I've Said It Before and I'll Say It Again: Be Here or Be Excused

Students are reminded that if you are unexcused to school, you are also unexcused to rehearsal and your grade is negatively affected. You MUST turn in a note from a parent or a physician in to the office AFTER the absence, within three school days, or the absence is considered unexcused. Even if you turn in a note before the absence stating that you will miss school in the future, you STILL MUST TURN IN AN EXCUSE NOTE AFTER YOU RETURN.

I've said it many, many times: Be HERE, or BE EXCUSED. It breaks my heart to give a student a B (or lower!) in my class because attendance rules were not followed. Please take care of business up on your return after an absence. A LOT of you have lower grades due to this fact. Please check progressbook to see if you are one of those affected and sign up for appropriate bonus points if you wish.


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