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A Wicked Clip

I found this little wicked clip that's from the show's opening night on Broadway. It's got some musical moments as well as interviews with the actors, writer, and directors. I just think it's some good inspirational material that could help us this weekend.

Homecoming Pics Are Posted

FMB Homecoming 08
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. Yeah...I almost forgot to tell you all that pictures from Homecoming '08 have been posted on the official picture page. Pics from Saturday's contest will be going up later tonight. I've been pretty busy this week with props and fifth grade band, so it took me a while to get to them. Thanks to Ms. Janchar and Mr. Jerew for helping me take pictures at this weekend's events!

I just love the Ninja clarinets!

FMB: Senior Show Take Two

Here's better full recordings:

Star Wars

Don't Stop Me Now

Live and Let Die

6th Grade Band: Test Music

Click the link to download your test music in mp3 format (871K)

Up On A Housetop

What I've Been Up To This Week:


FMB: Competition

There are three bands in our class once again. We perform second overall but first in our class. After us, Mt. Gilead and Logan Elm both perform in class B. Click the pic to see the full schedule.

FMB: Music Files From Monday

Here's the recordings I made on Monday in handy-dandy mp3 format. Just click to download. Due to some kind of glitch between my iPod and iTunes, there's skips in the audio, and there's nothing I can do to fix it now, so it is kind of hard to play along with these. We'll make new copies today durin 7th period.

Star Wars/Indiana Jones

Don't Stop Me Now

Live and Let Die

Weekend Update (UPDATED)

Here's the times for Friday night:
5:00 - Load Bus/Trailer
5:30 - Depart for Yellow Springs
11:15 - Return to FHS
Red polos under full uniform.

Saturday's times:
2:30 - Rehearse
3:15 - Depart for TWHS
4:00 - Arrive TWHS
4:55 - Warm
5:45 - Perform (contest starts at 6)
10:00 - Awards
11:00 - Return to FHS
Black Wicked tshirts under your full uniform.

Early Bird Monday - Come See Me

Did you sell 10 items already? Be sure to show your order form to me today so I can put you down for your BIG Sugar Daddy and enter you in the drawing for the $50 money card! 5th and 6th grade band members who are eligible should come see me at the beginning of the period today.

Contest Recap Sheets

I got the complete recap sheets from Westerville Central today.  I hope you see what Mr. Jerew and I mean when we say the judging was...well...a little uneven (or even a little psychotic). Note that the judges' names were not put on the recap sheets like they usually are. LOL.

Video From Westerville

FMB Westerville 2008 from Ben Keller on Vimeo.

Here's the video from Saturday. I think you'll notice the marked improvement in our marching execution over last contest. I think you'll also notice how it was probably recorded on a 1980's era VHS camcorder, as evident by the horrible quality, the "too much" information on the display, and the fact that the camera cuts out a few times then runs slow and speeds back up to regular speed over a few seconds. It's enough to learn from, though. Thoughts? Comments? Constructive criticism?

Judge's Comments

Here's all the judges comments thanks to Mr. Jerew. Listen, learn, and take from it what you will. Six days until Worthington contest!

Quote For Today: Life Is A Splendid Torch

"I am convinced that my life belongs to the whole community; and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in the life for its own sake. Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I got hold of for a moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before turning it over to future generations."
- George Bernard Shaw

(inspired by my Mom's blog)

Prize Review

Here's a review of the fundraising prizes in case you didn't get them all written down or can't read your own handwriting :-)PRIZES:10 items by Monday - 1lb Sugar Daddy and entry into $25 money card drawing. 16 items - Moosician Tshirt20 items - 5lb bag of Gummi Bears30 items - $25 money card40 items - Samsung MP4 player60 items - $50 (total) money card100 items - $75 (total) money cardBe sure to show me your order sheet on monday at the beginning of your class period on Monday to be eligibe! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Basic Fundraiser Info

Fairbanks Music Department's Annual
Fall Fundraiser

Sale begins: Friday, September 26
Sheets are due: Monday, October 6
Delivery: Thursday, October 30

The Fairbanks Music Department is the largest in the school, serving over 220 students in eight grades. It takes money to support our musical efforts, and student-raised money is a substantial part of that. Our goal this year is to raise $6000 from this sale. Hopefully, this will be the ONLY fundraiser for the music department as a whole this entire school year. This money is used for items like music, supplies, repairs, transportation, instruments, and many other day-to-day expenses. It is asked that all members of the music department help in this important fundraising event.
Century Resources has served the Fairbanks Music Department for over 28 years, and we continue to work with them for our fundraising needs because of their high-quality products and 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you or your customers are not satisfied with…

Start Shopping! Code 6337

The Century Resources web store is up and running! Click on the link and start shopping! Be sure to enter the Fairbanks shopping code (6337) and the profit goes to our account. If you enter a student's name in the appropriate box, that student will receive credit towards their prizes for anything you purchase.

