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Video From Friday's Abbreviated Halftime

What do you think about what we did get to perform? Constructive criticism?

Southeastern Pics/Wrap Up

FMB vs. Southeastern 8/29/08
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. I know last night was kind of a weird nightmare, but a lot of positive things happened despite having to hang out in the sweaty band room for over an hour. Like:
We had a successful pregame. Music was the most solid it has been in years on the first game. 8 to 5 was a little shaky on the march down the field, but nerves were still a factor since we just learned pregame 48 hours before.
We bonded with the Southeastern band in our downtime. What a great bunch of kids with a positive attitude. It was nice getting to hear them play in concert as well.
We got some great pictures! Check them out at the picture page or by clicking on the pic in this post.
The opener music and drill improved once again. We did have some individual execution errors, but I'm betting that had a little something to do with the lightning flashing on the horizon. Nothing that we can't work out this week.
Finally - We got to go home a little earl…

Mr. Keller's Library Is Open

Thanks to some hard work from my band aides, my CD library will be open much earlier than last year. As a matter of fact, it's open...uh...NOW. High school band and choir members are eligible to check out one CD at a time for seven days. Faculty members are welcome to check out two CD's for the same 7-day period.

To be eligible, you must read the terms and conditions and sign and return a library contract. All of this can be done online (saving paper) or you can read the terms and conditions on the bulletin board in the band room. A few printed forms are on the information rack just inside the band room door. There are late fees and replacement/damage costs, but outside of these, you may borrow as many discs as you want free of charge.

I hope you all take advantage of this opportunity to broaden your musical horizons, or utilize my 600+ CD collection to use music in cross-curriucular projects. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. As soon as you turn in y…

FMB - Reminder For First Home Game

Rehearsal is at 5:30. Bring everything you need.Summer uniform once again. Be sure to take out all of your jewlery BEFORE uniform inspectionWoodwinds will bring their cases up since there is a chance of rain tonight.Please have all of your contest and pregame music memorized.If you do not have your cheers memorized, you are bound and required to have your cheer music in your pocket. NO FAKING IT!Let's do our best and make a great first impression on the home crowd. SELL THIS SHOW and they will respond!

FMB Seniors - Pick Your Senior Show Music

Seniors: I know it's hard to believe, but with the senior show being on October 10, we need to choose music NOW so we can start working on it in September. Want to see what your options are? Visit Stanton's Sheet Music site and start sending me your choices. We can either two two tougher songs or three easy songs. Make sure what you choose is in print, and that it's grade 3.5 or lower, then just comment here or email your selections to me. I'll put together a ballot and then we can all vote on the music we play. I need to have the music ordered by Monday at the latest, so get to it!

Music Boosters - September 10

The first meeting of the Fairbanks Music Boosters for the 2008-2009 school year will be held on Wednesday, September 10 at 6 PM in the band room. All parents and friends of the Fairbanks music department are invited to attend.

Paper Saving Update

So far, according to my estimates, I've saved over 1,740 sheets of paper over last year's usage so far. By not copying handbooks and putting them online, printing two-sided or half sheet as often as possible, or using the whiteboard instead of printing handouts, I have reduced my paper consumption significantly! My goal is to use 10,000 less sheets of paper this year over last. Think I can make it? Any other ideas that you have that might help me reach my goal?

FMB: Come Prepared For Foul Weather

Word it that it's going to rain on Wednesday. That being said, please come prepared to FMB rehearsal with mud shoes/clothes because unless it's pouring, we need to be outside re-blocking pregame. If it is pouring, we will work music inside until 5:15, so rehearsal will go on regardless. Do you anti-rain dance. I'll be doing mine. I don't think the heavy stuff will come down for quite some time.

Fairbanks Schools: EXCELLENT!

