FMB - Itinerary for Friday's Game

This Friday we welcome the Mechanicsburg Marching Band to Kyre field.

We will rehearse at 5:45 sharp. Uniform inspection is at 7:00 and the game starts at 7:30. We will be done around 10PM. It is supposed to be hot again on Friday, so we will be wearing Summer uniform plus hats and gloves. Our first game in full uniform will be on Friday, September 12, which is the game just before our first contest.

We will perform parts I and III this Friday night, and will play part II from memory in the stands during the fourth quarter. I have invited the Mechanicsburg band to join us for the national anthem and I will let you know as soon as I hear from them one way or the other.


seth said…
Why. were going to look weird!!!!
fhsbando said…
...But in a good way :-)
seth said…
nor really. at least the show will still be good.
colin said…
hi seth

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