The best thing about the web store is that you can purchase many items that are not on the brochure, including flower bulbs, scented candles, personal care items, kitchen items, and even personalized clothing and other items.! All profit from the web store benefits the Fairbanks music department. Customer code is 6337.

Purchases will be subject to sales tax and shipping, so the best way to get your quality Century products it to purchase from a band member, but If you can't get to a band member and still want to purchase and support the Fairbanks Band Program, the web store is the way to go.

Finally, band and choir members can log in at the web store and send personaliz…

Fundraiser Friday!

All band and choir students will have their fundraising presentation on Friday, September 26th. I'm very excited that Century products will be sold this year and will help us reach our goal of $6000 in profits this year? See you all on Friday. Please bring a pen or pencil to class and you will be good to go!

Fifth Grade Band Starts Monday!

Fifth grade band begins on Monday, September 29 with all flutes attending class. Here's the rest of the schedule:
Monday - Flutes
Tuesday - Clarinets
Wednesday - Saxophones
Thursday - Trumpets, Trombones
Friday - PercussionistsBand members are reminded to bring their instrument and book. If you do not have a book yet, bring cash or check for $8 (winds) or $17 (percussion) and I will give you a book at your first class. Make checks payable to "Fairbanks Band". I will also have reeds available for purchse for $1 each. Reed players should always have two or three playable reeds at all times.

Library Notices

Andi H. ($.25)
Caleb R. ($2.50)Please return these CD's ASAP!

FMB: Final Homecoming Bus List

This is the final list of band members who are taking the 7:00 bus back to FHS for the dance. As of 3:00 today, I would like it to be frozen. Please see me before then if there are any additions or subtractions. Band members are reminded that you are to hang your uniform in the uniform room and put your instrument away when you get back to FHS (sousaphones and percussion instruments excluded).

Drew, Robin, Moriah, Emma, Jessica P., Aaron, Cassie, Amanda, Melissa, Sarah F., Jessica H., Kaleigh, Colene, and Jordan.

FMB: Bus Note Reminder

Just a reminder to FMB members that if you are not riding the bus home from an away event, you need to submit a note to me before we depart FHS. If you do not submit your note before we leave FHS, then you are riding the bus home.

Directions to Westerville Central

Here's the directions to Westerville Central, where we will be competing on Saturday. Click on the map for more details.

View Larger Map

Pep Band: Tentative Schedule

I promise in the handbook that I will give you "notice as far in advance as possibl", so here's the tentative pep band schedule for the upcoming basketball season. Hopefully this will allow you to schedule work/family events around these big games. Pep band information and sign ups will not be ready until November, but you can at least know when we're performing today! All band members in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate in the Pep Band, the "sixth man" of the basketball season! All of these dates can also be viewed on the music department's official calendar of events.

Friday, December 12
Tuesday, December 23 (Alumni and seniors only)
Friday, January 9
Thursday, January 15 (Girls BB)
Tuesday, January 27
Saturday, February 7
Friday, February 13
Tuesday, February 17

Trumpet For Sale

I have have yet another trumpet for sale by a third party. It is a Holton trumpet and in fine shape...ready to play. Asking price is $200. Please contact me if you are interested and I will put you in touch with the buyer.

JHCB - Nocturnal Dances

Stonehenge (1823)
by Thomas Stokes Salmon

Here oft, when Evening shes her twilight ray,
And gilds with fainter beam departing day,
With breathless gaze, and cheek with terror pale,
The lingering shepherd startles at the tale,
How, at deep midnight, bu the moon's chill glance,
Unearthly forms [prolong the viewless dance;
While on each whisp'ring breeze the murmurs by,
His busied fancy hears the hollow sigh.

Here's the link to listen to the recording:

Thanks, FMB :-)

Thanks for a great rehearsal tonight. I'm looking forward to you having the opportunity to show your stuff this weekend and realize your potential. You are capable of great things.