From Mr. Humble, your superintendent of the Fairbanks Local Schools:
It is my honor and pleasure to inform all the stakeholders that Fairbanks has been rated Excellent by the Ohio Department of Education. This could not have happened without the students, staff, administration and Board of Education working together. This is a great day to be part of the Fairbanks school system. Thank you and have a great day.And as I always say: "Victory is relative. Excellence is absolute." Congratulations to you all! You can view your district's report card by clicking here.

FMB: Friday's Itinerary - Home vs. Southeastern

Our first home game is this Friday, August 29 at Kyre field versus Southeastern. Rehearsal will begin at 5:30 as we have much to review before the big night. Uniform inspection is at 7:05 so make sure your shirt is tucked and your visible jewelry is put away before I have to remind you. Pregame is at 7:19 and the game begins at 7:30. Halftime will be approximately 8:30 and we will be finished around 10:00 PM. Dresss is Summer uniform once again. All cheers, pregame music, and contest music should be memorized by Friday as well. Let’s show the home crowd what we have been up to since July and set a good example for the rest of the season.

BTW: To aid in my paper-saving mission, I will not print itineraries. They will be here on the blog, on the web page, and posted on the board in my room. Please be responsible and look at them from time to time :-)

Thanks FMB!

Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Thanks for a great rehearsal today. We got much accomplished on parts I and III. You even had a good break too (see picture left). Now we have to move ahead with pregame on Wednesday. Please make sure you have your music memorized and also have memorized and maintained part II. Also, be sure to order your Drillmaster shoes ASAP if you have not already. You need them by September 5

6th Grade Schedule - Remember Your Instruments

This is a friendly little reminder to 6th grade band members that it is your responsibility to bring your instrument, book, and a pencil to each class session. After a warning, your grade will be negatively affected by not being prepared for class. Brasses have class on A days, woodwinds on B days, and percussion on C days. Please do what needs to be done and arrange to have your stuff on the appropriate day. Band is mostly a participation-based class and if you are not prepared for class you cannot participate fully. Moms and Dads: please help out your sixth grader and remind them to bring their instrument on their band day. Thanks!

This week: (week of 8/25)
Tuesday: C Percussion
Wednesday: A Brass
Thursday: B Woodwinds
Friday: C Percussion

Triad Pictures Posted

FMB Triad 8/22/08
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Yeah...we took like a gazillion pictures between myself, Mr. Jerew, and Victor. Some are very educational. Some are touching. Some are downright silly. It all goes to show that we work hard, but also have a lot of fun! Feel free to view and comment.

Video From Triad

I have posted the video Mr. Jerew took from Friday night's game. Check it out and feel free to comment here on the blog post. You can view the tiny version here on the blog, or click HERE to see a larger version (you might want to have broadband) on another server. Music was fairly good, especially compared to Thursday's show. Interval needs work, especially in the first half of the production, and phasing was a real problem in the backpush in the opener. What did you think? How did you do? What do we need work on?

FMB Picture Day: September 3

On Wednesday, September 3, Mary Ellen Garwood from Skylight Media will be here all day to take pictures of band members in their uniforms in both individual shots and the group picture. Mr. Keller will hand out order packets on Monday, August 24. Please bring this order form and payment to your picture shoot on September 3. Band members will get their picture taken during lunch or study hall, and the group picture will be taken during 7th period. Please make sure you have your marching shoes and all uniform parts for this day.

How To Wrap A Headphone Cord

This is for Victor and anyone else who is tired of their headphone cord getting tangled and knotted all the time. Enjoy.

Road Trip Tonight: Reminder

We're on the road tonight at Triad High School. Get all the details!Halftime IS gametime.

Meet The Teams Pictures Up

FMB Meet The Teams 08
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Pictures from Thursday night's debut of the FMB at "meet the teams" night have been posted on the official picture page. Thanks to every band member for a good quality performance tonight, especially given the fact it was our first time without ANY dots whatsoever. Check the pics and check things like whether everyone is in/out of step, posture, horn angles...and feel free to comment. Let's do it all one better tomorrow night at Triad!


