FMB: Picture Day Is Wednesday

Just a reminder that FMB members need to get their individual pictures taken before school, during JHCB class period, study hall, or during lunch this Wednesday, September 3. Those HS members who do not have a study hall might want to consider packing a lunch and eating in the band room in case you don't get a chance to make it down to the cafeteria this day. Please make sure you have your black shoes and socks for the group photo, which will be taken during last period.

ALSO: Tolles folks are excused from class beginning at 1:45 so you can get here by picture time. You are responsible for any missed work during the time you are out of class.


victor said…
victor sez... what am i wearing tomorrow? I really don't have a uniform, but I could just wear the tux in the closet--because it's fitted for me--and maybe the sparkly green vest...

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