HS FMB - Shoes Thursday

We will be marching during 7th period on Thursday so please bring proper footwear. Thanks!

FMB: Times for This Weekend

Friday: Rehearse 5:45. Red polo under uniform.

Saturday: Rehearse 2:45. Black Wicked shirts under uniform. Homecoming bus returns 8pm. Contest bus returns 11:15pm.

Students coming home on the bus early: Moriah, Drew, Jessica H., Sarah F., Colene K., Ciara, Sarah M., Jordan, Samantha, Larissa, Jennifer, Robin, Cassie, Amanda, Emma, Aaron, Jessica P., and Melissa. (if there are changes or additions, please let me know ASAP. Updated!

I have updated with information on the upcoming FMB events and fifth grade band information. Check it out!

Trumpet For Sale

FYI to any 5th grade band parent that might be interested.
I have a 3 year old slightly used trumpet for sale.
In excellent shape.
Can call @ 614-580-7273
Duane Daniel

5th Parent Meeting Tonight!

The meeting for parents of fifth garaders interested in band is tonight at 7pm in the high school cafeteria. See you there!


Victory is relative. Excellence is absolute.

5th Band: Music Go Round - Used Instruments

I just had a band family bring Music Go Round to my attention and they had a very positive experience. They have stores on Bethel Rd. and Morse Rd. in Columbus and they deal exclusively in used instruments, and have a very generous guarantee and exchange/return policy. Check out the attached flyer (which includes addresses and phone numbers) for more information. If your financial situation is such that new instruments are out of your reach, this could be a viable option. You can also fine out more about the company at their website.

Fundraising Friday!

This Friday (September 26) is the kick off for our annual Fall fundraiser! This essential activity helps us run the department by funding student events, field trips, supplies, and music. Information will come home with students on Friday and it is asked that every band and choir member sell or make a good-faith donation. Last year's sale earned nearly $7000 profit for the music department. Check back for more details later this week!

If you want to preview what will be on sale, but you can't shop yet...wait for the school code so we get profit from the sales! Click here to see what's available online.

Like I Promised...

The FMB had a great rehearsal on Monday! As added motivation, I told the group I would post the video from the LAST minute of rehearsal. HS members had been playing for nearly 3 hours straight, but everyone kept their focus and gave their best. Here is the result!

FMB Rehearsal 9/22/08 from Ben Keller on Vimeo.

Homecoming Bus

I have the following HS FMB members signed up to take the bus back to FHS for the homecoming dance:

Moriah, Drew, Jessica H., Sarah F., Colene, Ciara, Sarah M., Jordan, Samantha, Larissa, Jennifer, Robin, Cassie, Aaron, Amanda, and Emma.Any additions? Please contact me ASAP. Please also remember to read the agreement and abide by all of the conditions. I'm glad this worked out so well. Have a fun and safe night, whether you are staying at contest, or heading home to shake jibouti.

Great Contest

This weekend's contest will be a great lineup, and allow us to see some fantastic bands that we have not encountered in recent years, including Bishop Watterson, Pickerington Central, Marion Harding, Newark, and others. In our class, Circleville and Finneytown will be performing. Finneytown has a strong tradition of contest victories, so we will have to be sharp to take a first place. We should be striving to eclipse our score of last week, which was 207.24/300. Last season's high score was 232 points.

FMB: UPDATE (Adapt To Change!)

You know that whole "performing at Northwestern" thing. Yeah...forget that.

We will be competing in the Westerville Central Classic on Saturday in Westerville, OH. The contest begins at 6 PM and we will perform at 6:30 in class B. Thanks to Mr. Louden at WCHS, we snagged the last open time. Entry has been sent and confirmed!

Here is the itinerary for Saturday:

2:45 - Rehearse
3:15 - Load
3:30 - Depart
4:30 - Arrive WCHS
5:30 - Warm Up
6:30 - Perform
10:00 - Awards
11:15 - Return to FHS

Here's the list of bands:

Performance Time Band Class
6:15p.m. Westerville Central National Anthem
6:30 p.m. Fairbanks B
6:45 p.m. Circleville B
7:00 p.m. Marion Harding AA
7:15 p.m. Newark AA
7:30 p.m. Westerville South AA Exhibition
7:45 p.m. Willoughby South AA
8:00 p.m. Judges Break
8:30 p.m. Bishop Watterson AA
8:45p.m. Pickerington Central AA
9:00p.m. Hill…

FMB: Stand By

I just received a phone call from Mr. Jim Yeazell from Northwestern. Apparently he has not received any of our registration information for contest this Saturday.

