FMB: Odds And Ends

  • A LOT of black socks were left lying on the floor of the band room from this weekend. If they are yours, they are now in the lost and found. Please take your socks home after each event and wash them so they don't stink, or even worse, stink up the band room.
  • One mellophone, one trumpet, and one bass drum stick were left on the trailer. Please make sure you get all of your stuff off the trailer after every away event. Let's not make the Longs do any more work than they already do. Please see me to claim the aforementioned items.
  • Short week with only one rehearsal today after school. High School FMB members need to bring athletic shoes and socks on Thursday as we will be marching during 7th period. You will not need to change clothes, but will need appropriate footwear.
  • The web page and calendar have been updated with info for this weekend's road trip to Lima Perry. Check them out at your convenience.


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