FMB Candy Bar Sale Details

The candy bars for FMB camp will be in sometime today and available for immediate check-out. Due to Nestle-Beich's shipping costs and the small size of our order, profit for this sale is only 40%. I apologize for this, but there is little I can do about such things. Here's the details:

• You may check out one box at a time. Multiple boxes must be pre-paid. NO CANDY IS TAKEN IN RETURN. Once you check it out, you must return MONEY.

• Bars are $1 each. There are 52 bars per box. You return $52 per box and earn $20 profit.

• Please make checks or money orders payable to “Fairbanks Music Boosters”. To protect you and the boosters, no cash is accepted.

• All candy money is due no later than May 30. Profits will be credited toward your end of the year payment.

• Keep your candy in a safe place. If it is lost, stolen, or melted, you are still responsible for returning the money you owe.


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