To whomever returned my beloved music theory 101 textbook and workbook to the FHS office today, I give a sincere thank you. I honestly can't remember who I loaned them to last and they have not been in my office for years. I appreciate your honesty and integrity and forgive your forgetfullness or lack of organization. If you are the returnee, drop me a note and give me an update where all my books have visited since I last saw them. :-)

JHCB and 6th Band Schedule

This is just a little reminder that JHCB members need their instruments today. 6th grade brasses begin playing on Friday! Please be prepared for class :-)

Booster Food Update

A few days ago I posted the list of what parents signed up for food on what event for the 2008 FMB season. Here's an update from Mrs. Long:
Note to Parents for AWAY games food must be at the school at 3:05 when
school lets out so the kids have enough time to eat and get ready before
we need to leave. Please plan on enough for 50 kids. If you are not able
to be there to serve please let Janet Bardin or MaryEllen Garwood know.
Thank you for your support.

FMB: Sign Up For A Bus

The bus list for road trips is up on my office window. Please sign up for a bus by Thursday afternoon. Once the bus list is set, there will be no changes, so ponder your choice carefully and sign up ASAP. If you have no preference or don't sign up at all, you will be placed on a bus.

LeRoi Moore (1961-2008)

I was sad to just hear that saxophonist LeRoi Moore, founding member of the Dave Matthews Band, just passed away today in Los Angeles. He suffered from complications from an ATV accident he suffered on his Charlottesville, Virginia farm in June. He was an amazing musician and had monster chops on soprano, alto, tenor, and bari sax. He was 46. I first heard of his passing on

Thanks, Students!

I would like to thank all of my students for making today a great first day. Specifically:
Leanna for helping out.Moriah and Victor for being my "band-aids"Josh for transporting the chipsSarah for coming to the rescueKayleigh for coming backAllie for brightening my dayLet's have another good day tomorrow! I'll see 6th grade woodwinds during 6th period Wednesday. FMB rehearses after school until 5:15. What a great way to start the year!

FMB - Itineraries for Thursday, Friday

Thursday - Meet The Teams
Warm at 7:00 at Harmony. Summer uniform. Perform at 7:25 at Kyre Field. Done at 8:00. Victors, SSB, Dear Old Shiz, Part I and III from memory.

Friday - Road Trip to Triad
Do not stay after school. No supervision will be provided. Load bus/trailer at 5:45. Depart 6:15. Return 10:15. Summer uniform. Victors, all cheers, Dear Old Shiz, Parts I and III from memory. Stand tunes will be provided (Louie, Land of 1000, Tequila, etc.). If you are not riding the bus home, please get a note to me or Sarah M. before we depart at 6:15

Welcome to Sarah Miller

I would like to welcome 9th grader Sarah Miller to the FMB family as our band manager. Sarah will be helping us out with equipment transport, uniforms, and attendance, as well as being all-around helper and clipboard wielder! Welcome, Sarah!

FHSCB Contest March 6 or 7?

I am getting ready to schedule OMEA concert band contest for FHSCB and we have two choices. Would you all rather perform at night on March 6, or on Saturday morning on March 7? Which would be best for you personally and/or what do you think would be best for the group. I'm looking for feedback here so please comment. Tell me what you think!


I will not be at freshman orientation tonight, as I attended the 5th grade back to school night on Thursday of last week. If you are a freshman or a parent of a freshman and need any information on what this week holds for you, please check out all the new that's fit to print at and then email me if you have any further questions.

I'll see everyone on Tuesday, including all sixth grade band mebers during 6th period. Be sure to bring a pencil or pen to class. Only FMB members will need instruments. Let's get this school year going!

Booster Food For Events

I just got this from Karla Long, booster extraordinaire. It's the list of who has signed up for what food throughout the season. Check the info and make sure it's right. If it's not, email Karla to straighten things out. Thanks to all of the boosters and parents who make the season so enjoyable and delicious!