Just for the record, I contacted him at the email address listed on the OMEA contest web site (picture 4, below), which is also the email address listed on the Northwestern High School directory. My initial email (picture 1, below) was on September 8, followed by a registration form and band bio on September 9 (picture 2, below). Not having heard back from him, I sent him an inquiry on Friday (picture 3, below), and finally followed it up with a phone call this morning. He then phoned me at 10:55 this morning and left a voice mail giving me the bad news. Not only did he not get our stuff, but his contest is full with 18 bands. None of these emails were returned to me, as I was apparently sending them to his valid email address.

I am eagerly awaiting a return phone call to my cell so I can try and sort this out. I have…

FMB: Coming Home For Homecoming?

I need final confirmation from Moriah, Drew, Jessica H., and Sarah F. for Saturday. Busing being provided back to FHS is contingent upon you, so please let me know today if you are indeed coming home for the dance.

State Of The Schools/Levy Information

If you missed last week's "State Of The Schools" meeting, here is a summary for your information. This is the power point presentation given to the community.

The facts are clear: Fairbanks provides a quality education and has been extremely responsible in spending taxpayer dollars, however, rising fuel costs and unfunded mandates simply require more funds than we currently have. Passing this levy will cost the owner of a $100,000 only an additional $61 per year and will insure that Fairbanks is able to continue the excellent facilities and services you have come to expect from your district.

You can click on the pic to view the power point (click on the screen after the link to advance the presentation step by step). You can also read the entire levy information document by clicking here (pdf document).

FMB: Directions To Northwestern High School

FMB: Contest This Saturday

The FMB will be performing at the Northwestern Band Fest in Springfield this Saturday. The contest is slated to begin at 5PM, but I have received no detailed information from the host yet. I will set the itinerary as soon as I have more news. Tentatively, we will be rehearsing around 2 PM and departing shortly thereafter, but that's all I can say as of now. I do not know what our specific performance time is, nor how many bands are attending or what time awards are. Check back soon and I hope to have the scoop!

FMB: Senior Show Listening (BUMP)

Here's the listening links for your senior show music. Go to each page and click the "listen" button. These are not downloadable, but you can listen on any computer at any time. This is also your memorization priority list:

Star Wars/Raiders March

Don't Stop Me Now:

Live and Let Die

Booster Meeting Tuesday 6 P.M.

The re-scheduled September music booster meeting will be held Tuesday, September 23 at 6 PM in the band room. All band parents, family, and friends are welcome to attend.

Video from Lima Perry 9/19/08

FMB Lima 9-19-08 from Ben Keller on Vimeo.

I thought it was your best show yet. Constructive criticism? Do you know what you or we need to work on this week? Seven days to our next contest!

No Brainer Of The Week

FMB: Take your black socks home and wash them after every show. The will stink. Your uniform bag will stink. Your uniform will stink. YOU will stink. Do it. You'll be glad you did.

Holiday Concert Is December 15

I have confirmed the date of the 2008 Holiday Concert. It will be held on Monday, December 15, 7 PM in the HS gym. Performing groups will include the 6th grade band, JH concert band, HS choir, and HS concert band. Attendance is required for all performers in these groups. Please mark you calendar and plan your concert attire!

Wittenburg University Auditions -FYI

Music Scholarship Auditions - Nov. 8, Jan. 30, Feb. 16, March 23.

More than 100000 in music scholarships available to all students regardless of major.

More information at

College Information

I get so many posters and materials from college music departments that I can't possibly fit it all on my wall. From now on, I will scan these and post them here for you to take advantage of these valuable experiences. Auditions, mock auditions, visitation days, honor bands, and scholarship auditions will all be tagged ad "College Information and Auditions", so upper classmen who are interested in furthering their music career into their college years should check the blog regularly and click on the label link to get all the info. I will get a HUGE barrage of this stuff in the next two months and I will share as much of it as I have time to scan.

Wittenburg Mock Auditions - November 20


HS FMB Members: Homecoming Situation

Thanks to Jordan and Colene for bringing the homecoming dance/contest conflict to my attention. As per our discussion yesterday, HS band members (grades 9-12) who are interested in leaving contest early so they may attend the dance may do so if they wish. One of our two buses will return to FHS as soon as possible after our performance so we can make this happen. To be eligible, you must:
Be a in grades 9-12Promise to take your own uniform and instrument back to FHS with you and put them in the proper place (except for percussion and sousaphone instruments).Sign up on the sheet on my window so I know how many people are taking advantage of this one-time offer. At least 12 people must take advantage of this for the offer to be valid (otherwise I do not have enough room on the other bus to make this work logistically).Have parental permission. No note is necessary, but I just want you to make sure that Mom and/or Dad know you are doing this.

