Please no revealing clothing as this is an official school function and an important performance. Gentlemen are to wear dress pants and dress shoes, shirt, and tie (short sleeves are allowed).

You're In The Paper!

Info on Monday's Spring concert was in Friday's Journal-Tribune. Thanks to Allison for writing the Panther Pause article, as well. Click to enlarge. Have a relaxing weekend. See you all Monday!

HS Trumpets - I Need A Bugler

I need a member of my high school trumpet section to play taps at the Unionville Center Naval tribute at the creek (approximately 11:00 AM) and at the Milford Center ceremony (approximately 2 P.M.). One person may do both, or two different people may do this as well. Please let me know if you are interested ASAP by commenting or emailing me.

Also, be sure to check out Bugles Across America if you have not already!

Band/Choir Seniors - Writeups/pics ASAP

I need a write-up and a senior picture ASAP for Monday's concert program. Sorry I'm so late on this. Just completely slipped my mind. Please send me a brief paragraph... the son/daugher of ____________ from ____________.
...had participated in
...would like to thank.

You know the drill by now. If you can send me an already-scanned version of your picture that would be great, but if not, good old fashioned paper picture is fine too. Again...sorry this is such short notice.

One More Rehearsal


Vets Poster Available for Download

The poster for our May 25 FHSCB @ Vets Auditorium is ready and will be available tomorrow. Please take one or more to put up in your church, parents' place of business, or a community bulletin board. Feel free to download this pdf file and print for yourself or to put up.

BUMP: Chaperone Help for May 19 Concert

I need a parent to chaperon some warm-up rooms for the Spring concert on May 19. All you will have to do is make sure the kids stay in the room and keep the mayhem to a minimum. I need at least one parent chaperon for the following groups/times:
5th Grade Band (30 students) - 6:40-7:15 - MS cafeteria
JH Concert Band (51 students) - 7:40-8:00 - HS cafeteria
HS Choir (65 students) - 7:20-7:45 - MS cafeteria
All the other performing groups are warming up on stage. Please contact me ASAP if you can help me out with any of these groups. I will be present during part of these times, but will have to leave to warm other groups and I just want to know that there is an adult keeping an eye in these rooms.

I've Said It Before and I'll Say It Again: Be Here or Be Excused

Students are reminded that if you are unexcused to school, you are also unexcused to rehearsal and your grade is negatively affected. You MUST turn in a note from a parent or a physician in to the office AFTER the absence, within three school days, or the absence is considered unexcused. Even if you turn in a note before the absence stating that you will miss school in the future, you STILL MUST TURN IN AN EXCUSE NOTE AFTER YOU RETURN.

I've said it many, many times: Be HERE, or BE EXCUSED. It breaks my heart to give a student a B (or lower!) in my class because attendance rules were not followed. Please take care of business up on your return after an absence. A LOT of you have lower grades due to this fact. Please check progressbook to see if you are one of those affected and sign up for appropriate bonus points if you wish.

Concert Tear-Down (bonus points)

Five bonus points are available to band and choir member who stay after the may 19 concert to move equipment back to the band room and fold/stack chairs. Please sign up for credit on the paper on my office window. Any/all are welcome.

Fairbanks Alumni Banquet: Performer Needed

The annual Fairbanks High School Alumni banquet is on Saturday, May 31 in the HS cafeteria. They have asked me if there are any Fairbanks High School students who would be interested in providing a brief musical performance immediately after dinner at 1 PM. A solo instrument or voice, or solo with accompaniment would be suitable. If you are interested, see me with your proposed repertoire before Friday, May 16. There's no money involved, but you'll get a free meal if you show up at noon.

A BIG Thank You from the Boosters

Could you please post on your blog or website a big Thank You to all of the following for bringing in items for the Teacher Appreciation lunch on Friday:

Janet Bardin
Angie Scheiderer
Cindy Fisher
Mary Ellen Garwood
Sue Lucas
Karen Rausch
Karla Long

...and a special Huge Thank you to Melanie Reed whom at the last minute jumped in with a big contribution.


It's Starting To Look Like A School!


The Updated Site Is Live!

The new and improved is now live! You can get to the new site with your old link: It's not perfect, but it's pretty close. The old site can still be accessed for the time being at, but will be gone soon, so if you're attached to any of those images or pages, download them now or take a screen capture.

All of the main pages are now linked across the top menu, with off-site links and lesser used pages in the "important links" box in the top right corner.