PARENTS sign up to help with meals for Away Games and Contest

Sept. 13 Contest
Cindy Fisher - Snacks & Drinks

Sept. 19 Lima Perry
Kim Scheiderer & Dawn Stauffer - Main Dish
Kim Iannarino - Snacks
Anita McKee - Drinks

Sept. 27 Contest
Mary Mckean - Snacks & Drinks

Oct. 3 Yellow Springs
Lisa Voit & Pam Hammond - Main Dish
Lisa Vollrath - snacks
Kelli Fink - Drinks

Oct. 4 Contest
Neva Coleman - Snacks & Drinks

Oct. 17 Marion Catholic
Kelly Moran & Pam Hammond - Main Dish
Lisa Vollrath - Snacks
Stephanie Phipps - Drinks

Oct. 24 Waynesfield
Angie Hatcher & Angie Scheiderer - Main Dish
Janet Bardin - Snacks & Drinks


Picture Page Blocked At School For Now

MEC installed a new fancy-schmancy web filter this year that protects students from all that objectionable content the Intertubes, but did not implement any of our district's custom unblock list. What this means to you is that the Official Picture Page will be blocked at school for an unspecified time. It will be fixed eventually, but is a low priority on the district/MEC level. Bear with me and we'll get it fixed. The site is available in it's full glory however on your home computer or mobile phone at

BUMP: Handbooks Are Now Online (UPDATED: Rewards Invloved)

I have put the handbooks online for your perusal. If you're a real go-getter, you can read now, download the handbook form (at the bottom of the page), print it, sign it, and turn it in the first day of school. Wouldn't that be cool?

Here's direct links as well:
6th Band Handbook
JHCB Handbook
Choir Handbook
FMB Handbook

I tell you what, if you bring your handbook form to the first day of class signed by you and a parent, I'll have a treat waiting for you that will be yummy and delicious. Just a little motivation to TCB (Take Care of Business). Deal?

Directions to Away Events

I have had several inquires about directions to away football games, so here they are. They are listed on the athletic department page at

Just be sure to scroll down the page just a bit and you'll see them all listed alphabetically!

Quote for Today: Lincoln Sez

"Whatever you are, be a good one."
-Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

5th Grade Instruments For Sale


Great starter instruments for students/parents who aren't ready to invest
in an expensive new instrument _

(All comments from representative at Colonial Music)

Clarinet: great shape, pads are all functional, carrying case. It's ready
to play. Price: $150.

Alto Saxophone: great sound, pads are all functional, needs minor
adjustments, carrying case and reeds. Price: $100.

For more information contact Sue Alderman at or

Order Your Black FMB Shoes Now!

Here's some vendors that sell drillmaster shoes, links to their site, and prices.

Marching World - $25.95
McCormick's - $25.90
Band Shoppe - $29.95

You will need your black Drillmasters by Friday, September 5. Please order soon so you have them in time. Most vendors sell shoes at a discounted price if you buy more than three pairs, so get together with your friends and you can not only save on cost but also on shipping! Just a reminder that uniformity is an issue in marching band, so you must puchase Drillmaster brand black vinyl shoes - they are the only approved footwear for band members. Guard members do not need to order shoes.

Bucking The Trend - Clarinet Conductor

Most conductors of major symphony orchestras are accomplished pianists or violinists, so OsmoVanska, the conductor of the Minnesota Orchestra, definitely does not fit the stereotype. He's a clarinetist! There's a great article in the New York Times about this Finnish musician who took a different road to the top.

Quote For Today: Shakespeare Sez

"Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none."
-William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Meet The Teams - Change In Time

I just found out that "Meet The Teams" night next Thursday now kicks off one half-hour later than I originally planned. The revised schedule is warm at 7PM at harmony field, perform at 7:25 and be done at 8PM. Please change your calendars to reflect the new time, and repeat after me: "Adapt To Change." I found this graphic on a Google search and couldn't resist putting it with this post.

No Booster Meeting Tonight

It just came to my attention that tonight's regularly scheduled booster meeting is being moved to next week. I'll update you when I know exactly when and where.

