Southeastern Pics/Wrap Up

FMB vs. Southeastern 8/29/08
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I know last night was kind of a weird nightmare, but a lot of positive things happened despite having to hang out in the sweaty band room for over an hour. Like:
  • We had a successful pregame. Music was the most solid it has been in years on the first game. 8 to 5 was a little shaky on the march down the field, but nerves were still a factor since we just learned pregame 48 hours before.
  • We bonded with the Southeastern band in our downtime. What a great bunch of kids with a positive attitude. It was nice getting to hear them play in concert as well.
  • We got some great pictures! Check them out at the picture page or by clicking on the pic in this post.
  • The opener music and drill improved once again. We did have some individual execution errors, but I'm betting that had a little something to do with the lightning flashing on the horizon. Nothing that we can't work out this week.
Finally - We got to go home a little early. I sent you home because I didn't see the lightning getting any better, even though the officials decided to continue the game. Your safety is my first concern. If I had to go back and do it again, I wouldn't change a thing.
Have a great weekend!


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