As when it was in beta, please let me know about any issues you might have with the site by emailing me or commenting here. I have pdf files available for download and I've had a few glitches with them, but other than that things should be running even smoother than before!

Spring Concert Program - First Draft

Please help me out by checking the program for the Spring Concert and ensure that your name is on there and that it it spelled correctly. If you happen to spot any other typos as well, feel free to tell me about them as well. Click the image to open the program in adobe acrobat, or just click here to do the same.

Two Hour Delay Tuesday

Enjoy. See you 10AM.

FMB Candy Bar Sale Details

The candy bars for FMB camp will be in sometime today and available for immediate check-out. Due to Nestle-Beich's shipping costs and the small size of our order, profit for this sale is only 40%. I apologize for this, but there is little I can do about such things. Here's the details:

• You may check out one box at a time. Multiple boxes must be pre-paid. NO CANDY IS TAKEN IN RETURN. Once you check it out, you must return MONEY.

• Bars are $1 each. There are 52 bars per box. You return $52 per box and earn $20 profit.

• Please make checks or money orders payable to “Fairbanks Music Boosters”. To protect you and the boosters, no cash is accepted.

• All candy money is due no later than May 30. Profits will be credited toward your end of the year payment.

• Keep your candy in a safe place. If it is lost, stolen, or melted, you are still responsible for returning the money you owe.

Help Me Test A New Site

Would you help me out by beta testing a new and improved Click here, then email problems/suggestions to me. That's it. Any help you can give is appreciated. Please be sure to tell me what browser and OS you are using when you message me. Thanks!

Little Kid vs. Tuba Player

Guess who wins? Updated

I'm sorry it's been so long since has been updated. When my hard drive died, so did my software for updating the page. Now that I'm back up and running, it was important that I updated info on the Spring concert, FHSCB @ Vets, Graduation, and Memorial day on the site. Click here to check out the changes. Honestly, this (Mr. Keller's Blog) is still the best place to get your up-to-the-minute information. Check at least weekly, but daily if you can to see what's going on with all aspects of the music department!

Chicago Folks: Check Out This Vid

Check out this YouTube video of the Ellen show which taped in Chicago on Saturday. Skip to about 50 seconds in and see if you recognize anything. (thanks, Aimee!)

Concert May 19: Performer Info

Information for performers on the May 19 Spring concert will be handed out on Friday. Get a sneak peek by clicking below. Please not when to be here, what to bring, and what to (an not to) wear. (click images to enlarge)

Pictures from Chicago

Chicago Saturday 08
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. All 500 some pictures I took on our trip to Chicago are available for viewing and download on the official picture page. The weather cooperated, the students were wonderfully behaved and dressed, and the itinerary worked almost to a "T". My pictures are there for your convenience and enjoyment. Please feel free to comment as well. I wanted to take a good balance of things and people, and think I succeeded fairly well. Be sure to check out all three sets from Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Pictures All Weekend

Be sure to check the official picture page for daily updates from our trip to Chicago. I'll be trying to blog when I can and when WiFi is available, and I'll be uploading pictures each evening after we get back to the hotel.

You HAVE to check out the picture I attached. I used a program calld MacOSaiX to make a mosaic from all the pics on the flickr page. Click on it to enlarge. Are you in there?

Chicago: Are You Ready?

Make sure those alarms are set. Are you ready? See you at 6:30ish. I can already taste the Gino's pizza and hear Wicked ringing in my ears.

Chicago is Tomorrow!; Triva Wrap-Up

I can hardly believe tomorrow is the day. We depart for Chicago at 7:30 AM tomorrow. Are you ready? If not, read more of the blog below.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the week-long Chicago trivia contest. Some of it was important, and some was trivial indeed, but I hope you had fun. I did. Victor answered the Ferris Bueller Art question first for two points, but Emily again answered it best and garnered an additional point.

The Question 9 Answers:
1. Nighthawks by Edward Hopper
2. Nude Under Pine Tree by Pablo Picasso
3. La Toilette (A Child's Bath) by Mary Cassatt
4. Greyed Rainbow by Jackson Pollack
5. Bathers by a River by Henri Matisse
6. Portrait of Balzac by Auguste Rodin
7. Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat
8. America Windows by Mark Chagall

The final tally of bonus points:
Emily 4.5 points
Victor 3.5 points
Oliver 1 point
Paige 1 point
Allison 1 point
Jacob 1 point
Congratulations to all of the competitors!