FMB: Close the Door, Open the Door

I hope we can close the door on tonight's FMB rehearsal. But before we do, let's reflect on a few things that can make our next rehearsal a better one:
  • Light colored clothing is more comfortable in hot weather. Shorts are cooler than jeans.
  • Eating a good lunch and staying hydrated throughout the afternoon increases your endurance at after school rehearsal.
  • Having your clipboard with music and drill charts at rehearsal increase the amount of progress you can make by providing a reference for notes, rhythms, and drill placements.
  • Choosing to be positive is one of the most important things you can do to keep a rehearsal heading in the right direction.
  • Being on time is an important habit to get into. Be responsible for yourself and be sure you're back from breaks in a timely manner.
After reviewing this list, let's close the door and prepare to open the door on Thursday's rehearsal. With your individual contribution to one of these areas, it is sure to be even more productive than today was. We put m. 37-91 with drill tomorrow and review pregame for Friday night's home game.


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