FMB: Once I Thought I Had Mono For An Entire Year. Come To Find Out I Was Just Really Bored.

Yeah..It's from Wayne's World. Sorry I couldn't place it today during 7th period.

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day

Happy "Talk Like A Pirate" Day! " Especially to Marilyn.

5th Parent Meeting Tuesday, Sept. 23

This is just a reminder that the meeting for parents of 5th graders interested in band is on Tuesday, September 23 at 7 PM in the high school cafeteria. We will discuss instrument purchase and rental, care and maintainence, practice, supplies, and what you can do to help your child succeed. If you cannot attend this meeting, I will contact you on Wednesday, September 24 with the important information you missed on Tuesday night.

Library Reminders

Due Sept. 19: Andi H., Josh L., Victor F.

Overdue: Caleb R., Leah K., Kim E.,

Fees: Harmony L.

FHSCB: Akron Honor Band - Dec. 5 & 6

If you are interested in auditioning for the University of Akron's 37th annual Ohio Band Directors Conference Honors Symphonic Band (OBDCHSB), which is held on December 5 and 6 on the campus uf the University of Akron, please see me for audition information. You will need to record an audition CD with two contrasting etudes or solo works as well as some scales. The deadline is November 7. See me ASAP if you're interested.

Hmmmm...Yours? Maybe? You think?

Did you leave your shoes on the bus? If so, see Victor.

FMB: Listen to your Judge's Comments

Thanks to Mr. Jerew, you can listen to your comments from Saturday's judging panel. Click the link, then click on the file to listen. The files are in mp3 format so you can download and put on your iPod if you like. Listen and learn. Only those open to criticism will ever improve at anything.

A GREAT Capital Concert Sept. 28

On Sunday, September 28, the Capital University's premier wind ensemble will present their fall concert at Mees Hall on the campus of CU. The concert is at 3 PM and admission is free. The Wind Symphony will be performing the Moehlmann transcription of Prelude and Fugue in Bflat Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach, Caccia and Chorale by Clifton Williams (one of my fav composers), Daydream by Timothy Mahr (you've played it!), Nitro by Frank Ticheli, and The Billboard March by John Klohr. The Symphonic Winds will perform Aspen Jubilee by Ron Nelson, Hill Song No. 2 by Percy Grainger, Vientos y Tangos by Michael Gandolfi, and The Viking March by Karl King. What a fantastic program! And it's all FREE! Don't miss this amazing opportunity.

For more information, call 614.236.6630 or visit their web site at (click the pic to enlarge) Bonus point will be available for FHSCB and JHCB members who attend and show proof of attendance.

FMB: Odds And Ends

A LOT of black socks were left lying on the floor of the band room from this weekend. If they are yours, they are now in the lost and found. Please take your socks home after each event and wash them so they don't stink, or even worse, stink up the band room.One mellophone, one trumpet, and one bass drum stick were left on the trailer. Please make sure you get all of your stuff off the trailer after every away event. Let's not make the Longs do any more work than they already do. Please see me to claim the aforementioned items.Short week with only one rehearsal today after school. High School FMB members need to bring athletic shoes and socks on Thursday as we will be marching during 7th period. You will not need to change clothes, but will need appropriate footwear.The web page and calendar have been updated with info for this weekend's road trip to Lima Perry. Check them out at your convenience.

5th Grade Fittings all this week

I will be bringing 5th grade students who have returned band forms to the band room the rest of this week to try out instruments. If you need the information packet and interest form, you can find it all at Just a reminder that the meeting for parents of interested students is on Tuesday, September 23 at 7pm in the high school cafeteria.

Scores From Saturday

I was just able to scan the score sheets from Saturday. We beat London in visual (marching and manuevering and show design) but they beat us in general effect (overall impact) and music (music).

FMB: Friday's Road Trip to Lima

We've got our longest road trip of the year this Friday to Lima Perry. Food will be provided by the boosters after school and you are welcome to stay after if you like. We load at 4:45 and depart at 5:15. We'll be home 11:30-11:45. We will perform our entire contest show and all music is to be memorized. Dress is full uniform. Let's use this performance to hone our competition skills. Our next contest is in 11 days!