Calendar of Events Updated

The official Fairbanks Music Department Calendar of Events is always up to date because it's MY calendar! When I make changes, or add information to an event, it is automatically updated on the calendar page, then shortly after on my blog and on the main page as well. This interactive calendar gives you all the info you need. Click on an event to get more information, including departure/return times, what to wear, what to bring, and what music you are responsible for. Make sure you visit regularly to get all of the up-to-date information. There's no reason to not know what's going on. Pretty cool, huh?

Quote For Today: Experience

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards."
--Vernon Sanders Law

Uniform Fundraising: Letter For Parents

At the end of camp show, we moved things a little fast due to the close lighting, so Karla Long tried to get to everyone with a letter for parents to take to employers to aid in our fundraising effort for new uniforms this year. Parents are asked to print the letter and present it to their employers in hope of businesses sponsoring a uniform. You can also just forward the link to anyone you may think is interested in helping out with this HUGE fundraising effort. Click HERE or on the graphic to the left to download the letter in .pdf format. Any help you or your employer can give, parents, will be a tremendous help! Updated!

Image has been updated with back to school news, FMB information, and other stuff as well. Check it out!

Thanks, FMB

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all you FMB members for your cooperation and hard work this morning even with my absences due to illness. Mr. Jerew gave you a great review and assured me that you worked hard and accomplished much. It shows you are a well trained band and that you care deeply about your work when you have no trouble shifting gears from one director to the next. Bravo also to Mr. Jerew for taking over on somewhat short notice this morning. I'm sure it's only one of the first steps he'll be taking to full directorhood in the next few months. See you all on Wednesday at 8AM.

Quote For Today: Listening

A good listener tries to understand thoroughly what the other person is saying. In the end he may disagree sharply, but before he disagrees, he wants to know exactly what it is he is disagreeing with.
-- Kenneth A. Wells

(I believe this applies to music as well. My translation: don't decide you don't like a song or piece of music until you've listened to the entire thing and comprehended it. - BK)

Handbooks for 2008

I'm on a HUGE paper-saving kick so I'm proposing a new idea for band/choir handbooks this year:

I'll distribute your handbook agreements on the first day of class on a half-sheet of paper. I will go over the handbook with you on the first day of class on the in-focus projector, then send you off to home. When mom and/or dad need to read the handbook at home to sign accordingly, they may either read the handbook online or request a written copy. This way I only make copies for those who actually need them. I know that not many of you even take them home since they are usually still in your folders at the end of the year (LOL).

Does this sound like a viable option for both students and parents? It will save nearly two reams of paper (1000 sheets) by doing it this way. Let me know if you have any pros/cons. I'm looking forward to the first day of classes on Tuesday and I hope you are the same.

Quote For Today: Inspiration Through Knowledge

"The creative person wants to be a know-it-all. He wants to know about ancient history, 19th-century mathematics, manufacturing techniques, flower arranging, and hog futures. Because he never knows when these ideas might come together to form a new idea."
-- Carl Ally

End-of-camp Show Video

Here's the end of camp video Mr. Jerew took from the scaffolding. Please watch and review your drill to pick up on errors and what we can do to improve this show. It's a good starting point. I'm posting this especially because I want to come back at the end of the season and see how much you have improved. Please also feel free to comment. See you Monday at 8 AM.

Higher Quality (18mb):

Lower Quality (10mb)

Band Camp Pics

FMB Camp Friday
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. All of the pics that your camp staff took this week are up on the official band picture page, including shots from Friday's show. I hope you have a good time checking them out because we had a great time taking them. Check them out here!

Jacob's Big Week

Well, it's finally here. DCI finals week. Jacob and the Glassmen will be performing at the DCI World Championships this week and weekend in Bloomington, Indiana. It is the "world series" of marching's major league. I'm lucky enough to be able to attend this year and I'll try to update you from the road. World class finals are Saturday night. You can see pictures of Jake and the corps in action at Best of luck, Jacob!!!!

(pic: Jacob in Atlanta via smugmug)