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Rookie Camp/Drumline Camp

July 14 is the first day of rehearsal for rookies and section leaders. Everyone is to be ready to work at 8 AM. You should be dressed for the weather in cool comfortable clothes. I would recommend you wear light colors and shorts. Athletic shoes and socks are acceptable footwear for all of our rehearsals...please no sandals or flip flops. Please bring your instrument and music. You might also want to consider a hat, sunscreen, and a water bottle to stay cool, hydrated, and un-sunburned. We will be done by noon.

The drumline will meet from 1-4 in the afternoon on the 14th and will rehearse indoors. Please come prepared with your drum, sticks, and music. There will be additional drumline rehearsals scheduled the week of July 14th and the week of July 21 after I meet with Mr. Jerew. We have very good players this year, but we are a young drumline and additional focus on fundamentals will be necessary to reach top form by the beginning of the contest season.

Camp/Candy Money Update From The Boosters

We still have candy outstanding from:
Moriah Epling 1 box
Amanda Rein 1 box
Melissa Fink 1 box
Emily Andrews 1 box

Also I have not received any kind of band camp payment from:
Amanda Rein
Aaron Rausch
Samantha McKean
Emma McKean
Melissa Fink
Moriah Epling

Please contact Mrs. Garwood to arrange payment. Thanks!

New Resources!

I finally got parts 1 and 2 of the Wicked show and have it posted on the Member Page for you. There are three parts to the show, as well as a custom warm up (arranged by Stauffer) for you to peruse. There is also the original music for you to listen/learn from, as well as the recording of our show. I'm re-arranging bass drum parts and getting the mailing ready to go out early next week. It will include contest show sheet music, a new copy of the calendar of events (with NO changes, mind you) and an FMB update including camp info.

If you need to contact me, please email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, as I am in and out for the next few weeks. I hope you're enjoying your Summer and looking forward to FMB 2008 as much as I am!

PS - If you still need your mellophone (cough, cough, COLENE KNAUB), please get it in the HS office ASAP :-)

Well, It's A Start...

I have part 3 of the Wicked music, which includes the tunes For Good, No Good Deed, and No One Mourns The Wicked (Reprise). Not only do I have the marching band music up on the member page, but also the original music for you to learn from. I scanned everything into pdf format and have it for you to download and start practicing. It's all available on the Member Page, so you'll need to sign in with the username and password. If you don't remember them or need them for the first time, just drop me an email and I'll send it to you. Part III is relatively easy for all involved including drumline.

I'm re-arranging the bass drum parts on Thursday, but I went ahead and posted the original so bass drummers have something to look at in the meantime. Much of the rhythm will remain, just re-arranged for three drums. I'm expecting parts I and II by Friday and will hopefully have them up for you in similar format by the beginning of next week. I'll have the mai…

Booster Golf Outing - SUNDAY!!!!

I hope you will join us for the biggest music booster fundraiser of the year. The fourth annual Golf Outing is on Sunday, June 8, 2PM at Buck Ridge Golf Course. Click here for the poster and for more info and sign up as soon as possible. Get that team together! Contact Karla Long or Karen Rausch ASAP!!!

FHSCB@Vets Video

I learned this week that you CAN use a digital video tape too many times. Much of the vets concert is garbled and merged with past challenges and rehearsals. I have posted your performance of Abracadabra with Mr. Z to YouTube for the world to see and hear. This is really the best of the show, and my favorite piece. Hope you enjoy. (YouTube video blocked at school)

Video From The Spring Concert

Here is all the videos I have of the May 19 Spring concert for your viewing and listening pleasure. The camera missed the first 1 1/3 pieces of the JHCB, but everything else is complete. Please feel free to share this post with family and friends from out of town who couldn't make it to your concert. Thanks to all of my performers for a rewarding and enjoyable performing experience! (note: please forgive the low video quality. I wanted to give you the best audio quality with the quickest load times, and let's be honest, the only one who is noticeably moving is me. Hope you don't mind)

Do You Have Your Mellphone?

Colene. Jordan. Emily. One of you doesn't have a mellophone and I just happen to have one in my posession. Can you pick it up Wednesday? I'll be in all day :-)

I'm In Tuesday

I'm not required to be in on Tuesday but I will be from 8-Noon if you need to pick up your instrument, drop off your tux shirt, or make a band camp or candy payment. I'll also be in Wednesday after 11am.
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The New FMB Show Is WICKED!

It's done. I ordered the new show today and should have it in my hands by the end of the week. I will be sending you new music with a CD hopefully by the end of next week. If your snail mail address is different than listed in progress book, please be sure to notify me via email so I can get it to you via USPS in June. Recordings are available from the Hal Leonard site. You may download a copy for personal use. Feel free to listen, put on your mp3 player, or burn to a cd for listening. I will have bass drum revisions done by July. Everything else should be as-is on the page. Thanks for everyone for your input this weekend. It really made my decision much easier. The power of the blog is tremendous!!!!