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Sunday/Monday Pics

FMB Camp Monday (AM)
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from Sunday and Monday camp have been posted on the official picture page for your perusal. We're off to a great start and will have the opener to music and drill by noon today! The Internet is back up so I'll be posting more pictures all week!

Sunday Update

It was a smooth and successful first day of FMB camp 2008. The kids are all in bed and most are sleeping so all is well. I'm having some trouble getting online so I won't be able to post pictures until tomorrow afternoon. We're back at it monday morning with our first full drill rehearal. Check back for pictures tomorrow night. Thanks to all the boosters and parents who helped make today such a great success!
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Room List - Is It OK?

Did I forget anyone? Changes? Let me know. Click the pic to enlarge.

Wicked Show Drill Charts

Wicked #25
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Drill charts for the upcoming week at band camp are available for your perusal at the official picture page. It's definitely a different show than last year, but very unique and effective in its own way. You will receive your bound copy on Sunday at band camp check in, but if you want to get a good preview, go to the Wicked set and click "slide show" to see how all the transitions work. See you at 3PM Sunday!

Drill Assignments Posted

The drill is finished, so I'm making copies Friday morning and scanning them so you and staff members can get a sneak peek. As for right now, if you want to know your drill assignment, click on the pic and check it out.

In my formatting frenzy, T7 (Sarah McKee) got chopped off the bottom of the chart. My fault! Consider it fixed, and Sarah: consider yourself T7. :-)

Camp Check-In Items

Things you need at camp check in:
Your remaining camp balance in the form of a check or money order made to Fairbanks Music BoostersYour emergency medical form, if you have not already turned it inYour old clipboard if you still have it. You'll get a treat if you don't need a new one!

Weather Update

I don't want to jinx us, but the weather forecast for band camp is the most promising I have ever seen. Partly sunny, highs in the low 80's. It just doesn't get any better than this. Keep your fingers crossed that it does indeed come true!

Almost Done

I'm calling it a night with about 5 sets to go. I've been writing for over 12 hours today and I see dots when I close my eyes. Don't get me's cool drill. I just need a break! (Pictured: about all I have seen since the fair parade on Monday)
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Drill Update

So I haven't had much to report on the drill design because it was SO slow going to start. I had a difficult time getting in the mood and start my brain working in the right way. I had no success on Monday at all but a fresh start on Tuesday has been quite productive. The opener drill is completed. 15 charts, including a sequence of 8's at the end during the power chords. Some new stuff, as well, including an 8-to-5 backpush and a half-time float. Lots of visuals too. I'm planning on not sleeping tonight until Part 3 (our second tune) is done. Might be drinking some coffee. I'll give you another update tonight or tomorrow. I really think you'll like what I've got on paper so far!

BUMP: Fair Parade Monday July 21 (Details)

The Union County Fair Parade performance will be on Monday, July 21. We will meet at 4:15 PM at the parking lot between Vets Auditorium and the First United Methodist Church in Marysville, at the corner of 6th and Court Streets. The parade starts promptly at 5 PM and will end at Marysville Middle School at 5:30.

Please arrange for your own drop off and pick up. Dress is Summer uniform, including your official band polo, all-black shorts, white socks, and white-ish shoes. Hair is to be off the collar, and no jewelry is to be worn (except watches and your class ring). I will transport percussion and tubas in the trailer. Everyone else will need to transport their own instrument.

Let's give our best performance in this important showcase of our musicianship and marching skill!

What If?

If you perchance forgot your instrument or music at the school, it will be open at 3:30 today. Get what you need them. Warm up is at 4:15 today (see below).

Band Geek Hero Tshirts

Just in case you need to add to your arsenal of witty tshirts, check out this site that shows that guitarists are not the end-all-be-all of cool. Yes. It's Band Geek Hero!!!

Tshirts Are Going To Press

The 2008 FMB Tshirts are off to the printers! Thanks to the boosters for making the shirts happen so early. You will have your shirt at camp this year! If you want a sneak peek at the design, click on the graphic. It's the front design and I think it's pretty wicked. *jk* Don't worry about paying for your shirt. The cost is included in your camp fee! Updated!

Image has been updated with new marching band information and pictures. Check it all out here!

Wicked Movie!

How is this for timing? According to Playbill Magazine, they're making a Wicked movie!

Rehearsal Pics Are Up

FMB 1st Rehearsal 08
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Thanks to Moriah, I have quite a few pictures from rookie camp and the first full FMB rehearsal. Check them out on the official picture page. See you all tomorrow morning at 8AM :-)

Field Lining Today

I'm lining the field today at 1pm. Any help would be greatly appreciated if you're free. Thanks!
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Calendar of Events: It Migh Be Diced For A Few Days

The official calendar of events is hosed on the Apple servers under my .Mac subscription. This weekend, it officially transfers all of its power to the new Apple online service "MobileMe." What does this all mean, you say? It means the calendar of events may be up and down, or even not exist at all for awhile until I figure out what is going on. Please be patient with me. The web page and blog should be unaffected.

A Few Bits O' Information

1. I'll be in the office most of the day tomorrow, Friday, July 11. If you need anything from the band room or need to chat, just email or call me first to make sure I'm in. I'll be out for lunch, but that depends on how work is going.

2. The next booster meeting will be Wednesday, July 16 at 6PM at Rooster's Restaurant (the old Philadelphia Grill). All parents are welcome.

3. If you didn't get your mailing, please let me know. The only one I got back in the mail belonged to Caleb R. (I sent it back out today)

In The Mail

I just put the music and Summer info in the mail. If you have a Marysville address, you should have it by Thursday. The rest of you should have it by Saturday at the latest. Keep checking the blog from now on for FMB updates!
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Getting Mailings Ready

Mailings will go out tomorrow (Wed) and you should have it by the end of the week.

I just realized we have three Jessicas in FMB. We need to come up with some nicknames and quick. :-)