Just For Fun: Roller Coaster Ride

Back Online and Catching Up

Wow. Almost 42 hours without internet has been an interesting experience, that's for sure. Now that I'm hooked back up, I'm getting caught up on all that stuff that I couldn't do, starting with putting up the video from Saturday's contest. I'll also be posting the remainder of the pictures from Friday and Saturday, and also updating sometime today. I hope to be caught up with my online duties by tonight so I can get back to actually teaching music on Wednesday!

Video from Hilliard 9/13/08

FMB Hilliard 2008 from Ben Keller on Vimeo.

Here's the video of your performance on Saturday at the 2008 Hilliard Marchin Band Invitational. So, what do you think? Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.

No School Again (Tuesday)

No school again today. The grapevine tells me that several areas, including Unionville Center is still without power (or water). I hope to see you all tomorrow. I'm still without Cable so I'm internet crippled and now officially suffering from TV withdrawl. At least the new shows don't start until next week. Can you tell I'm bored? Yeah, I thought so.

Another Strange Day

So we have a two-hour delay on Tuesday. Apparently there are still quite a few roads closed with trees and power lines down. I'm still not online and living my online life from my Blackberry. I will keep you posted as news becomes available. I hope you have power and/or internet.

School Is Closed. FMB Rehearsal Is Cancelled

I just got the word that school is closed today due to continuing power outages. I did have the option of still having rehearsal, but I know a lot of you have parents that work today and the odds of getting everyone to the school by 3PM was slim so I just cancelled rehearsal as well. We will rehearse Friday before we leave for Lima Perry. We will also have to make the most of our short two hours on Wednesday. In the meantime, continue to memorize and maintain. I still have no internet, TV, and home phone so my blackberry is my connection to the outside world. Make the most of your day off and I will see you on Tuesday.

2 Hour Delay Monday

Just in case you hadn't heard, there is a two-hour delay Monday due to power outages and downed trees.

FMB: Delayed

Yeah...I was getting ready to upload video from Saturday's contest and my internet went out (I'm blogging from my phone). I'll get it up as soon as possible, but considering the number of areas with outages, I wouldn't be surprised if it weren't back on at all today. I will keep you posted. I hope you have power and internet an can read this message :-)

All Ready For Hilliard Darby!

See you at rehearsal at 2:45. Be sure to wear your wicked tshirt under your uniform today. No rain in sight!

Guard Members: Uniform Info

Guard members need to see me today to get their shoes and leotards. We will wear the same outfit as the band tonight: red polos, blue jeans, black socks, black shoes. We will wear our green dresses with leotards and black pants tomorrow at contest.

Library Reminders

CD's due today (Friday 9/12)

Caleb - Jock Jams
Jessica - Sgt Pepper
Leanna - Sampler Plus V

Past Due:
Harmony - Journey's Greatest

JHCB - Listen to Your Music

JHCB members can listen to their music on, my sheet music dealer's site. You cannot download these files, but you can listen from any internet-capable computer. Listen to the whole, to your part, and feel free to practice along with recording. It is an invaluable resource, so please take advantage!

Aline March:

As Seasons Change:

Christmas Greetings:

FMB: Adapt To Change (Uniform)

Here's the deal: Uniform for Friday is now blue jeans, black socks, Drillmasters, and red band polo. We'll wear raincoats and white helmets Friday night. This will preserve our uniforms for Saturday. I know this is a last minute change, but it is a good change, I believe.

FMB: Yeah...It's Gonna RAIN

I don't see how it can be avoided at this point. See that big green blob that covers the entire middle third of the country? Yeah...It's going to be on top of us Friday night. Do you anti-rain dance and come prepared for the weather. It could be a messy one. Please be flexible and ready to follow directions. If you have an umbrella, I would bring it. Or a tarp. Anyone have the funds to build a domed stadium by tomorrow night? Please let it pass by before Saturday.

Just For Fun: Sticky Note Fantasy

Pizza Bags

Does anyone know who is picking up the pizza bags from my room? They were the ones that pizza was delivered in last Friday night. They're still in my room and I'd like to have them gone ASAP. I'm not even sure who to contact about this, so I'm putting up this blog post out into space.

BTW: I'm not really angry in this picture, just hamming it up for the camera. Sorry, Karla :-)Didn't mean to scare ya.

