A BIG Thank You from the Boosters

Could you please post on your blog or website a big Thank You to all of the following for bringing in items for the Teacher Appreciation lunch on Friday:

Janet Bardin
Angie Scheiderer
Cindy Fisher
Mary Ellen Garwood
Sue Lucas
Karen Rausch
Karla Long

...and a special Huge Thank you to Melanie Reed whom at the last minute jumped in with a big contribution.



Emily Andrews (JHCB) said…
Speaking of boosters, I have already sold my first box of candy! all 52 bars of it. All in exactly 6 hours and 30 minutes.....Yay!
Paige said…
Mr. Keller Emily is like completely amazing. She knows everything, it's almost scary. And she's speedy quik selling her candy. I haven't sold any. Well i'm not selling so i guess that'd be why.BYE!

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