Basic Fundraiser Info

Fairbanks Music Department's Annual
Fall Fundraiser

Sale begins: Friday, September 26
Sheets are due: Monday, October 6
Delivery: Thursday, October 30

The Fairbanks Music Department is the largest in the school, serving over 220 students in eight grades. It takes money to support our musical efforts, and student-raised money is a substantial part of that. Our goal this year is to raise $6000 from this sale. Hopefully, this will be the ONLY fundraiser for the music department as a whole this entire school year. This money is used for items like music, supplies, repairs, transportation, instruments, and many other day-to-day expenses. It is asked that all members of the music department help in this important fundraising event.
Century Resources has served the Fairbanks Music Department for over 28 years, and we continue to work with them for our fundraising needs because of their high-quality products and 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you or your customers are not satisfied with their purchase, Century will replace the item or refund your money.
Students are asked to sell 15 items from the sales brochure. If students meet this goal, they will be rewarded with prizes from the enclosed prize sheet. Above and beyond the individual prizes, the top selling group wins a pizza party!

If everyone does a little, then no one has to do a lot.

If your family chooses not to sell, we respect your decision, but would kindly ask for at least a $25 tax-deductible donation in lieu of selling. Please put your donation in the enclosed envelope and hand in to Mr. Keller at any time. Make checks payable to “Fairbanks Band.”

I would like to state again, that these funds benefit ALL students in the music department. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Keller at (937) 349-3721 ext. 1306, or at

Please do not turn in money until after products are delivered on October 30


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