Booster Meeting Postponed

No booster meeting to night. More details on new date and time to come.

How To Get To Hilliard Darby High School

Several have asked, and since I'm on a paper-saving spree, I just decided to put directions here. Feel free to click the map for more info, get directions from your house, or to print the map, directions, or both!

View Larger Map

Uniform Offenses

Please put your coats on the hangers the proper way, with the zipper in the back and the coat hanging on the hanger like it does on your shoulders. The following FMB members need to review the proper way with their squad leader. If your uniform is not hung properly this weekend, you'll be running a lap on Monday at rehearsal. Please take care of your uniform and it will take care of you :-)

Coats Backwards: Rachel, Tia, Ciara, Charlie, Colene, Fish, and John.
Missing Uniforms: Kirsten, Ryan, Kaleigh (Where are they?)

FMB Video Alternate Linnk

Google video (which is now hosted by YouTube) is where I have uploaded videos up to this point, but since the switchover to a YouTube URL, it is now blocked at school. I'll be providing alternate links so you can view the video at school. Try this link and see if the video works for you at school. Please comment and let me know if it works for you.

FMB on TeacherTube

You can also download the mp4 file directly by clicking on this link:

JHCB: Do You Have YOUR Sticks?

Someone in first period today inadvertantly (I hope) picked up a pair of sticks off the computer table belonging to Victor. Please check and see if you have your own sticks, and if you indeed have the wrong pair of 7A snare sticks, please return them to me ASAP. Thanks!

FMB: Hats and Gloves Today After School

Just a reminder to FMB members that today 3-5:15 is our "hat & glove" rehearsal. Learning to play and march with a vinyl helmet and dead bird on your head, so please make sure you get your hat out of your box and your gloves out of your uniform bag (and also replace them where they belong after rehearsal). Thanks!

FMB: Shirts for Friday, Saturday

Friday night: Wear your red band polo under your uniform.

Saturday night: Wear your black Wicked Tshirt under your uniform.

Questions? I thought that would be pretty clear :-)

Misc. Stuff (FMB)

8th graders need to get their hats at the end of class tomorrow.Everyone needs to wear hats and gauntlets (if it's part of your uniform) at rehearsal tomorrow night. They are the two biggest encumbrances of the uniform and playing in them before our shows Friday/Saturday will be very beneficial.Friday rehearsal is at 5:45 before the game. Saturday rehearsal is 2:45 before we depart for Hilliard at 3:30.Hilliard itineraries are on the info rack if you need them. Or you can just click here.Make sure you have your gloves, gauntlets, black socks, and black shoes for Friday.If your uniform suspender straps tend to fall down inside your coat, a shoestring, or a carabiner clip work really well to attach the straps in the back. Please do not use duct tape.Please take care of your senior show music...put it on your clipboard or in another safe place. We will sight read both 7th period on Wednesday.

5th Parent Meeting: Now September 23

The meeting for parents of fifth grade band students has been changed to Tuesday, September 23. It is still at 7 PM in the HS cafeteria. Please mark you calendars. I apologize for the change, but it was necessary to move to this new night. All other events remain the same.

Itinerary for Hilliard Contest

All the information on the Hilliard contest on Saturday is on the Marching Band page, and also on the itinerary which goes home today. You can also see this itinerary by clicking on the pic on the left here to enlarge. We rehearse at 2:45 and perform at 5:45.

Video From Friday's Game (Sept. 5)

Here's the video from this past Friday night vs. Mechanicsburg. Music was quite good. Individual execution was our biggest issue. We have some interval/spacing issues in parts of the drill that we have not cleaned in a while (like the first half of part III). Please feel free to make constructive comments on this post. Perhaps you see something that we do not. See you Monday! Two rehearsals to Hilliard contest.

Burg Wrap Up: Thanks For A Great Night!

FMB Burg 9/5/08
Originally uploaded by fhsbando. What a beautiful evening it was for a pregame and halftime! The show has made tremendous progress and you sounded and looked good last night. Here's the wrap up:
Pictures have been posted on the picture page. Thanks to Mr. Jerew and Miss Janchar for being guest photographers.Congratulations to Josh Long for being named honor marcher this week. Your hard work and positive attitude make us a better band every day.Thanks to all the parents who helped out last night, including the boosters, Mr. Rohrer for the pizza, The McKeans for the birthday ice cream, and the Longs for toting all of our stuff around.It's a big week this week with rehearsal Monday and Wednesday. The contest itinerary will be published on Monday, with a tentative report time of 2:45.Video of our halftime show will be up on Sunday. I still have to crunch it and upload it. Thanks to Mr. Jerew again for filming.Have a great weekend!!!

I'm out this AM. Be Good

I am out this morning so JHCB and my general music class should be on their best behavior today. What the sub says GOES. JHCB is also reminded that your playing test is on Monday. Get those instruments home and be ready to play first thing next week.

Times For Tonight

Just a reminder that FMB rehearsal begins at 5:45 tonight. Dress is Summer uniform and all of your music is to be memorized. See you tonight!

Performance Schedule for Hilliard Contest

I just received the schedule for the September 13 Hilliard contest. I'll have the full itinerary available soon, but for now, we know we perform at 5:45 and are in the same class as our old nemeses Northwestern and London, as well as newcomers (and a good band) Circleville High School.

Click the pic to enlarge.

Quote For Today: Be Daring

"Be daring, be different, be impractical; be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary."
-- Cecil Beaton

FMB: Close the Door, Open the Door

I hope we can close the door on tonight's FMB rehearsal. But before we do, let's reflect on a few things that can make our next rehearsal a better one:
Light colored clothing is more comfortable in hot weather. Shorts are cooler than jeans.Eating a good lunch and staying hydrated throughout the afternoon increases your endurance at after school rehearsal.Having your clipboard with music and drill charts at rehearsal increase the amount of progress you can make by providing a reference for notes, rhythms, and drill placements.Choosing to be positive is one of the most important things you can do to keep a rehearsal heading in the right direction.Being on time is an important habit to get into. Be responsible for yourself and be sure you're back from breaks in a timely manner.After reviewing this list, let's close the door and prepare to open the door on Thursday's rehearsal. With your individual contribution to one of these areas, it is sure to be even more produ…

Buckeye Brass and Winds

I was contacted by a new local music dealer and I wanted to pass the information on to you. Buckeye Brass and Winds is owned locally by Rob Phillips and offers brass and woodwind reparis, supplies, accessories, and hard to find items. They also specialize in custom instruments and restoration of antique instruments. The also buy, sell, and trade new and used instruments. Their hours are 5-9 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They are also open Saturday 8-noon. The store's location is 7445-A Montgomery Dr., Plain City, OH 43064. The phone number is 614.499.8626. You can visit them on the web at, or email Rob directly at

5th Band Info On

I have posted all of the fifth grade band information on for all parents of fifth grade students. You can see everything about who, what, when, where, why, and how by clicking here. Classes begin on September 29th!

Reminder About Thursday Rehearsal

Due to the holiday on Monday, we have FMB rehearsal on Thursday, September 4, from 3:15 to 5:15. I have reminded everyone many times to this aberration in our schedule, so I'm hoping for few absences. I have received two excused absence requests and both have been approved. Please make sure you arrange to be there as we have important work to do on Part II (closer) and will review pregame at the end of the session.

Honor Marcher No. 1

The first honor marcher of the 2008 FMB season is senior Synthia Jester. Synthia came through for us when we needed her, and proved to us that she is a seasoned veteran and a strong contributor both on and off the field. She is a fine trombonist, marcher, and student. Congratulations, Synthia!

FMB - Itinerary for Friday's Game

This Friday we welcome the Mechanicsburg Marching Band to Kyre field.

We will rehearse at 5:45 sharp. Uniform inspection is at 7:00 and the game starts at 7:30. We will be done around 10PM. It is supposed to be hot again on Friday, so we will be wearing Summer uniform plus hats and gloves. Our first game in full uniform will be on Friday, September 12, which is the game just before our first contest.

We will perform parts I and III this Friday night, and will play part II from memory in the stands during the fourth quarter. I have invited the Mechanicsburg band to join us for the national anthem and I will let you know as soon as I hear from them one way or the other.

FMB: Picture Day Is Wednesday

Just a reminder that FMB members need to get their individual pictures taken before school, during JHCB class period, study hall, or during lunch this Wednesday, September 3. Those HS members who do not have a study hall might want to consider packing a lunch and eating in the band room in case you don't get a chance to make it down to the cafeteria this day. Please make sure you have your black shoes and socks for the group photo, which will be taken during last period.

ALSO: Tolles folks are excused from class beginning at 1:45 so you can get here by picture time. You are responsible for any missed work during the time you are out of class.